The Threat of a Singapore Tarantula

28 April 2012
Many spiders would raise their legs in a threatening pose when they sense an incoming danger. One of the more distinct ones were from the Singapore Tarantula (Phlogiellus inermis), where the forelegs are raised in the direction of danger.

Tarantula (Phlogiellus inermis) - DSC_6939#1 Found this tarantula running about on the ground

Tarantula (Phlogiellus inermis) - DSC_6941#2 We tried to take pictures of it, and it raised it’s legs up at us. This usually lasts only for a short moment.

Tarantula (Phlogiellus inermis) - DSC_6951#3 It continued running about and stopped on top of a slab of rock

Tarantula (Phlogiellus inermis) - DSC_6955#4 Wasn’t moving so I took my time to take some record shots

Tarantula (Phlogiellus inermis) - DSC_6956#5 Another angle of the tarantula

Tarantula (Phlogiellus inermis) - DSC_6960#6 And it raised the legs at us again!

Tarantula (Phlogiellus inermis) - DSC_6966#7 This time, it stayed there for a while, so I had the opportunity to change angles and quickly take more shots

Tarantula (Phlogiellus inermis) - DSC_6968#8 Two pairs of forelegs raised, and the tarantula stayed there… frozen

Tarantula (Phlogiellus inermis) - DSC_6974#9 I went as low as I could get but still could not get any nice background

Tarantula (Phlogiellus inermis) - DSC_6983#10 It took a while, but the tarantula got comfortable eventually on a fallen log

Tarantula (Phlogiellus inermis) - DSC_6991#11 More like a dead branch, but it was clinging on happily

Tarantula (Phlogiellus inermis) - DSC_6998#12 Final shot before I left it alone to find supper (or a mate)

Many other spiders do raise their fore-legs as well. They could be showing a display of threat, or otherwise?

Jumping Spider (Siler sp.) - DSC_9278#13 This Jumping Spider (Siler sp.) raised both fore-legs at me while munching on supper

Ant-Mimic Jumping Spider (Salticidae) - DSC_6890#14 An ant-mimic jumping spider raises it’s fore-legs

Ant-mimic Crab Spider (Amyciaea lineatipes) - DSC_2568#15 This ant-mimic crab spider however, raises it’s forelegs possibly to mimic an ant’s moving antennae

Stick Insect (Phasmatodea) - DSC_6847#16 Face to face with a stick insect

Stick Insect (Phasmatodea) - DSC_6875#17 Close up on the eyes, very vibrant!

Stick Insect (Phasmatodea) - DSC_6883#18 Zooming out for a wider view

Stick Insect (Phasmatodea) - DSC_6892#19 Record shot showing the top view of the Phasmid

Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) - DSC_6894#20 Tiny little Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae)

Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) - DSC_6903#21 Closer view

Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) - DSC_6910#22 It dropped from the leaf as I got closer, but clung onto a blade of grass

Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) - DSC_6922#23 Peekaboo!!

Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) - DSC_6927#24 mmfmfmmmmph… the grass is blocking my face

Masked Rough-sided Frog (Pulchrana laterimaculata) - DSC_6934#25 Found this little froggie relaxing within some wet branches

Tree Stump Orb Weaver (Poltys elevatus) - DSC_7007#26 Final subject of the night was a Tree Stump Orb Weaver (Poltys elevatus)

Tree Stump Orb Weaver (Poltys elevatus) - DSC_7058#27 Moved some foliage behind to get some colour into the background ūüėõ

Tree Stump Orb Weaver (Poltys elevatus) - DSC_7078#28 Front view, shows the hidden face of the fake tree stump

The complete album can be viewed here.



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