Tenebrionidae Checklist: Darkling Beetles

14 September 2019

The common name darkling beetles was derived from the Latin name Tenebrio, which meant “seeker of dark places”. While most tenebrionids are nocturnal, some are seen to be active in the day as well. Many specimens in this page exhibit an “oil-spill” effect, with a dazzling array of colours showing up when lighted up evenly. One of the key characteristics of tenebrionids is the 5-5-4 tarsal formula (although this is shared with some other families) but it is rarely seen in photos. Hence concluding on Tenebrionidae is sometimes based on the exclusion of other possible families.

Most were identified with the help from the kind folks on Flickr and Facebook, especially Boris Büche and David Ball. Thank you!

All photos are of live subjects shot in the field, with the dorsal view selected where available. Click on individual photos for larger views and views from other angles. As specimens were not collected, identifications were done purely based on photographs and may not be 100% accurate.

This page will be updated regularly, please let me know if you spot any mistakes.

View my complete Flickr photo set: Tenebrionidae – Darkling Beetles.


The following are some characteristics of Tenebrionidae Wikipedia.
  1. Their 11-segmented antennae that may be filiform, moniliform or weakly clubbed
  2. First abdominal sternite is entire and not divided by the hind coxae
  3. Eyes notched by a frontal ridge
  4. The tarsi have four segments in the hind pair and five in the fore and mid legs (5-5-4), tarsal claws are simple

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Class: Insecta Linnaeus, 1758

Order: Coleoptera Linnaeus, 1758

Family: Tenebrionidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily: Coelometopinae Lacordaire, 1859

Tribe: Coelometopini Lacordaire, 1859

Darkling Beetle (Androsus corporaali) - DSC_1680

Singapore: Androsus corporaali Kulzer, 1951

Darkling beetle (Androsus fasciolatus) - DSC_2800

Singapore: Androsus fasciolatus (Fairmaire, 1893)

Darkling beetle (Hegemona sp.) - DSC_0421

Belize: Hegemona sp.

Darkling beetle (Phymatosoma rufonotatum) - DSC_5998

Singapore: Phymatosoma rufonotatum (Pic, 1916)

Darkling beetle (Promethis sp.) - P4107234

Singapore: Promethis sp. P4107234

Darkling beetle (Promethis sp.) - P5209495

Singapore: Promethis sp. P5209495

Tribe: Strongyliini Lacordaire, 1859

Subfamily: Diaperinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe: Diaperini Latreille, 1802

Darkling beetle (Basides batesi) - P1137383

Singapore: Basides batesi (Chevrolat, 1878)

Darkling beetle (Basides diversicornis) - P1137314

Singapore: Basides diversicornis (Pic, 1916)

Darkling beetle (Basides rubromarginatus) - P1137348

Singapore: Basides rubromarginatus (Chevrolat, 1878)

Darkling beetle (Basides spp.) - P1137376

Singapore: Basides spp.

Darkling beetle (Ceropria sp.) - DSC_1407

Singapore: Ceropria sp.

Darkling beetle (Ceropria cf. opulenta) - DSC_2851

Singapore: Ceropria cf. opulenta Harold, 1877

Darkling beetle (Ceropria sp.) - DSC_4747

Singapore: Ceropria superba (Wiedemann, 1823)

Darkling beetles (Ceropria induta) - DSC_9689

Singapore: Ceropria induta Wiedemann, 1819

Tribe: Leiochrinini Lewis, 1894

Darkling beetles (Derispia sp.) - DSC_1789

Singapore: Derispia sp.

Darkling beetle (Leiochrinini) - P8073677

Singapore: Leiochrinini

Darkling beetle (Leiochrinini) - P8073638

Singapore: Leiochrinini

Tribe: Scaphidemini Reitter, 1922

Darkling beetle (Spiloscapha cf. nigrofasciata) - DSC_7966

Singapore: Spiloscapha cf. nigrofasciata Gebien, 1925

Darkling beetle (Basanus sp.) - DSC_8355

Singapore: Basanus sp.

Subfamily: Lagriinae Latreille, 1825

Wooly darkling beetle (Lagriinae) - DSC_1633

Singapore: Lagriinae DSC_1633

Darkling beetle (Lagriinae) - P3137751

East Malaysia: Lagriinae P3137751

Tribe: Cossyphini Latreille, 1802

Seedpod beetle (Endustomus grandicollis) - DSC_2147

Mozambique: Endustomus grandicollis (Gerstaecker, 1855)

Tribe: Lagriini Latreille, 1825

Darkling beetle (cf. Statira sp.) - P6154200

Ecuador: cf. Statira sp. P6154200

Darkling beetle (Statira sp.) - P6067799

Ecuador: Statira sp. P6067799

Darkling beetle (Lagriina) - PB182439

Thailand: Cerogria sp. PB182439

Darkling beetle (Cerogria sp.) - PB214928

Thailand: Cerogria sp. PB214928

Darkling beetle (Lagriina) - PB214947

Thailand: Lagriina PB214947

Subfamily: Pimeliinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe: Epitragini Blanchard, 1845

Darkling beetle (Imatismus sp.) - DSC_2190

Mozambique: Imatismus sp.

Subfamily: Stenochiinae Kirby, 1837

Tribe: Cnodalonini Oken, 1843

Darkling beetle (Augolesthus sp.) - P5209340

Singapore: Augolesthus sp.

Darkling beetle (Borneocamaria cf. laticornis) - DSC_7114

East Malaysia: Borneocamaria cf. laticornis (Waterhouse, 1882)

Darkling beetle (Bradymerus sp.) - DSC_0963

Singapore: Bradymerus sp.

Darkling beetle (cf. Eucyrtus gloriosus) - DSC_6179

Singapore: cf. Eucyrtus gloriosus Fairmaire, 1896

Darkling beetle (Derospherus sp.) - DSC_1421

Singapore: Derospherus sp.

Darkling beetle (Eucyrtus cf. pretiosus) - DSC_6954

East Malaysia: Eucyrtus cf. pretiosus Lacordaire, 1859

Darkling Beetle (Eucyrtus sp.) - DSC_7098

Singapore: Eucyrtys sp.

Darkling beetle (Plamius pici) - DSC_8047

East Malaysia: Plamius pici Kulzer, 1951

Darkling Beetle (Phaedis sp.) - DSC_8658

Singapore: Phaedis sp.

Darkling beetle (Phaedis sp.) - DSC_8273

Singapore: Phaedis sp.

Darkling beetle (Pseudonautes sp.) - P7073824

East Malaysia: Pseudonautes sp. P7073824

Darkling beetle (Pseudonautes sp.) - P7084662

East Malaysia: Pseudonautes sp. P7084662

Emerald darkling beetle (Pseudonautes sp.) - DSC_5068

West Malaysia: Pseudonautes sp.

Darkling beetle (Tetragonomenes borneensis) - DSC_3519

Singapore: Tetragonomenes borneensis (Kaszab, 1977)

Darkling beetle (Tetraphyllus cf. corruscus) - DSC_9022

Singapore: Tetraphyllus cf. corruscus (Fairmaire, 1882)

Darkling beetle (Hemicera sp.) - DSC_9910

Singapore: Hemicera sp. 9910

Darkling beetle (Tetraphyllus sp.) - P2063846

Singapore: Tetraphyllus sp.

Darkling beetle (Postandrosus ater) - DSC_1063x

Singapore: Postandrosus ater Kulzer, 1952

Darkling beetle (cf. Malaysphena sp.) - P7052541

East Malaysia: cf. Malaysphena sp.

Darkling beetle (Gauromaia annulipes) - P7074110

East Malaysia: Gauromaia annulipes (Pic, 1921)

Darkling beetle (cf. Gauromaia sp.) - P1218725

West Malaysia: cf. Gauromaia sp.

Darkling beetle (Malayaplamius sp.) - P3126793

East Malaysia: Malayaplamius sp. P3126793

Darkling beetle (Pseudonautes sp.) - P3103296

East Malaysia: Pseudonautes sp. P3103296

Darkling beetle (cf. Picocamaria sp.) - P3092367

East Malaysia: cf. Picocamaria sp. P3092367

Darkling beetle (Cnodalonini) - PB181799

Thailand: Cnodalonini PB181799

Darkling beetle (Eucyrtus anthracinus) - P4164822

Singapore: Eucyrtus anthracinus Kraatz, 1880

Tribe: Stenochiini Kirby, 1837

Darkling beetle (Bremerianus baehri) - DSC_2756

East Malaysia: Bremerianus baehri Masumoto, 2005

Darkling beetle (Stenochinus sp.) - DSC_0888

West Malaysia: Stenochinus sp.

Darkling beetle (Strongylium insigne) - DSC_8750

Singapore: Strongylium insigne Mäklin, 1864

Darkling beetle (Strongylium tricondyloides) - DSC_5029

Singapore: Strongylium tricondyloides (Westwood, 1875) ♀

Darkling beetle (Strongylium sp.) - DSC_7652

Singapore: Strongylium tenuipes Fairmaire, 1893

Darkling beetle (Strongylium sp.) - DSC_6714

East Malaysia: Strongylium sp.

Darkling beetle (Strongylium sp.) - DSC_1398

Singapore: Strongylium sp. DSC_1398

Darkling beetle (Strongylium sp.) - DSC_3807

East Malaysia: Strongylium sp. DSC_3807

Darkling beetle (Strongylium sp.) - DSC_5488

East Malaysia: Strongylium sp. DSC_5488

Darkling beetle (Strongylium sp.) - DSC_5830

East Malaysia: Strongylium sp. DSC_5830

Darkling beetle (Strongylium sp.) - DSC_5204

Singapore: Strongylium sp. DSC_5204

Darkling Beetle (Strongylium sp.) - DSC_0675

Singapore: Strongylium sp. DSC_0675

Blue darkling beetle (Strongylium sp.) - DSC_6043

West Malaysia: Strongylium sp. DSC_6043

Darkling beetle (Strongylium sp.) - DSC_1322

Singapore: Strongylium sp. DSC_1322

Darkling beetle (Strongylium sp.) - P7312774

Singapore: Strongylium sp. P7312774

Darkling beetle (Strongylium sp.) - P5219836

Singapore: Strongylium sp. P5219836

Darkling beetle (Strongylium sp.) - P4156620

West Malaysia: Strongylium sp. P4156620

Darkling beetle (Strongylium sp.) - P4157061

West Malaysia: Strongylium sp. P4157061

Subfamily: Tenebrioninae Latreille, 1802

Tribe: Amarygmini Gistel, 1848

Darkling beetles (Amarygmus sp.) - DSC_1046

Singapore: Amarygmus metallicus Perty, 1831

Darkling beetle (Amarygmus sp.) - DSC_2765

Singapore: Amarygmus sp.

Darkling beetle (Amarygmus metallicus) - DSC_2923

Singapore: Amarygmus metallicus Perty, 1831

Darkling Beetle with mites (Amarygmus micans) - ESC_0079

Singapore: Amarygmus micans (Fabricius, 1794)

Darkling beetle (Amarygmus sp.) - DSC_3972

Singapore: Amarygmus sp.

Darkling beetle (Amarygmus cf. splendidulus) - DSC_9856

Singapore: Amarygmus cf. splendidulus (Fabricius, 1801)

Darkling beetle (Amarygmus sp.) - DSC_0917

Singapore: Amarygmus sp.

Darkling beetle (Amarygmus sp.) - DSC_9814

Singapore: Amarygmus sp.

Darkling beetle (Amarygmus maculosus) - DSC_3738

Singapore: Amarygmus maculosus Bremer, 2002

Darkling beetle (Amarygmus sanguinans) - P8073662

Singapore: Amarygmus sanguinans Fairmaire, 1893

Darkling beetle (Amarygmus filiolus) - P2214870

Singapore: Amarygmus filiolus Bremer, 2002

Darkling beetle (Amarygmus recordativus) - DSC_0854

Singapore: Amarygmus recordativus Bremer, 2004

Darkling beetle (Amarygmus nigrofasciatus) - PC049023

Singapore: Amarygmus nigrofasciatus Pic, 1915

Darkling beetle (Amarygmus nigromaculatus) - P5309645

Singapore: Amarygmus nigromaculatus (Pic, 1915)

Darkling beetle (Gonocnemis sp.) - DSC_2947

West Malaysia: Gonocnemis sp.

Darkling beetle (Macrosynopticus costatus) - PC096290

Singapore: Macrosynopticus costatus Pic, 1922

Tribe: Bolitophagini Kirby, 1837

Darkling beetle (Bolitoxenus bifurcus) - DSC_0899

Singapore: Bolitoxenus bifurcus Pascoe, 1871

Darkling beetle (Byrsax cf. tuberculatus) - DSC_7078

Singapore: Byrsax cf. tuberculatus Gravely, 1915

Darkling beetle (Boletoxenus sp.) - P8073553

Singapore: Boletoxenus sp.

Darkling beetle (Bolitonaeus sp.) - P7312553

Singapore: Bolitonaeus sp.

Darkling beetle (Bolitoxenus sp.) - P7312656

Singapore: Bolitoxenus sp.

Tribe: Helopini Latreille, 1802

Darkling beetle (Camptobrachys sp.) - DSC_4948

Singapore: Camptobrachys sp.

Tribe: Lupropini Ardoin, 1958

Darkling beetle (Anaedus sp.) - P8215293

Singapore: Anaedus sp. 8215293

Tribe: Toxicini Lacordaire, 1859

Darkling beetle (Cryphaeus gazella) - DSC_9293

Singapore: Cryphaeus gazella Fabricius, 1798

Horned blue darkling beetle (Toxicum sp.) - DSC_9037

East Malaysia: Toxicum sp. DSC_9037

Unidentified Tenebrionidae

Darkling beetles (Tenebrionidae) - DSC_0333

Singapore: Tenebrionidae DSC_0333

Darkling beetle (Tenebrionidae) - DSC_3802

East Malaysia: Tenebrionidae? DSC_3802


Darkling beetle larva (Tenebrionidae) - DSC_2915

Singapore: Tenebrionidae

Darkling beetle larva (Derispia sp.) - P5229861

Singapore: Derispia sp.




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