Sparassidae Checklist: Huntsman Spiders

13 October 2020

Huntsman spiders from the family Sparassidae Bertkau, 1872 are nocturnal hunters. They don’t weave webs nor wait in ambush, but actively move about to hunt down their prey. Due to their size and laterigrade (directed to the side) legs, they are also called giant crab spiders in some regions. In many instances (too many), I had been directed to “tarantulas” in parks. They turned out to be huntsmen spiders as it is common for laymen to mistake them for tarantulas due to their large size and sometimes hairy nature. Despite being fast runners, many huntsman spiders that I’ve encountered tend to be highly tolerant of my presence, allowing me to rudely shove lenses right into their faces.


This page consists of a personal checklist of all Huntsman Spiders (Sparassidae) that I’ve encountered over the years. Please do not assume the identification of a spider simply based on the photographs here as identification is usually based on examination of minute parts of the spider such as the genitalia. Even experts may not be able to identify accurately based on photos alone.

All photos are of live subjects shot in the field, with the dorsal view selected where available. Click on individual photos for larger views and views from other angles. As most specimens were not collected, identifications were done purely based on photographs and may not be 100% accurate.

Many thanks to Peter Jäger and Cris Rheims for reviewing some of the identifications on this page. Vielen Dank!!

This page will be updated regularly, please let me know if you spot any mistakes.

View my complete Flickr photo set: Sparassidae – Huntsman Spiders.

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Family: Sparassidae Bertkau, 1872

Subfamily: Deleninae Hogg, 1903

Subfamily: Heteropodinae Thorell, 1873

Genus: Heteropoda Latreille, 1804

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_5886

East Malaysia: Heteropoda boiei (Doleschall, 1859) ♀

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_5920

East Malaysia: Heteropoda boiei (Doleschall, 1859) ♀

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda boiei) - DSC_7908

Singapore: Heteropoda boiei (Doleschall, 1859) ♂

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda boiei) - DSC_3640

Singapore: Heteropoda boiei (Doleschall, 1859) ♂

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda davidbowie) - DSC_1226

Singapore: Heteropoda davidbowie Jäger, 2008 ♀

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_8231

Singapore: Heteropoda davidbowie Jäger, 2008 ♀

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_5892

Singapore: Heteropoda davidbowie Jäger, 2008 ♂

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda davidbowie) - DSC_0612

Singapore: Heteropoda davidbowie Jäger, 2008 ♂

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda davidbowie) - DSC_7070

East Malaysia: Heteropoda davidbowie Jäger, 2008 ♂

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda davidbowie) - DSC_7075

East Malaysia: Heteropoda davidbowie Jäger, 2008 ♂

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_7996

East Malaysia: Heteropoda lunula (Doleschall, 1857) ♀

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_8030

East Malaysia: Heteropoda lunula (Doleschall, 1857) ♀

Lunula Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda lunula) - DSC_2021

West Malaysia: Heteropoda lunula (Doleschall, 1857) ♂

Lunula Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda lunula) - DSC_2037

West Malaysia: Heteropoda lunula (Doleschall, 1857) ♂

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_7661

Singapore: Heteropoda cf. tetrica Thorell, 1897 ♀

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_8064

Singapore: Heteropoda cf. tetrica Thorell, 1897 ♀

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_6009

Singapore: Heteropoda cf. tetrica Thorell, 1897 ♂

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_2753

Singapore: Heteropoda cf. tetrica Thorell, 1897 ♂

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_2331

Singapore: Heteropoda venatoria (Linnaeus, 1767) ♀

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - P7110187

Singapore: Heteropoda venatoria (Linnaeus, 1767) ♀

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_2984

Singapore: Heteropoda venatoria (Linnaeus, 1767) ♂

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_2029

Singapore: Heteropoda venatoria (Linnaeus, 1767) ♂

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_9992

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. ♂ 9992

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_9985

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. ♂ 9985

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_4416

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. ♀ 4416

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_7865

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. ♀ 7865

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_5340

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. ♀ 5340

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_5372

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. ♀ 5372

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_4497

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. ♀ 4497

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_4502

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. ♀ 4502

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_7292

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. ♀ 7292

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_7307

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. ♀ 7307

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_8959

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. ♂ 8959

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_8950

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. ♂ 8950

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_1808

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 1808

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_1832

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 1832

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_1143

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 1143

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_1197

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 1197

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_0750

West Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. ♂ 0750

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_0741

West Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. ♂ 0741

Huntsman Spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_9951

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. 9951

Huntsman Spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_9943

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. 9943

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_8862

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 8862

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_8863

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 8863

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_1532

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. ♀ 1532

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_1534

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. ♀ 1534

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_0559

West Malaysia: cf. Heteropoda sp. ♀ 0559

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_0570b

West Malaysia: cf. Heteropoda sp. ♀ 0570

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_2226

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 2226

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_2222b

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 2222

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_7499

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 7499

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_7495

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 7495

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_2370

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. ♀ 2370

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_2355

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. ♀ 2355

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_6543

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. ♂ 6543

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_6546

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. ♂ 6546

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_6415

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 6415

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_6418

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 6418

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_6635

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. ♀ 6635

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_9796

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. ♀ 9796

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_7536

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. ♂ 7536

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_7546

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. ♂ 7546

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_8109

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. 8109

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_8113

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. 8113

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_5178

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. ♀ 5178

Huntsman spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_5191

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. ♀ 5191

Huntsman spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_3745

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. 3745

Huntsman spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_2995

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. 2995

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_6170

West Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. 6170

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_6172

West Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. 6172

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_5284

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 5284

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_5285

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 5285

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_6715

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 6715

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_2093

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 2093

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_7223

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 7223

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_7231

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 7231

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - P1162303

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. ♂ 1162303

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - P1162345

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 1162345

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - PA090109

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 0109

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - PA090125

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 0125

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - ESC_0266

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 0266

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - ESC_0274

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 0274

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - P2074049

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 2074049

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - P2074055

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 2074055

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_7967

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 7967

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_7976

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 7976

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_2421

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 2421

Huntsman Spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_2420

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 2420

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_2089

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 2089

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_2095

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 2095

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_8617

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 8617

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_8023

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 8023

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_3654

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 3654

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_1377

Singapore: Heteropoda sp. 1377

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - P7052862

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. P7052862

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - P7052864

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. P7052864

Cave huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - P7074022

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. P7074022

Cave huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - P7074029

East Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. P7074029

Huntsman Spider (SparaHeteropoda sp.ssidae) - DSC_6246

West Malaysia: Heteropoda sp. 6246

Genus: Pandercetes L. Koch, 1875

Huntsman spider (Pandercetes sp.) - P2073950

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. ♀ 2073950

Huntsman spider (Pandercetes sp.) - P2073977b

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. ♀ 2073977

Lichen huntsman spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_1015

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. ♀ 1015

Lichen huntsman spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_8584b

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. ♀ 8584

Huntsman spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_4618

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. ♂ 4618

Lichen huntsman spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_7732

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. ♂ 7732

Huntsman spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_8213

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. ♀ 8213

Huntsman spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_8219b

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. ♀ 8219

Huntsman spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_6637

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. ♂ 6637

Huntsman spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_6672

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. ♂ 6672

Huntsman spider (Pandercetes sp.) - P1243210

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. 1243210

Huntsman spider (Pandercetes sp.) - P1243221

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. 1243221

Huntsman Spider (Pandercetes sp.) - IMG_7038

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. ♀ 7038

Huntsman Spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_1757

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. ♀ 1757

Huntsman Spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_0913

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. ♂ 0913

Huntsman Spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_0922

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. ♂ 0922

Huntsman spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_9672

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. 9672

Huntsman spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_9611

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. 9611

Huntsman Spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_4302

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. 4302

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_4325

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. 4325

Huntsman spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_1076

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. 1076

Huntsman spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_1071

Singapore: Pandercetes sp. 1071

Genus: Sinopoda Jäger, 1999

Huntsman spider (Sinopoda sp.) - DSC_8360

East Malaysia: Sinopoda sp. ♀ 8360

Huntsman spider (Sinopoda sp.) - DSC_8354

East Malaysia: Sinopoda sp. ♀ 8354

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_3664

Singapore: cf. Sinopoda sp. ♀ 3664

Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_3655

Singapore: cf. Sinopoda sp. ♀ 3655

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_1971

Singapore: cf. Sinopoda sp. 1971

Huntsman spider (Heteropoda sp.) - DSC_1966

Singapore: cf. Sinopoda sp. 1966

Genus: Thunberga Jäger, 2020

Huntsman spider (Thunberga nossibeensis) - DSC_2073

Madagascar: Thunberga nossibeensis (Strand, 1907)

Huntsman spider (Thunberga nossibeensis) - DSC_2082

Madagascar: Thunberga nossibeensis (Strand, 1907)

Huntsman spider (Thunberga sp.) - DSC_2843

Madagascar: Thunberga sp.

Subfamily: Palystinae Simon, 1897

Subfamily: Sparassinae Bertkau, 1872

Genus: Meri Rheims & Jäger, 2022

Huntsman spider (Meri sp.) - P6122358

Ecuador: Meri sp.

Genus: Olios Walckenaer, 1837

Huntsman Spider (Olios sp.) - DSC_1800

Singapore: Olios sp. ♀ 1800

Huntsman Spider (Olios sp.) - DSC_1805

Singapore: Olios sp. ♀ 1805

Huntsman spider (Olios sp.) - DSC_4027

Singapore: Olios sp. 4027

Huntsman spider (Olios sp.) - DSC_4044b

Singapore: Olios sp. 4044

Huntsman Spider (Olios sp.) - DSC_0799

Singapore: Olios sp. 0799

Huntsman Spider (Olios sp.) - DSC_0805

Singapore: Olios sp. 0805

Huntsman spider (Olios sp.) - DSC_1668

Singapore: Olios sp. 1668

Huntsman spider (Olios sp.) - DSC_1670b

Singapore: Olios sp. 1670

Huntsman Spider (Olios sp.) - DSC_5927

Singapore: Olios sp. ♂ 5927

Huntsman spider (Olios sp.) - DSC_2894

Singapore: Olios sp. ♂ 2894

Huntsman spider (Olios sp.) - DSC_7160

Singapore: Olios sp. 7160

Huntsman spider (Olios sp.) - DSC_7166

Singapore: Olios sp. 7166

Huntsman spider (Olios sp.) - DSC_3235

Mozambique: Olios sp. 3235

Huntsman spider (Olios sp.) - DSC_3242

Mozambique: Olios sp. 3242

Genus: Sadala Simon, 1880

Huntsman spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_1288

Peru: Sadala sp. DSC_1288

Huntsman spider (Sadala sp.) - P6089467

Ecuador: Sadala sp. P6089467

Subfamily: Sparianthinae Simon, 1897

Genus: Stasina Simon, 1877

Huntsman spider (Stasina sp.) - DSC_5641

Brunei: Stasina sp.

Huntsman spider (Stasina sp.) - DSC_5674

Brunei: Stasina sp.

Genus: Thelcticopis Karsch, 1884

Black and gold huntsman spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_5974

Singapore: Thelcticopis orichalcea (Simon, 1880) ♀

Black and gold huntsman spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_5887

Singapore: Thelcticopis orichalcea (Simon, 1880) ♀

Black and gold huntsman (Thelcticopis sp.) - PC048869

Singapore: Thelcticopis orichalcea (Simon, 1880) ♂

Black and gold huntsman (Thelcticopis sp.) - PC048934

Singapore: Thelcticopis orichalcea (Simon, 1880) ♂

Huntsman Spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_7663

Singapore: Thelcticopis sp. ♂ 7663

Huntsman Spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_6690

Singapore: Thelcticopis sp. ♂ 6690

Huntsman Spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_8350

Singapore: Thelcticopis sp. ♀ 8350

Huntsman Spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_4160

Singapore: Thelcticopis sp. ♀ 4160

Huntsman Spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_7992

Singapore: Thelcticopis sp. ♂ 7992

Huntsman Spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_7996

Singapore: Thelcticopis sp. ♂ 7996

Huntsman spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_1143

Singapore: Thelcticopis sp. ♂ 1143

Huntsman spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_1159

Singapore: Thelcticopis sp. ♂ 1159

Huntsman Spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_1491

Singapore: Thelcticopis sp. juv 1491

Huntsman Spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_1494

Singapore: Thelcticopis sp. juv 1494

Huntsman spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_6627

East Malaysia: Thelcticopis sp. juv 6627

Huntsman spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_6649

East Malaysia: Thelcticopis sp. juv 6649

Genus: Uaiuara Rheims, 2013

Huntsman spider (Uaiuara sp.) - P6078165

Ecuador: Uaiuara sp.

Huntsman spider (Uaiuara sp.) - P6078168

Ecuador: Uaiuara sp.

incertae sedis

Genus: Chrosioderma Simon, 1897

Huntsman spider (Chrosioderma sp.) - DSC_6926

Madagascar: Chrosioderma sp. sub ♂

Huntsman spider (Chrosioderma sp.) - DSC_6938b

Madagascar: Chrosioderma sp. sub ♂

Genus: Damastes Simon, 1880

Huntsman spider (Damastes sp.) - DSC_9497

Madagascar: Damastes sp. 9497

Huntsman spider (Damastes sp.) - DSC_7276

Madagascar: Damastes sp. 7276

Huntsman spider (Damastes sp.) - DSC_1960

Madagascar: Damastes sp. 1960

Huntsman spider (Damastes sp.) - DSC_1968

Madagascar: Damastes sp. 1968

Huntsman spider (Damastes sp.) - DSC_1734

Madagascar: Damastes sp. 1734

Huntsman spider (Damastes sp.) - DSC_1763

Madagascar: Damastes sp. 1763

Genus: Gnathopalystes Rainbow, 1899

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_7790

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. ♀ 7790

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_7796

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. ♀ 7796

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_7039

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. ♀ 7039

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_7047

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. ♀ 7047

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - P8152328

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. 2328

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - P8152342

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. 2342

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_9048

West Malaysia: Gnathopalystes sp. ♂ 9048

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_9063

West Malaysia: Gnathopalystes sp. ♂ 9063

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_6394

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. ♂ 6394

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_6388

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. ♂ 6388

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_9086

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. 9086

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_9123

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. 9123

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_1326

West Malaysia: Gnathopalystes sp. ♂ 1326

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_1281

West Malaysia: Gnathopalystes sp. ♂ 1281

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_7630

East Malaysia: Gnathopalystes sp. 7630

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_7561b

East Malaysia: Gnathopalystes sp. 7561

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_5397

Brunei: Gnathopalystes sp. ♂ 5397

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_5429

Brunei: Gnathopalystes sp. ♂ 5429

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_5310

Brunei: Gnathopalystes sp. ♂ 5310

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_5857

West Malaysia: Gnathopalystes sp. ♀ 5857

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_5823

West Malaysia: Gnathopalystes sp. ♀ 5823

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_4293

West Malaysia: Gnathopalystes sp. 4293

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_4275

West Malaysia: Gnathopalystes sp. 4275

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_4617

East Malaysia: Gnathopalystes sp. 4617

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_4626

East Malaysia: Gnathopalystes sp. 4626

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_2006

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. ♀ 2006

Huntsman spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_2042

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. ♀ 2042

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_6961

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. ♀ 6961

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_6972

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. ♀ 6972

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_1800

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. ♀ 1800

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_1801

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. ♀ 1801

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - ESC_0158

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. 0158

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_7636

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. 7636

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_2150

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. 2150

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_2158

Singapore: Gnathopalystes sp. 2158

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_4573

West Malaysia: Gnathopalystes sp. 4573

Huntsman Spider (Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_4603

West Malaysia: Gnathopalystes sp. 4603

Genus: Rhitymna Simon, 1897

Huntsman spider (Rhitymna sp.) - DSC_0527

West Malaysia: Rhitymna sp. ♂

Huntsman spider (Rhitymna sp.) - DSC_0537b

West Malaysia: Rhitymna sp. ♂

Huntsman spider (Rhitymna sp.) - DSC_0512

West Malaysia: Rhitymna sp. ♀


Huntsman spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_3940

Peru: Sparassidae 3940

Huntsman spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_3942

Peru: Sparassidae 3942

Huntsman spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_8607

Madagascar: Sparassidae 8607

Huntsman spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_8610b

Madagascar: Sparassidae 8610

Huntsman Spider (Stasina sp.) - DSC_8806

East Malaysia: Sparassidae 8806

Huntsman Spider (Stasina sp.) - DSC_8823

East Malaysia: Sparassidae 8823

Huntsman Spider (cf. Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_0721

Singapore: Sparassidae 0721

Huntsman Spider (cf. Gnathopalystes sp.) - DSC_0733

Singapore: Sparassidae 0721

Huntsman spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_2555

Peru: Sparassidae 2555

Huntsman Spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_4994

Cambodia: Sparassidae 4994

Huntsman spider (cf. Eusparassus sp.) - DSC_6658

Madagascar: Sparassidae 6658

Huntsman spider (cf. Eusparassus sp.) - DSC_6661

Madagascar: Sparassidae 6661

Huntsman spider (Olios sp.) - DSC_1230

Peru: Sparassidae 1230

Huntsman spider (Olios sp.) - DSC_0789

Peru: Sparassidae 0789

Huntsman spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_2493

Peru: Sparassidae 2493

Huntsman spider (Thelcticopis sp.) - DSC_2497

Peru: Sparassidae 2497

Huntsman spider (cf. Olios sp.) - DSC_1200

Madagascar: Sparassidae 1200

Huntsman spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_8922

Madagascar: cf. Sparassidae 8922

  1. Reply

    Cole Gilbert

    19 October 2020

    Spectacular! Beautiful work, as ever Nicky. Thanks for keeping me on the list. We are scheduled to lead a trip to Sabah next summer – covid willing. If so, we will spend some time in Singapore and would love to reconnect with you.
    We are safe and doing much better than the rest of the US. Our university tests over 6000 per day (we get tested twice per week). Linda is teaching spider biology on line. I am teaching insect biology with two in person afternoon field trip/labs to 30 students, all wearing masks and spaced 2 meters. So far, so good.
    I hope you and your family are healthy and able to stay safe.

    • Reply

      Nicky Bay

      20 October 2020

      Great to hear from you Cole! Glad to hear that you and Linda are doing well.

      Yes, it will be nice to catch up. Hopefully, we won’t be facing too much travel restrictions by then.

      Just in case you have not seen it, I have the tiger beetle checklist here:

  2. Reply

    Dustin Rhoades

    20 October 2020

    You are the real deal, man!



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