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Araneidae Checklist: Orb Weaver Spiders

9 April 2020
Orb weaver spiders from the family Araneidae Clerck, 1757 belong to the most morphologically diverse group of spiders. Almost all spiders from the family Araneidae build vertical orb webs….

Thomisidae Checklist: Crab Spiders

17 February 2020
Crab spiders from the family Thomisidae Sundevall,1833 are ambush predators and do not weave webs. The first two pairs of legs are typically longer and stronger, often armed with…

Nephilinae Checklist: Golden Orb Weaver Spiders, Hermit Spiders, Coin Spiders

5 January 2020
Golden Orb Weaver Spiders, Hermit Spiders and Coin Spiders belong to the family Nephilidae or due to certain taxonomic revisions, the subfamily Nephilinae. This subfamily had been transferring between…
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Spiders of Madagascar

9 June 2018
In June 2018 I led a week-long bug-hunting adventure to Madagascar, and managed to document over 20 families of spiders. This post serves as a checklist of spiders that…

Shit Gets Real – 9 Dung Spiders and their Remarkable Mimicry

22 May 2017
From years of trudging through forests, I have learnt not to casually dismiss any pile of poop in the foliage. With experience and a keen sense of observation, some…