Cicadellidae Checklist: Leafhoppers

1 November 2020

Leafhoppers from the family Cicadellidae are little plant feeders with modified hind legs for jumping. One of the most distinctive traits of this family would be the row of tibial spines on the hind legs. Many species of Cicadellidae can be quite colourful with overtly loud patterns, making some of them easier to identify.

Members of certain groups (Proconiini and Cicadellini) in this family are also commonly known as sharpshooters. Some of the possible reasons for this name include:

  • Their habit of excreting excess water out of the tip of their abdomen forcibly with an audible popping noise. An example is shared in a video here.
  • Their piercing and sucking behaviour on plants results in “bullet holes”. They also quickly move to the other side of the branch when startled, like how military snipers move to the far side of trees to avoid detection.[Encyclopedia of Entomology]


This page consists of a personal checklist of all Leafhoppers (Cicadellidae) that I’ve encountered over the years. Most were identified with the help from the kind folks on Flickr and Facebook, especially Yeshwanth HM and Solomon (Flickr).

All photos are of live subjects shot in the field, with the dorsal view selected where available. Click on individual photos for larger views and views from other angles. As specimens were not collected, identifications were done purely based on photographs and may not be 100% accurate.

This page will be updated regularly, please let me know if you spot any mistakes.

View my complete Flickr photo set: Cicadellidae – Leafhoppers.


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Class: Insecta Linnaeus, 1758

Order: Hemiptera Linnaeus, 1758

Superfamily: Membracoidea Rafinesque, 1815

Family: Cicadellidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily: Aphrodinae Haupt, 1927

Tribe: Xestocephalini Baker, 1915

Genus: Xestocephalus Van Duzee, 1892

Leafhoppers (cf. Xestocephalus sp.) - DSC_9188

Singapore: cf. Xestocephalus sp.

Leafhoppers (cf. Xestocephalus sp.) - DSC_9196

Singapore: cf. Xestocephalus sp.

Leafhopper (Xestocephalus sp.) - P5076755

Singapore: Xestocephalus sp.

Subfamily: Cicadellinae Latreille, 1825

Tribe: Cicadellini Latreille, 1825

Leafhopper (Cicadellini) - DSC_2713

East Malaysia: Cicadellini 2713

Leafhopper nymph (Cicadellidae) - DSC_2703

East Malaysia: Cicadellini 2703

Leafhopper (Cicadellini) - DSC_4578

Peru: Cicadellini 4578

Leafhopper (Cicadellini) - DSC_4582

Peru: Cicadellini 4582

Leafhopper (Cicadellini) - P6154841

Ecuador: Cicadellini P6154841

Leafhopper (Cicadellini) - P6154844

Ecuador: Cicadellini P6154844

Genus: Anatkina Young, 1986

Leafhopper (Anatkina annandalei) - P3185646

West Malaysia: Anatkina annandalei (Distant, 1908)

Leafhopper (Anatkina annandalei) - P3185647

West Malaysia: Anatkina annandalei (Distant, 1908)

Genus: Apulia Distant, 1908

Leafhopper (Apulia sp.) - P6154839

Ecuador: Apulia sp.

Genus: Bothrogonia Melichar, 1926

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - DSC_2112

Singapore: Bothrogonia addita (Walker, 1851)

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - DSC_2115

Singapore: Bothrogonia addita (Walker, 1851)

Leafhopper nymph (cf. Bothrogonia sp.) - DSC_8487

Singapore: cf. Bothrogonia sp.

Leafhopper nymph (Bothrogonia sp.) - DSC_8494

Singapore: cf. Bothrogonia sp.

Leafhopper nymph (cf. Bothrogonia sp.) - DSC_9310

West Malaysia: cf. Bothrogonia sp.

Leafhopper nymph (cf. Bothrogonia sp.) - DSC_9313

West Malaysia: cf. Bothrogonia sp.

Genus: Cardioscarta Melichar, 1932

Leafhopper (Cardioscarta flavifrons) - P6067354

Ecuador: Cardioscarta flavifrons (Signoret, 1853)

Leafhopper (Cardioscarta flavifrons) - P6067360

Ecuador: Cardioscarta flavifrons (Signoret, 1853)

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6067405

Ecuador: Cardioscarta sp. P6067405

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6067367

Ecuador: Cardioscarta sp. P6067367

Genus: Cofana Melichar, 1926

Leafhopper (Cofana sp.) - DSC_9549

Singapore: Cofana sp. 9549

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - DSC_9551

Singapore: cf. Cofana sp. 9551

Genus: Graphogonalia Young, 1977

Leafhopper (Graphogonalia sp.) - DSC_9312

Belize: Graphogonalia sp.

Genus: Jakrama Young, 1977

Leafhopper (Jakrama taeniata) - DSC_4604

Peru: Jakrama taeniata Young, 1977

Leafhopper (Jakrama taeniata) - DSC_4598

Peru: Jakrama taeniata Young, 1977

Genus: Kolla Distant, 1908

Leafhopper (Kolla sp.) - P7180594

Singapore: Kolla atramentaria (Motschulsky, 1859)

Leafhopper (Kolla sp.) - P7180586

Singapore: Kolla atramentaria (Motschulsky, 1859)

Leafhopper (Kolla sp.) - DSC_3076

Singapore: Kolla sp. 3076

Leafhopper (Kolla sp.) - DSC_3073

Singapore: Kolla sp. 3073

Genus: Ladoffa Young, 1977

Leafhopper (Ladoffa dependens) - DSC_9339

Belize: Ladoffa dependens Young, 1977

Leafhopper (Ladoffa dependens) - DSC_9342

Belize: Ladoffa dependens Young, 1977

Fanned leafhopper (Ladoffa sp.) - DSC_2402

Belize: Ladoffa sp.

Genus: Macumada Young, 1986

Leafhopper (Macumada tergiplagatula) - DSC_1339

Madagascar: Macumada tergiplagatula (Jacobi, 1917)

Leafhopper (Macumada tergiplagatula) - DSC_1336

Madagascar: Macumada tergiplagatula (Jacobi, 1917)

Genus: Madranga Young, 1986

Leafhopper (Madranga segnita) - DSC_7941

Madagascar: Madranga segnita (Melichar, 1951)

Genus: Madumbra Young, 1986

Leafhopper (Madumbra melancholica) - DSC_7948

Madagascar: Madumbra melancholica (Melichar, 1951)

Leafhopper (Madumbra melancholica) - DSC_7923

Madagascar: Madumbra melancholica (Melichar, 1951)

Genus: Onega Distant, 1908

Leafhopper (Onega orphne) - P6143644

Ecuador: Onega orphne Takiya & Cavichioli, 2004

Leafhopper (Onega orphne) - P6143645

Ecuador: Onega orphne Takiya & Cavichioli, 2004

Leafhopper (Onega stipata) - P6143150

Ecuador: Onega stipata (Walker, 1851)

Leafhopper (Onega stipata) - P6143164

Ecuador: Onega stipata (Walker, 1851)

Leafhopper (Onega sp.) - P6155048

Ecuador: Onega sp.

Leafhopper (Onega sp.) - P6155046

Ecuador: Onega sp.

Genus: Poochara Stål, 1869

Leafhopper (Poochara cf. cumatilis) - DSC_7821

East Malaysia: Poochara cf. cumatilis (Distant, 1908)

Leafhopper (cf. Poochara sp.) - DSC_5730

West Malaysia: cf. Poochara sp.

Genus: Sailerana Young, 1977

Leafhopper (Sailerana cf. solitaris) - DSC_3348

Peru: Sailerana cf. solitaris (Signoret, 1853)

Leafhopper (Sailerana cf. solitaris) - DSC_3351

Peru: Sailerana cf. solitaris (Signoret, 1853)

Genus: Sibovia China, 1927

Leafhopper (Sibovia prodigiosa) - P6142980

Ecuador: Sibovia prodigiosa (Melichar, 1926)

Leafhopper (Sibovia prodigiosa) - P6142984

Ecuador: Sibovia prodigiosa (Melichar, 1926)

Genus: Sochinsogonia Young, 1986

Leafhopper (Sochinsogonia circulorum) - DSC_6537

East Malaysia: Sochinsogonia circulorum Young, 1986

Leafhopper (Sochinsogonia circulorum) - DSC_7081

East Malaysia: Sochinsogonia circulorum Young, 1986

Genus: Soosiulus Young, 1977

Leafhopper (Soosiulus sp.) - DSC_4232

Peru: Soosiulus sp.

Tribe: Proconiini Stål, 1869

Genus: Egidemia China, 1927

Leafhopper (Egidemia inflata) - DSC_0401

Belize: Egidemia inflata Young, 1968

Genus: Diestostemma Amyot & Serville, 1843

Leafhopper nymph (Diestostemma sp.) - P6078497

Ecuador: Diestostemma sp.

Leafhopper nymph (Diestostemma sp.) - P6078513

Ecuador: Diestostemma sp.

Genus: Proconia LePeletier & Serville, 1825

Humped leafhopper (Proconia marmorata) - DSC_0897

Peru: Proconia marmorata (Fabricius, 1803)

Humped leafhopper (Proconia marmorata) - DSC_0900

Peru: Proconia marmorata (Fabricius, 1803)

Humped leafhopper (Proconia cf. esmeraldae) - DSC_2659

Peru: Proconia cf. esmeraldae Melichar, 1924

Humped leafhopper (Proconia cf. esmeraldae) - DSC_2658

Peru: Proconia cf. esmeraldae Melichar, 1924

Leafhopper (Proconia sp.) - P6078564

Ecuador: Proconia sp.

Genus: Pseudophera Melichar, 1925

Leafhopper (cf. Pseudophera sp.) - DSC_7182

Belize: cf. Pseudophera sp.

Flat-head leafhopper (cf. Pseudophera sp.) - DSC_7180

Belize: cf. Pseudophera sp.

Subfamily: Coelidiinae Dohrn, 1859

Candy corn leafhopper nymph (Coelidiinae) - DSC_0814

Singapore: Coelidiinae 0814

Candy corn leafhopper nymph (Coelidiinae) - DSC_0819

Singapore: Coelidiinae 0819

Leafhopper nymph (Coelidiinae) - DSC_1434

Peru: Coelidiinae 1434

Leafhopper nymph (Coelidiinae) - DSC_0836

Peru: Coelidiinae 1434

Leafhopper nymph (cf. Coelidiinae) - DSC_9905

East Malaysia: cf. Coelidiinae

Leafhopper (Coelidiinae) - DSC_5506

East Malaysia: Coelidiinae

Leafhopper (Coelidiinae) - DSC_5805

Singapore: Coelidiinae 5805

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - DSC_5809

Singapore: Coelidiinae 5809

Leafhopper nymph (Coelidiinae) - DSC_9135

Singapore: Coelidiinae 9135

Leafhopper nymph (Coelidiinae) - DSC_9139

Singapore: Coelidiinae 9139

Leafhopper nymph (Coelidiinae) - DSC_9578

West Malaysia: Coelidiinae 9578

Leafhopper nymph (Coelidiinae) - DSC_9573

West Malaysia: Coelidiinae 9573

Leafhopper nymph (cf. Coelidiinae) - DSC_7111

East Malaysia: cf. Coelidiinae

Leafhopper (Coelidiinae) - DSC_2906

Singapore: Coelidiinae 2906

Tribe: Coelidiini Dohrn, 1859

Genus: Trinoridia Nielson, 2015

Leafhopper (Trinoridia sp.) - P5209329

Singapore: Trinoridia sp.

Leafhopper (Trinoridia sp.) - P5209330

Singapore: Trinoridia sp.

Genus: Unknown

Leafhopper (Coelidiini) - DSC_6493

East Malaysia: Coelidiini

Leafhopper (Coelidiini) - DSC_6490

East Malaysia: Coelidiini

Leafhopper nymph (Coelidiini) - DSC_5669

Cambodia: Coelidiini

Subfamily: Deltocephalinae Dallas, 1870

Leafhopper (Deltocephalinae) - DSC_9878

Singapore: Deltocephalinae

Tribe: Drabescini Ishihara, 1953

Leafhopper nymph (Drabescini) - DSC_6455

West Malaysia: Drabescini 6455

Leafhopper nymph (Drabescini) - DSC_6458

West Malaysia: Drabescini 6458

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P2074006

Singapore: cf. Drabescini 2074006

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P2073993

Singapore: cf. Drabescini 2074006

Genus: Drabescus Stål, 1870

Tribe: Macrostelini Kirkaldy, 1906

Genus: Balclutha Kirkaldy, 1900

Leafhopper (Balclutha sp.) - P4307475

Singapore: Balclutha sp.

Leafhopper (Balclutha sp.) - P4307471

Singapore: Balclutha sp.

Tribe: Mukariini Distant, 1908

Leafhopper (Mukariini) - P3060248

Singapore: Mukariini P3060248

Leafhopper (Mukariini) - P3060260

Singapore: Mukariini P3060260

Tribe: Opsiini Emeljanov, 1962

Genus: Hishimonus Ishihara, 1953

Leafhopper (Hishimonus sp.) - DSC_0130

Singapore: Hishimonus sp.

Tribe: Penthimiini Kirschbaum, 1868

Genus: Uzelina Melichar, 1903

Deltocephaline leafhopper (Uzelina sp.) - DSC_7143

Singapore: Uzelina sp.

Deltocephaline leafhopper (Uzelina sp.) - DSC_7129

Singapore: Uzelina sp.

Genus: Unknown

Leafhopper (Penthimiini) - DSC_4699

Singapore: Penthimiini

Leafhopper (Penthimiini) - DSC_4715

Singapore: Penthimiini

Tribe: Unknown

Leafhopper (Deltocephalinae) - DSC_3329

Singapore: Deltocephalinae

Leafhopper (Deltocephalinae) - DSC_9878

Singapore: Deltocephalinae

Subfamily: Eurymelinae Amyot & Serville, 1843

Tribe: Idiocerini Baker, 1915

Genus: Busoniomimus Maldonado-Capriles, 1977

Leafhoppers (Busoniomimus sp.) with ants - DSC_7084

East Malaysia: Busoniomimus sp.

Genus: Idioscopus Baker, 1915

Mango Leafhopper (cf. Idioscopus sp.) in fungus - DSC_3384

Singapore: cf. Idioscopus sp.

Mango Leafhopper (Idocerinae) in fungus - DSC_3389

Singapore: cf. Idioscopus sp.

Subfamily: Evacanthinae Metcalf, 1939

Tribe: Nirvanini Baker, 1923

Genus: Nirvana Kirkaldy, 1900

Leafhopper (cf. Nirvana sp.) - DSC_3300

Singapore: cf. Nirvana sp.

Subfamily: Hylicinae Distant, 1908

Leafhopper nymph (Hylicinae) - DSC_3310

Singapore: Hylicinae 3310

Leafhopper nymph (Hylicinae) - DSC_3302

Singapore: Hylicinae 3302

Leafhopper nymph (Hylicinae) - DSC_3193

Singapore: Hylicinae 3193

Leafhopper nymph (Hylicinae) - DSC_3180

Singapore: Hylicinae 3180

Leafhopper nymph (Hylicinae) - DSC_8607

Singapore: Hylicinae

Leafhopper nymph (Hylicinae) - DSC_8614

Singapore: Hylicinae

Leafhopper nymph (cf. Hylicinae) - DSC_3382

Singapore: cf. Hylicinae

Leafhopper nymph (cf. Hylicinae) - DSC_3394

Singapore: cf. Hylicinae

Leafhopper nymph (cf. Hylicinae) - DSC_6130

West Malaysia: cf. Hylicinae

Leafhopper nymph (Cicadellidae) - DSC_6135

West Malaysia: cf. Hylicinae

Leafhopper nymph (cf. Hylicinae) - DSC_3100

Singapore: cf. Hylicinae

Leafhopper nymph (cf. Hylicinae) - DSC_3118

Singapore: cf. Hylicinae

Subfamily: Iassinae Walker, 1870

Leafhopper nymph with ants - DSC_7455

Singapore: Iassinae

Tribe: Gyponini Stål, 1870

Leafhopper (Fuminana sp.) - DSC_2938

Peru: Fuminana sp.

Leafhopper (Fuminana sp.) - DSC_2934

Peru: Fuminana sp.

Leafhopper (Gyponini) - DSC_4591

Peru: cf. Costanana sp.

Leafhopper (Gyponini) - DSC_4593

Peru: cf. Costanana sp.

Leafhopper (Gypona sp.) - P6067391

Ecuador: Gypona sp. P6067391

Leafhopper (Gypona sp.) - P6067395

Ecuador: Gypona sp. P6067395

Leafhopper (Polana (Angusana) sp.) - DSC_8752

Belize: Polana (Angusana) sp.

Tribe: Krisnini Evans, 1947

Leafhopper (Krisnini) - DSC_3573

Singapore: Krisnini 3573

Leafhopper (Krisnini) - DSC_3577

Singapore: Krisnini 3577

Leafhopper nymph (cf. Krisnini) - DSC_1559

Singapore: cf. Krisnini

Leafhopper nymph (cf. Krisnini) - DSC_1553

Singapore: cf. Krisnini

Leafhopper (Krisnini) - DSC_9801

Singapore: Krisnini 9801

Subfamily: Ledrinae Fairmaire, 1855

Flat-headed leafhopper (Ledrinae) - P3125787

East Malaysia: Ledrinae P3125787

Flat-headed leafhopper (Ledrinae) - P3125791

East Malaysia: Ledrinae P3125791

Tribe: Ledrini Kirschbaum, 1868

Genus: Dusuna Distant, 1907

Leafhopper (Dusuna sp.) - DSC_3762

West Malaysia: Dusuna sp.

Leafhopper (Dusuna sp.) - DSC_3776

West Malaysia: Dusuna sp.

Genus: Ledra Fabricius, 1803

Flat-headed leafhopper (Ledra sp.) - IMG_7123

Singapore: Ledra sp.

Flat-headed leafhopper (Ledra sp.) - IMG_7125

Singapore: Ledra sp.

Flat-headed leafhopper (Ledra sp.) - P3125956

East Malaysia: Ledra sp. P3125956

Flat-headed leafhopper (Ledra sp.) - P3125962

East Malaysia: Ledra sp. P3125962

Genus: Ledropsis White, 1844

Flat-Headed Leafhopper (Ledropsis sp.) - DSC_8012

Singapore: Ledropsis sp.

Flat-Headed Leafhopper (Ledropsis sp.) - DSC_8006

Singapore: Ledropsis sp.

Genus: Petalocephala Stål, 1854

Leafhopper nymph (cf. Petalocephala sp.) - DSC_4351

Singapore: cf. Petalocephala sp.

Genus: Tituria Stål, 1865

Flat-headed leafhopper (Tituria sp.) - P3175530

West Malaysia: Tituria sp. P3175530

Flat-headed leafhopper (Tituria sp.) - P3175532

West Malaysia: Tituria sp. P3175532

Flat-headed leafhopper (Tituria sp.) - P3125630

East Malaysia: Tituria sp. P3125630

Flat-headed leafhopper (Tituria sp.) - P3125635

East Malaysia: Tituria sp. P3125635

Subfamily: Mileewinae Evans, 1947

Tribe: Mileewini Evans, 1947

Genus: Mileewa Distant, 1908

Leafhopper (Mileewa sp.) - P5076777

Singapore: Mileewa sp. 5076777

Leafhopper (Mileewa sp.) - P5076774

Singapore: Mileewa sp. 5076774

Subfamily: Tartessinae Distant, 1908

Leafhopper (Tartessinae) - DSC_7781

West Malaysia: Tartessinae 7781

Leafhopper (Tartessinae) - DSC_6079

Indonesia: Tartessinae 6079

Tribe: Tartessini Schmidt, E., 1920

Genus: Tartessus Stål, 1865

Leafhopper (Tartessus sp.) - DSC_7962

Singapore: Tartessus sp. 7962

Leafhopper (Tartessus sp.) - DSC_7959

Singapore: Tartessus sp. 7959

Leafhopper (Drabescus sp.) - DSC_7553

West Malaysia: Tartessus sp. 7553

Leafhopper (Tartessus sp.) - DSC_7557

West Malaysia: Tartessus sp. 7557

Leafhopper (Tartessus sp.) - DSC_9228

West Malaysia: Tartessus sp. 9228

Leafhopper (Tartessus sp.) - DSC_9231

West Malaysia: Tartessus sp. 9231

Leafhopper nymph (cf. Tartessus sp.) - DSC_9211

Singapore: cf. Tartessus sp. 9211

Leafhopper (Tartessus sp.) - DSC_4518

Singapore: Tartessus sp. 4518

Subfamily: Typhlocybinae Kirschbaum, 1868

Leafhopper (Typhlocybinae) - DSC_6089

Singapore: Typhlocybinae DSC_6089

Leafhopper (Typhlocybinae) - DSC_6102

Singapore: Typhlocybinae DSC_6102

Leafhopper (Typhlocybinae) - P5240515

Singapore: Typhlocybinae P5240515

Leafhopper (Typhlocybinae) - P5240513

Singapore: Typhlocybinae P5240513

Leafhopper (Typhlocybinae) - P3060160

Singapore: Typhlocybinae P3060160

Leafhopper (Typhlocybinae) - P3060166

Singapore: Typhlocybinae P3060166

Tribe: Empoascini Distant, 1908

Genus: Amrasca Ghauri, 1967

Leafhopper (Amrasca sp.) - DSC_6919

Singapore: Amrasca sp.

Leafhopper (Amrasca sp.) - DSC_6922

Singapore: Amrasca sp.


Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - DSC_6649

Singapore: Cicadellidae 6649

Leafhopper nymph (Cicadellidae) - DSC_2337

Singapore: Cicadellidae 2337

Leafhopper nymph (Cicadellidae) - DSC_2863

Peru: Cicadellidae 2863

Leafhopper nymph (Cicadellidae) - DSC_2872

Peru: Cicadellidae 2872

Leafhopper nymph (Cicadellidae) - PA140333

Singapore: Cicadellidae PA140333

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - PA140342

Singapore: Cicadellidae PA140342

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - PA140292

Singapore: Cicadellidae PA140292

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P5240564

Singapore: Cicadellidae P5240564

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P5240571

Singapore: Cicadellidae P5240571

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P5240599

Singapore: Cicadellidae P5240599

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P5240604

Singapore: Cicadellidae P5240604

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P5240587

Singapore: Cicadellidae P5240587

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P5240580

Singapore: Cicadellidae P5240580

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P5240690

Singapore: Cicadellidae P5240690

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P5240711

Singapore: Cicadellidae P5240711

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P9229487

Singapore: Cicadellidae P9229487

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P9229486

Singapore: Cicadellidae P9229486

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6143446

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6143446

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6143445

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6143445

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6154304

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6154304

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6142862

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6142862

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6143448

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6143448

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6143450

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6143450

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6143182

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6143182

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6143184

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6143184

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6143181

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6143181

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6143183

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6143183

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6100592

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6100592

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6100590

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6100590

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6100548

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6100548

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6100584

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6100584

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6078534

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6078534

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6078535

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6078535

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6067320

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6067320

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6067315

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6067315

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6067325

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6067325

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6067333

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6067333

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6067453

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6067453

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6067456

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6067456

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6067789

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6067789

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6067790

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6067790

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6067834

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6067834

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P6067794

Ecuador: Cicadellidae P6067794

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P5016396

Singapore: Cicadellidae P5016396

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - P5016388

Singapore: Cicadellidae P5016388

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    10 December 2023

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Hi my name is Nicky Bay. I am a macro photographer, instructor and book author, travelling the world to document the vast micro biodiversity that nature has to offer. Follow my updates and discover with me the incredible beauty and science behind our planet's micro creatures!

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Like the content here? Get notified for new posts, stories, workshops and book launches! Your email will never be shared with others.