Buprestidae Checklist: Jewel Beetles

12 July 2019

Jewel beetles are wood-boring beetles belonging to the Buprestidae family. They are most well-known for their glossy and iridescent colours in many species. Due to the brilliant colours, it is not uncommon for their elytra to be harvested for beetlewing jewelry and decorations.

All photos are of live subjects shot in the field, with the dorsal view selected where available. Click on individual photos for larger views and views from other angles. As specimens were not collected, identifications were done purely based on photographs and may not be 100% accurate.

This page will be updated regularly, please let me know if you spot any mistakes.

View my complete Flickr photo set: Buprestidae – Jewel Beetles.

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Class: Insecta Linnaeus, 1758

Order: Coleoptera Linnaeus, 1758

Family: Buprestidae Leach, 1815

Black jewel beetle (Aphanisticus cochinchinae) - DSC_6544

West Malaysia: Aphanisticus cochinchinae Obenberger, 1924

Jewel beetle (Belionota prasina) - DSC_1543

Singapore: Belionota prasina (Thunberg, 1789)

Jewel Beetle (Endelus cupido) - DSC_4392

Singapore: Endelus cupido Deyrolle, 1864

Jewel Beetle (Endelus sp.) - DSC_4197

Singapore: Endelus sp.

Jewel beetle (Endelus sp.) - DSC_5960

West Malaysia: Endelus sp.

Jewel beetle (Endelus sp.) - DSC_5956

West Malaysia: Endelus sp.

Jewel beetle (Habroloma lepidopterum) - DSC_2384

Singapore: Habroloma lepidopterum (Deyrolle, 1864)

Jewel Beetle (Polyctesis sp.) - DSC_5897

West Malaysia: Polyctesis sp.

Jewel beetle (Polybothris zivettoides) - DSC_2597

Madagascar: Polybothris (Apateum) zivettoides (Fairmaire, 1889)

Jewel beetle (Polybothris zivettoides) - DSC_2606

Madagascar: Polybothris (Apateum) zivettoides (Fairmaire, 1889)

Jewel beetle (Polybothris sp.) - DSC_2507

Madagascar: Polybothris sp. 2507

Jewel beetle (Polybothris sp.) - DSC_2497

Madagascar: Polybothris sp. 2497

Jewel beetle (Polybothris sp.) - DSC_2636

Madagascar: Polybothris sp. 2636

Jewel beetle (Polybothris sp.) - DSC_2655

Madagascar: Polybothris sp. 2655

Jewel beetle (Polybothris sp.) - DSC_2651

Madagascar: Polybothris sp. 2651

Jewel beetle (Pachyscelus orientalis) - DSC_5022

Singapore: Pachyscelus orientalis Obenberger, 1924

Jewel beetle (Trachys sp.) - DSC_2348

Singapore: Trachys sp.


Jewel Beetle (Endelus sp.) - DSC_4395

Singapore: Endelus sp. preflight




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