Harvestmen: Opiliones Checklist

17 April 2023

Arachnids from the order Opiliones are commonly called harvestmen, harvest spiders, shepherd spiders, or daddy-long-legs (not to be confused with Pholcidae). In Latin, opilio refers to “shepherd”. In England, they were called harvestmen because of a superstitious belief that there will be a bad harvest that year if one was killed.

Harvestmen are sometimes mistaken for spiders but can be easily differentiated by their fused body, while spiders have two distinct segments of their body — opisthosoma (abdomen) and prosoma (cephalothorax). As they lack venom glands, they pose no danger to humans. Harvestmen also lack the ability to produce silk, unlike spiders. Most harvestmen have exceptionally long legs with some recorded species exceeding 30cm in leg span.


This page consists of a personal checklist of all Harvestmen that I’ve encountered over the years.

Many thanks to Adriano Kury, Shahan Derkarabetian, Matthew Lindsey, Miguel Medrano and harvestman-man for most of the identifications!

This page will be updated regularly, please let me know if you spot any mistakes.

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  1. Opiliones Sundevall, 1833
  2. Assamiidae Sørensen, 1884
  3. Beloniscidae Kury, Pérez-González & Proud, 2019
  4. Biantidae Thorell, 1889
  5. Cosmetidae Koch, 1839
  6. Cranaidae Roewer, 1913
  7. Epedanidae Sørensen, 1886
  8. Podoctidae Roewer, 1912
  9. Sandokanidae Özdikmen & Kury, 2007
  10. Sclerosomatidae Simon, 1879
  11. Stylocellidae Hansen & Sørensen, 1904
  12. Tithaeidae Sharma & Giribet, 2011


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Phylum: Arthropoda von Siebold, 1848

Subphylum: Chelicerata Heymons, 1901

Class: Arachnida Lamarck, 1801

Order: Opiliones Sundevall, 1833

Suborder: Cyphophthalmi Simon, 1879

Superfamily: Stylocelloidea Hansen & Sørensen 1904

Family: Stylocellidae Hansen & Sørensen, 1904

Genus: Miopsalis Thorell, 1890

Cave harvestman (Miopsalis sp.) - P7084703

East Malaysia: Miopsalis sp.

Cave harvestman (Miopsalis sp.) - P7084709

East Malaysia: Miopsalis sp.

Suborder: Eupnoi Hansen & Sørensen, 1904

Superfamily: Phalangioidea Latreille, 1802

Harvestman (Phalangioidea) - P6099894

Ecuador: Phalangioidea P6099894

Harvestman (Phalangioidea) - P6099898

Ecuador: Phalangioidea P6099898

Harvestman (Phalangioidea) - P6090452

Ecuador: Phalangioidea P6090452

Harvestman (Phalangioidea) - P6090441

Ecuador: Phalangioidea P6090441

Harvestman (Phalangioidea) - P6088763

Ecuador: Phalangioidea P6088763

Harvestman (Phalangioidea) - P6088761

Ecuador: Phalangioidea P6088761

Harvestman (Phalangioidea) - P6090369

Ecuador: Phalangioidea P6090369

Family: Sclerosomatidae Simon, 1879

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - P6101164

Ecuador: Sclerosomatidae P6101164

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - P6100579

Ecuador: Sclerosomatidae P6100579

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - P6088779

Ecuador: Sclerosomatidae P6088779

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - P6088775

Ecuador: Sclerosomatidae P6088775

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - P6089187

Ecuador: Sclerosomatidae P6089187

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - P6089178

Ecuador: Sclerosomatidae PC252319

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - P6067903

Ecuador: Sclerosomatidae P6067903

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - P6067905

Ecuador: Sclerosomatidae P6067905

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - DSC_9563

West Malaysia: Sclerosomatidae DSC_9563

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - DSC_9559

West Malaysia: Sclerosomatidae DSC_9559

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - DSC_5585

East Malaysia: Sclerosomatidae DSC_5585

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - P6143516

Ecuador: Sclerosomatidae P6143516

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - P3165074

West Malaysia: Sclerosomatidae P3165074

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - P3165083

West Malaysia: Sclerosomatidae P3165083

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - P3165019

West Malaysia: Sclerosomatidae P3165019

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - P3165023

West Malaysia: Sclerosomatidae P3165023

Harvestman (Sclerosomatidae) - P6090373

Ecuador: Sclerosomatidae P6090373

Subfamily: Gagrellinae Thorell, 1889

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - DSC_2738

East Malaysia: Gagrellinae DSC_2738

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) with Moth-like planthopper (Ricaniidae) - DSC_2736

East Malaysia: Gagrellinae DSC_2736

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - DSC_2929

Singapore: Gagrellinae DSC_2929

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - DSC_2922

Singapore: Gagrellinae DSC_2922

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - DSC_4629

East Malaysia: Gagrellinae DSC_4629

Blue harvestman (Gagrellinae) - DSC_5649

West Malaysia: Gagrellinae DSC_5649

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P8288234

West Malaysia: Gagrellinae P8288234

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P8288231

West Malaysia: Gagrellinae P8288231

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P2124112

Singapore: Gagrellinae P2124112

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P2124037

Singapore: Gagrellinae P2124112

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - DSC_8871

West Malaysia: Gagrellinae DSC_8871

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P7052887

East Malaysia: Gagrellinae P7052887

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P7052636

East Malaysia: Gagrellinae P7052636

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P7052651

East Malaysia: Gagrellinae P7052651

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P7052578

East Malaysia: Gagrellinae P7052578

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P7052595

East Malaysia: Gagrellinae P7052595

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P7052731

East Malaysia: Gagrellinae P7052731

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P7052737

East Malaysia: Gagrellinae P7052737

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P7052943

East Malaysia: Gagrellinae P7052943

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P7052944

East Malaysia: Gagrellinae P7052944

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P7063337

East Malaysia: Gagrellinae P7063337

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P7063343

East Malaysia: Gagrellinae P7063343

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P7095562

East Malaysia: Gagrellinae P7095562

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P7095569

East Malaysia: Gagrellinae P7095569

Genus: Chasenella Roewer, 1955

Harvestman (cf. Chasenella sp.) preying on centipede - DSC_3875

Singapore: cf. Chasenella sp. DSC_3875

Harvestman (cf. Chasenella sp.) - DSC_3643

Singapore: cf. Chasenella sp. DSC_3643

Harvestman (Chasenella sp.) - DSC_1548

Singapore: cf. Chasenella sp. DSC_1548

Harvestman (Chasenella sp.) - DSC_1541

Singapore: cf. Chasenella sp. DSC_1541

Harvestman (Chasenella sp.) - DSC_1554

Singapore: Chasenella sp. DSC_1554

Harvestman (Chasenella sp.) - DSC_1550

Singapore: Chasenella sp. DSC_1550

Genus: Dentobunus Roewer, 1910

Harvestman (Dentobunus sp.) - P2254542

Singapore: Dentobunus sp. P2056834

Harvestman (Dentobunus sp.) - P2254627b

Singapore: Dentobunus sp. P2056821

Harvestman (Dentobunus quadridentatus) - P2254493b

Singapore: Dentobunus quadridentatus Roewer, 1923

Harvestman (Dentobunus quadridentatus) - P2254466

Singapore: Dentobunus quadridentatus Roewer, 1923

Harvestman (Dentobunus sp.) - P7063240

East Malaysia: Dentobunus sp. P7063240

Harvestman (Dentobunus sp.) - P7063246

East Malaysia: Dentobunus sp. P7063246

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P7074055b

East Malaysia: Dentobunus sp. P7074055b

Harvestman (Gagrellinae) - P7074067

East Malaysia: Dentobunus sp. P7074067

Genus: Gagrella Stoliczka, 1869

Harvestman (Gagrella thaiensis) - DSC_5178

Singapore: Gagrella thaiensis Suzuki, 1982

Harvestman (Gagrella thaiensis) - DSC_4011

Singapore: Gagrella thaiensis Suzuki, 1982

Harvestman (Gagrella sp.) - P2113989

Singapore: Gagrella sp. P2113989

Harvestman (Gagrella sp.) - P2113986

Singapore: Gagrella sp. P2113986

Harvestman (Gagrella cf. spinacantha) - DSC_3541

Singapore: Gagrella cf. spinacantha (Roewer, 1936)

Genus: Harmandina Schenkel, 1953

Harvestman (Harmandina cf. sinensis) - DSC_6406

Singapore: Harmandina cf. sinensis Schenkel, 1953

Harvestman (Harmandina sinensis) - DSC_6241

West Malaysia: Harmandina sinensis Schenkel, 1953

Genus: Marthana Thorell, 1891

X-Faced Harvestman (Marthana sp.) - DSC_4362

West Malaysia: Marthana sp. DSC_4362

X-Faced Harvestman (Marthana sp.) - DSC_4356

West Malaysia: Marthana sp. DSC_4356

Harvestman (Marthana columnaris) - DSC_8915

East Malaysia: Marthana columnaris Thorell, 1891

Harvestman (Marthana columnaris) - DSC_8924

East Malaysia: Marthana columnaris Thorell, 1891

Genus: Melanopella Roewer, 1931

Harvestman (Melanopella cf. feuerborni) - DSC_2619

Indonesia: Melanopella cf. feuerborni Roewer, 1931

Harvestman (Melanopella cf. feuerborni) - DSC_2622

Indonesia: Melanopella cf. feuerborni Roewer, 1931

Genus: Pseudogagrella Redikorzev, 1936

Harvestman (Pseudogagrella sp.) - DSC_9788

East Malaysia: Pseudogagrella sp. DSC_9788

Harvestman (Pseudogagrella sp.) - DSC_9783

East Malaysia: Pseudogagrella sp. DSC_9783

Blue harvestman (Pseudogagrella sp.) - DSC_4466

East Malaysia: Pseudogagrella sp. DSC_4466

Blue-pitted harvestman (Pseudogagrella sp.) - DSC_4606

East Malaysia: Pseudogagrella sp. DSC_4606

Harvestmen (Pseudogagrella amamiana) with scorpion prey - DSC_7196

Singapore: Pseudogagrella amamiana (Nakatsuji, 1942)

Harvestmen (Pseudogagrella amamiana) with scorpion prey - DSC_7186

Singapore: Pseudogagrella amamiana (Nakatsuji, 1942)

Harvestman (Pseudogagrella sp.) - P2113847

Singapore: Pseudogagrella sp. P2113847

Harvestman (Pseudogagrella sp.) - P2124017

Singapore: Pseudogagrella sp. P2124017

Harvestman (Pseudogagrella splendens) - DSC_6043

West Malaysia: Pseudogagrella splendens (With, 1903)

Harvestmen (Opiliones) - DSC_4954

East Malaysia: Pseudogagrella sp. DSC_4954

Subfamily: Leiobuninae Banks, 1893

Harvestman (Leiobuninae) - P7084302

East Malaysia: Leiobuninae P7084302

Harvestman (Leiobuninae) - P7084307

East Malaysia: Leiobuninae P7084307

Harvestman (Leiobuninae) - DSC_9847

East Malaysia: Leiobuninae DSC_9847

Harvestman (Leiobuninae) - DSC_9842

East Malaysia: Leiobuninae DSC_9842

Harvestman (Leiobuninae) preying on centipede - DSC_3875

Singapore: Leiobuninae DSC_3875

Harvestman (Leiobuninae) preying on centipede - DSC_3871

Singapore: Leiobuninae DSC_3875

Harvestman (Leiobuninae) - DSC_8873

Belize: Leiobuninae DSC_8873

Harvestman (Leiobuninae) - DSC_7963

Singapore: Leiobuninae DSC_7963

Harvestman (Leiobuninae) - P6111570

Ecuador: Leiobuninae P6111570

Harvestman (Leiobuninae) - P6111572

Ecuador: Leiobuninae P6111572

Harvestman (cf. Leiobuninae) - P4235206

Singapore: cf. Leiobuninae P4235206

Family: Phalangiidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily: Opilioninae C.L.Koch, 1839

Genus: Opilio Herbst, 1798

Harvestman (Opilio canestrinii) - P6175305

Netherlands: Opilio canestrinii (Thorell, 1876)

Suborder: Dyspnoi Hansen & Sørensen, 1904

Suborder: Laniatores Thorell, 1876

Harvestman (Laniatores) - DSC_9776

Singapore: Laniatores DSC_9776

Infraorder: Grassatores Kury, 2002

Harvestman (Grassatores) - PC252319

Singapore: Grassatores PC252319

Harvestman (Grassatores) - P6100908

Ecuador: Grassatores P6100908

Harvestman (Grassatores) - P6154339

Ecuador: Grassatores P6154339

Superfamily: Assamioidea Sørensen, 1884

Family: Assamiidae Sørensen, 1884

Harvestman (Assamiidae) - P7095410

East Malaysia: Assamiidae P7095410

Harvestman (Assamiidae) - P7095540

East Malaysia: Assamiidae P7095540

Subfamily: Dampetrinae Sørensen, 1886

Genus: Metahyamus Roewer, 1923

Harvestman (Metahyamus variedentatus) - DSC_4350

East Malaysia: Metahyamus variedentatus Suzuki, 1976

Subfamily: Hypoxestinae Roewer, 1935

Harvestman (Hypoxestinae) - DSC_8542

Singapore: Hypoxestinae

Harvestman (Hypoxestinae) - P2113793

Singapore: Hypoxestinae

Superfamily: Epedanoidea Sørensen, 1886

Family: Beloniscidae Kury, Pérez-González & Proud, 2019

Genus: Beloniscus Thorell, 1891

Harvestman (Beloniscus albiephippiatus) - DSC_1602

Singapore: Beloniscus albiephippiatus Roewer, 1917

Harvestman (Beloniscus albiephippiatus) - P4245537

Singapore: Beloniscus albiephippiatus Roewer, 1917

Harvestman (Beloniscus sp.) - DSC_6916

Singapore: Beloniscus sp. DSC_6916

Harvestman (Beloniscus sp.) - DSC_6912

Singapore: Beloniscus sp. DSC_6912

Family: Epedanidae Sørensen, 1886

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - DSC_2847

East Malauysia: Epedanidae DSC_2847

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - DSC_2853

East Malauysia: Epedanidae DSC_2853

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - DSC_0414

West Malaysia: Epedanidae DSC_0414

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - DSC_0415

West Malaysia: Epedanidae DSC_0415

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - DSC_0360

Singapore: Epedanidae DSC_0360

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - DSC_0357

Singapore: Epedanidae DSC_0357

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P2124080

Singapore: Epedanidae P2124080

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P2124085

Singapore: Epedanidae P2124085

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P3175491

West Malaysia: Epedanidae P3175491

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P3175494

West Malaysia: Epedanidae P3175494

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P7052671

East Malaysia: Epedanidae P7052671

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P7052676

East Malaysia: Epedanidae P7052676

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - DSC_3188

Singapore: Epedanidae DSC_3188

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P7063300

East Malaysia: Epedanidae P7063300

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P7063309

East Malaysia: Epedanidae P7063309

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P7074041

East Malaysia: Epedanidae P7074041

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P7074051

East Malaysia: Epedanidae P7074051

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P7084587

East Malaysia: Epedanidae P7084587

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P7084608

East Malaysia: Epedanidae P7084608

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P7095490

East Malaysia: Epedanidae P7095490

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P7095487

East Malaysia: Epedanidae P7095487

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P7095455

East Malaysia: Epedanidae P7095455

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P7095445

East Malaysia: Epedanidae P7095445

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P7084654

East Malaysia: Epedanidae P7084654

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - P7084655

East Malaysia: Epedanidae P7084655

Subfamily: Acrobuninae

Genus: Metacrobunus Roewer, 1915

Harvestman (Metacrobunus macrochelis) - DSC_9870

Singapore: Metacrobunus macrochelis Roewer, 1915

Harvestman (Metacrobunus macrochelis) - DSC_9890

Singapore: Metacrobunus macrochelis Roewer, 1915

Harvestman (Metacrobunus macrochelis) - DSC_0901

Singapore: Metacrobunus macrochelis Roewer, 1915

Harvestman (Metacrobunus macrochelis) - DSC_0896

Singapore: Metacrobunus macrochelis Roewer, 1915

Family: Podoctidae Roewer, 1912

Harvestman (Podoctidae) - P7084534

East Malaysia: Podoctidae P7084534

Harvestman (Podoctidae) - P7084549

East Malaysia: Podoctidae P7084549

Harvestman (Podoctidae) - P7095528

East Malaysia: Podoctidae P7095528

Harvestman (Podoctidae) - P7095505

East Malaysia: Podoctidae P7095505

Subfamily: Podoctinae Roewer, 1912

Harvestman (Podoctidae) - DSC_6935

East Malaysia: Podoctinae DSC_6935

Harvestman (Podoctidae) - DSC_6943b

East Malaysia: Podoctinae DSC_6943b

Genus: Baso Roewer, 1923

Harvestman (Baso sp.) - DSC_1981

Singapore: Baso sp. DSC_1981

Harvestman (Baso sp.) - DSC_1977

Singapore: Baso sp. DSC_1981

Genus: Hoplodino Roewer, 1915

Harvestman (Hoplodino continentalis) - DSC_0612

Singapore: Hoplodino continentalis Roewer, 1915

Harvestman (Hoplodino continentalis) - DSC_0769

Singapore: Hoplodino continentalis Roewer, 1915

Harvestman (Hoplodino continentalis) - DSC_1410

Singapore: Hoplodino continentalis Roewer, 1915

Harvestman (Hoplodino continentalis) - DSC_1422

Singapore: Hoplodino continentalis Roewer, 1915

Harvestman (Hoplodino sp.) - DSC_6935

East Malaysia: Hoplodino sp. DSC_6935

Harvestman (Hoplodino sp.) - DSC_6943

East Malaysia: Hoplodino sp. DSC_6943

Harvestman (Hoplodino sp.) - DSC_8594

East Malaysia: Hoplodino sp. DSC_8594

Harvestman (Hoplodino sp.) - DSC_8590

East Malaysia: Hoplodino sp. DSC_8590

Family: Sandokanidae Özdikmen & Kury, 2007

Genus: Gnomulus Thorell, 1890

Harvestman (Gnomulus sp.) - P7216598

Singapore: Gnomulus sp. P7216598

Harvestman (Gnomulus sp.) - P8214944

Singapore: Gnomulus sp. P8214944

Harvestman (Gnomulus sp.) - P7095429

East Malaysia: Gnomulus sp. P7095429

Harvestman (Gnomulus sp.) - P7095436

East Malaysia: Gnomulus sp. P7095436

Genus: Sandokan Özdikmen & Kury, 2007

Sandokan has only one tarsomere on each leg.

Harvestman (Sandokan truncatus) - DSC_3274

Singapore: Sandokan truncatus (Thorell 1891)

Harvestman (Sandokan truncatus) - DSC_1238

Singapore: Sandokan truncatus (Thorell 1891)

Family: Tithaeidae Sharma & Giribet, 2011

Harvestman (Tithaeidae) - P4235202

Singapore: Tithaeidae P4235202

Harvestman (Tithaeidae) - P2113818

Singapore: Tithaeidae P2113818

Harvestman (cf. Tithaeus sp.) - DSC_5902

Indonesia: cf. Tithaeus sp.

Harvestman (Tithaeidae) - P7052642

East Malaysia: Tithaeidae P7052642

Harvestman (Tithaeidae) - P7052626

East Malaysia: Tithaeidae P7052626

Harvestman (Tithaeidae) - P7052646

East Malaysia: Tithaeidae P7052646

Harvestman (Tithaeidae) - P7074015b

East Malaysia: Tithaeidae P7074015b

Harvestman (Tithaeidae) - P7073940

East Malaysia: Tithaeidae P7073940

Superfamily: Gonyleptoidea Sundevall, 1833

Harvestman (Gonyleptoidea) - P6143044b

Ecuador: Gonyleptoidea P6143044b

Harvestman (Gonyleptoidea) - P6143046b

Ecuador: Gonyleptoidea P6143044b

Harvestman (Gonyleptoidea) - P6143104

Ecuador: Gonyleptoidea P6143104

Harvestman (Gonyleptoidea) - P6143107

Ecuador: Gonyleptoidea P6143107

Harvestman (Gonyleptoidea) - P6154497

Ecuador: Gonyleptoidea P6154497

Harvestman (Gonyleptoidea) - P6154492

Ecuador: Gonyleptoidea P6154492

Harvestman (Gonyleptoidea) - P6154477

Ecuador: Gonyleptoidea P6154477

Family: Cosmetidae Koch, 1839

Harvestman (Cosmetidae) - P6077982

Ecuador: Cosmetidae P6077982

Harvestman (Cosmetidae) - P6077973

Ecuador: Cosmetidae P6077982

Harvestman (Cosmetidae) - P6143605

Ecuador: Cosmetidae P6143605

Harvestman (Cosmetidae) - P6143606

Ecuador: Cosmetidae P6143606

Harvestman (Cosmetidae) - P6154973

Ecuador: Cosmetidae P6154973

Harvestman (Cosmetidae) - P6154976

Ecuador: Cosmetidae P6154976

Subfamily: Cosmetinae C.L. Koch, 1839

Harvestman (Cosmetinae) - ESC_0131

Belize: Cosmetinae ESC_0131

Harvestman (Cosmetinae) - ESC_0142

Belize: Cosmetinae ESC_0142

Genus: Cynortula Roewer, 1912

Harvestman (Cynortula bolivari) - DSC_1564

Peru: Cynortula bolivari Roewer, 1952

Harvestman (Cynortula bolivari) - DSC_1561

Peru: Cynortula bolivari Roewer, 1952

Genus: Erginulus Roewer, 1912

Harvestman (Acromares vittatum) - ESC_0149

Belize: Erginulus subserialis F.O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1905
Acromares vittatum Goodnight & Goodnight, 1942 or
Erginulus clavotibialis (Pickard-Cambridge 1905)

Harvestman (Acromares vittatum) - ESC_0154

Belize: Erginulus subserialis F.O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1905
Acromares vittatum Goodnight & Goodnight, 1942 or
Erginulus clavotibialis (Pickard-Cambridge 1905)

Harvestman (Erginulus sp.) - DSC_7736

Belize: Erginulus sp. DSC_7736

Harvestman (Erginulus sp.) - DSC_7742

Belize: Erginulus sp. DSC_7742

Genus: Meterginus F.O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1905

Harvestman (Meterginus serratus) - P6078217

Ecuador: Meterginus serratus Roewer, 1912

Harvestman (Meterginus serratus) - P6078053

Ecuador: Meterginus serratus Roewer, 1912

Genus: Taito Kury & Barros, 2014

Harvestman (Taito insperatus) - DSC_1309

Peru: Taito insperatus (Soares, 1970)

Subfamily: Discosomaticinae Roewer, 1923

Genus: Sibambea Roewer, 1917

Harvestman (Sibambea rotunda) - P6090470

Ecuador: Sibambea rotunda Roewer, 1917

Harvestman (Sibambea rotunda) - P6100481

Ecuador: Sibambea rotunda Roewer, 1917

Family: Cranaidae Roewer, 1913

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6143495

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6143495

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6154890

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6154890

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6143244

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6143244

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6143256

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6143256

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6143455

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6143455

Havestman (Cranaidae) - P6143683

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6143683

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6143384

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6143384

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6143388

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6143388

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6089515

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6089515

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6143399

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6143399

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6143524

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6143524

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6143527

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6143527

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6122408

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6122408

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6122411

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6122411

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6143332b

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6143332

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6143322

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6143322

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6154157

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6154157

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6154155

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6154155

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6143460

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6143460

Harvestman (Cranaidae) - P6143457

Ecuador: Cranaidae P6143457

Subfamily: Cranainae Roewer, 1913

Genus: Clinocippus Roewer, 1932

Harvestman (Clinocippus albater) - P6143669

Ecuador: Clinocippus albater Roewer, 1932

Harvestman (Clinocippus albater) - P6143666

Ecuador: Clinocippus albater Roewer, 1932

Genus: Phareicranaus Roewer, 1913

Harvestman (Phareicranaus arthrocentricus) - P6143138b

Ecuador: Phareicranaus arthrocentricus (Mello-Leitão, 1943)

Harvestman (Phareicranaus arthrocentricus) - P6143130

Ecuador: Phareicranaus arthrocentricus (Mello-Leitão, 1943)

Harvestman (Phareicranaus sp.) - P6089106

Ecuador: Phareicranaus sp. P6089106

Harvestman (Phareicranaus sp.) - P6089110

Ecuador: Phareicranaus sp. P6089110

Subfamily: Heterocranainae Roewer, 1913

Genus: Heterocranaus Roewer, 1913

Harvestman (Heterocranaus lutescens) - P6143060

Ecuador: Heterocranaus lutescens (Roewer, 1919)

Harvestman (Heterocranaus lutescens) - P6143068

Ecuador: Heterocranaus lutescens (Roewer, 1919)

Superfamily: Samooidea Sørensen, 1886

Family: Biantidae Thorell, 1889

Subfamily: Biantinae Thorell, 1889

Genus: Biantes Simon, 1885

Harvestman (Biantes sp.) - DSC_9951

Singapore: Biantes sp. DSC_9951

Harvestman (Biantes sp.) - DSC_8230

Singapore: Biantes sp. DSC_9951

Subfamily: Lacurbsinae Lawrence, 1959

Harvestman (cf. Lacurbsinae) - DSC_1372

Singapore: cf. Lacurbsinae

Infraorder: Insidiatores Loman, 1900

Superfamily: Travunioidea Absolon & Kratochvil, 1932

Family: Paranonychidae Briggs, 1971

Ultraviolet Fluorescence

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - DSC_3260

Singapore: Epedanidae DSC_3260

Harvestman (Epedanidae) - DSC_3204

Singapore: Epedanidae DSC_3204

Harvestman (Hoplodino continentalis) under UV light - DSC_3794

Singapore: Hoplodino continentalis Roewer, 1915

Harvestman (Erginulus subserialis) - ESC_0153

Belize: Erginulus subserialis F.O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1905

Harvestman under ultraviolet (Metahyamus variedentatus) - DSC_4349

East Malaysia: Metahyamus variedentatus Suzuki, 1976

Excavator harvestman (Epedanidae) - DSC_2734b

Singapore: Epedanidae DSC_2734b

Harvestman (Opiliones) - IMG_20220613_222955

Ecuador: cf. Cranaidae IMG_20220613_222955

Havestman (Cranaidae) - IMG_20220614_234524x

Singapore: Cranaidae IMG_20220614_234524x

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