Cerambycidae Checklist: Longhorn Beetles

11 June 2019

Longhorn beetles are also known as longicorns, and belong to the Cerambycidae family. They are wood-borers and characterised by exceptionally long antennae, often as long as or longer then the beetle’s body.

Most were identified with the help from the kind folks at Dr Cheong Loong Fah from the National University of Singapore also has a great reference on the Longhorned Beetles in Singapore (no longer online). Thank you!

All photos are of live subjects shot in the field, with the dorsal view selected where available. Click on individual photos for larger views and views from other angles. As specimens were not collected, identifications were done purely based on photographs and may not be 100% accurate.

This page will be updated regularly, please let me know if you spot any mistakes.

View my complete Flickr photo set: Cerambycidae – Longhorn Beetles.

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Class: Insecta Linnaeus, 1758

Order: Coleoptera Linnaeus, 1758

Family: Cerambycidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily: Cerambycinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe: Callichromatini Blanchard, 1845

Longhorn beetle (Chloridolum thomsoni) - DSC_8306

Singapore: Chloridolum thomsoni (Pascoe, 1859)

Tribe: Callidiopini Lacordaire, 1869

Longhorn Beetle (Ceresium furtivum) - DSC_8894

Singapore: Ceresium furtivum (Pascoe, 1869)

Longhorn beetle (Ceresium sp.) - DSC_9956

Singapore: Ceresium sp.

Tribe: Cerambycini Latreille, 1804

Longhorn beetle (Hoplocerambyx spinicornis) - DSC_6266

West Malaysia: Hoplocerambyx spinicornis (Newman 1842)

Longhorn beetle (Jupoata rufipennis) - DSC_3325

Peru: Jupoata rufipennis (Gory, 1831)

Longhorn beetle (Trachylophus approximator) - DSC_5754

West Malaysia: Trachylophus approximator Gahan, 1888

Longhorn Beetle (Xoanodera trigona) - DSC_8058

Singapore: Xoanodera trigona Pascoe, 1857

Longhorn Beetle (Xoanodera trigona) - DSC_6008

Singapore: Xoanodera trigona Pascoe, 1857

Longhorn beetle (Zatrephus pannosus) - P3126837

East Malaysia: Zatrephus pannosus Pascoe, 1857

Longhorn beetle (Cyriopalus cf. hefferni) - P3114679

East Malaysia: Cyriopalus cf. hefferni Holzschuh, 2007

Longhorn beetle (Cyriopalus sp.) - P3103744

East Malaysia: Cyriopalus sp. P3103744

Longhorn beetle (Cerambycini) - P3103354

East Malaysia: Cerambycini P3103354

Tribe: Clytini Mulsant, 1839

Longhorn Beetle (Amamiclytus sp.) - DSC_1589

Singapore: Amamiclytus sp.

Longhorn beetle (Chlorophorus annularis) - DSC_8173

Singapore: Chlorophorus annularis (Fabricius, 1787)

Longhorn beetles (Sclethrus malayanus) - DSC_2487

Singapore: Sclethrus malayanus Han & Niisato, 2009

Longhorn beetle (Sclethrus amoenus) - DSC_7308

Singapore: Sclethrus amoenus (Gory, 1833)

Longhorn beetle (Xylotrechus sp.) - DSC_7489

Singapore: Xylotrechus sp.

Longhorn beetle (Xylotrechus sp.) - DSC_0726

Singapore: Xylotrechus sp.

Longhorn beetle (Demonax mustela) - P3103255

East Malaysia: Demonax mustela (Pascoe, 1858)

Tribe: Compsocerini Thomson, 1864

Longhorn beetle (Rosalia formosa) - PB182360

Thailand: Rosalia formosa (Saunders, 1839)

Longhorn beetle (Rosalia formosa) - PB204086

Thailand: Rosalia formosa (Saunders, 1839)

Tribe: Hesperophanini Mulsant, 1839

Longhorn beetle (Gnatholea subnuda) - P1096933

Singapore: Gnatholea subnuda Lacordaire, 1869

Tribe: Remphanini Lacordaire, 1869

Longhorn beetle (Paroplites oculatus) - P3114665

East Malaysia: Paroplites oculatus Komiya, Drumont & Delahaye, 2020

Tribe: Stenopterini Fairmaire, 1868

Stingless bee mimicking longhorn beetle (Pectinocallimus sp.) - DSC_0662

Singapore: Pectinocallimus sp.

Tribe: Thraniini Gahan, 1906

Longhorn beetle (Thranius bimaculatus) - P5209280

Singapore: Thranius bimaculatus Pascoe, 1859 ♂

Longhorn beetle (Thranius bimaculatus) - P5138486

Singapore: Thranius bimaculatus Pascoe, 1859 ♀

Tribe: Xystrocerini Blanchard, 1845

Longhorn Beetle (Xystrocera festiva) - DSC_8263

Singapore: Xystrocera festiva Thomson, 1861

Longhorn beetle (Xystrocera globosa) - DSC_0819

Singapore: Xystrocera globosa (Olivier, 1795)

Longhorn beetle (Hyphus apicalis) - P3165099

West Malaysia: Hyphus apicalis Pascoe, 1869

Subfamily: Dorcasominae Lacordaire, 1869

Longhorn beetle (Dorcasominae) - DSC_1984

Madagascar: Dorcasominae

Subfamily: Lamiinae Latreille, 1825

Tribe: Acanthocinini J. Thomson, 1860

Longhorn beetle (Eutrypanus mucoreus) - DSC_8436

Belize: Eutrypanus mucoreus (Bates,1872)

Longhorn beetle (Eoporis elegans) - DSC_1810

Singapore: Eoporis elegans Pascoe, 1864

Longhorn beetle (Ostedes cf. perakensis) - DSC_4487

Singapore: Ostedes cf. perakensis Breuning, 1969

Longhorn beetle (Driopea clytina) - P5148670

Singapore: Driopea clytina Pascoe, 1858

Longhorn beetle (Nealcidion badium) - P6101170

Ecuador: Nealcidion badium Monné & Delfino, 1986

Longhorn beetle (Eoporis elegans) - P4164604

Singapore: Eoporis elegans Pascoe, 1864

Tribe: Acanthoderini Thomson, 1860

Longhorn beetle (Oreodera costaricensis) - DSC_0688

Belize: Oreodera costaricensis (Thomson,1865)

Longhorn beetle (Psapharochrus sp.) - DSC_1969

Peru: Psapharochrus sp.

Tribe: Agapanthiini Mulsant, 1839

Longhorn beetle (Cleptometopus cf. angustifrons) - DSC_2666

East Malaysia: Cleptometopus cf. angustifrons Breuning, 1940

Longhorn beetle (Cleptometopus sp.) - DSC_4010

East Malaysia: Cleptometopus sp.

Longhorn beetle (Phelipara marmorata) - DSC_8424

Singapore: Phelipara marmorata Pascoe, 1866

Longhorn beetle (Pothyne sp.) - P7216784

Singapore: Pothyne sp.

Longhorn beetle (Tetraglenes sp.) - DSC_1465

Singapore: Tetraglenes sp.

Tribe: Ancylonotini Lacordaire, 1869

Longhorn beetle (Palimna annulata) - DSC_6870

Singapore: Palimna annulata (Olivier, 1792)

Tribe: Apomecynini Thomson, 1860

Longhorn beetle (Mimosybra mediomaculata) - DSC_5504

Singapore: Mimosybra mediomaculata Breuning, 1939

Longhorn beetle (Parepilysta sp.) - DSC_4335

Singapore: Parepilysta sp.

Longhorn beetle (Sybra sp.) - DSC_9583

Singapore: Sybra cretifera/fervida Pascoe, 1865

Longhorn Beetle (Sybra sp.) - DSC_4681

Singapore: Sybra sp.

Longhorn beetle (Sybra sp.) - DSC_6185

West Malaysia: Sybra sp.

Longhorn Beetle (Sybra sp.) - DSC_6160

Indonesia: Sybra sp.

Ant-mimic longhorn beetle (Athylia sp.) - P7012140

West Malaysia: Athylia sp.

Tribe: Astathini Thomson, 1864

Longhorn beetle (Bacchisa sp.) - P8162668

Singapore: Bacchisa sp.

Tribe: Batocerini Lacordaire, 1869

Mango Longhorn Beetle (Batocera rubus) - DSC_2096

Singapore: Batocera rubus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Longhorn beetle (Batocera thomsonii) - P3115286

East Malaysia: Batocera thomsonii Javet, 1858

Tribe: Ceroplesini Thomson, 1860

Longhorn beetle (Pycnopsis brachyptera) - DSC_2678

Mozambique: Pycnopsis brachyptera Thomson, 1860

Tribe: Colobotheini Thomson, 1860

Longhorn beetle (Colobothea assimilis) - DSC_3850

Peru: Colobothea assimilis Aurivillius, 1902

Longhorn beetle (Colobothea macularis) - P6099909

Ecuador: Colobothea macularis (Olivier, 1792)

Tribe: Crossotini Thomson, 1864

Longhorn beetle (Moechotypa sp.) - DSC_0692

West Malaysia: Moechotypa cf. suffusa (Pascoe, 1862)

Tribe: Desmiphorini Thomson, 1860

Longhorn beetle (Nedine adversa) - DSC_6150

Singapore: Nedine adversa (Pascoe, 1864)

Longhorn beetle (Blabia intricata) - P6099977

Ecuador: Blabia intricata Martins & Galileo, 1995

Longhorn beetle (Diadelia cf. x-brunnea) - DSC_2051

Madagascar: Diadelia cf. x-brunnea Breuning, 1939

Tribe: Dorcaschematini Thomson, 1860

Longhorn beetle (Olenecamptus bilobus) - P3127249

East Malaysia: Olenecamptus bilobus (Fabricius, 1801)

Longhorn beetle (Olenecamptus bilobus) - DSC_6444

Singapore: Olenecamptus bilobus (Fabricius, 1801)

Longhorn beetle (Cylindrepomus laetus) - DSC_1164b

Singapore: Cylindrepomus laetus Pascoe, 1858

Tribe: Gnomini Thomson, 1864

Long-necked longhorn beetle (Gnoma sp.) - ESC_0259

Singapore: Gnoma longicollis (Fabricius, 1787) ♀

Tribe: Homonoeini Thomson, 1864

Longhorn beetle (Homonoeini) - DSC_2848

West Malaysia: Notomulciber cf. albosetosus (Heller, 1923)

Tribe: Lamiini Latreille, 1825

Flat-Faced Longhorn Beetle (Acalolepta sp.) - DSC_0918

Singapore: Acalolepta rusticatrix (Fabricius, 1801)

Longhorn beetle (Euthyastus binotatus) - DSC_9111

Singapore: Euthyastus binotatus Pascoe, 1866

Longhorn beetle (Metopides sp.) - DSC_9839

East Malaysia: Metopides sp.

Longhorn beetle (Trachystola granulata) - DSC_4522

East Malaysia: Trachystola granulata Pascoe, 1862

Longhorn beetle (Paraleprodera stephanus fasciata) - PB214965

Thailand: Paraleprodera stephanus fasciata Breuning, 1943

Longhorn beetle (Paraepepeotes gigas) - P3125665

East Malaysia: Paraepepeotes gigas (Aurivillius, 1897)

Longhorn beetle (Celosterna scabrator) - P3114299

East Malaysia: Cerosterna perakensis Breuning, 1976

Longhorn beetle (Cerosterna sp.) - DSC_5327

Singapore: Cerosterna sp.

Longhorn beetle (cf. Cyriotasiastes sp.) - P3114876

East Malaysia: cf. Cyriotasiastes sp. P3114876

Tribe: Mesosini Mulsant, 1839

Longhorn Beetle (Anancylus griseatus) - DSC_1457

Singapore: Anancylus griseatus (Pascoe, 1858)

Longhorn beetle (Choeromorpha subfasciata) - PB215239

Thailand: Choeromorpha subfasciata (Pic, 1922)

Longhorn beetle (Coptops lichenea) - DSC_6138

Singapore: Coptops lichenea Pascoe, 1865

Longhorn beetle (Coptops sp.) - DSC_7127

East Malaysia: Coptops sp.

Longhorn Beetle (Epepeotes luscus) - DSC_9396

Singapore: Epepeotes luscus (Fabricius, 1787)

Longhorn beetle (Epicedia sp.) - DSC_0777

West Malaysia: Epicedia sp.

Longhorn beetle (Mesosini) - DSC_5608

Indonesia: Mesosini

Longhorn beetle (Mutatocoptops malaisianus) - P3175297

West Malaysia: Mutatocoptops malaisianus Breuning, 1973

Tribe: Monochamini Gistel, 1848

Longhorn beetle (Plagiohammus spinipennis) - DSC_7279

Belize: Plagiohammus spinipennis (Thomson, 1860)

Tribe: Nyctimeniini Gressitt, 1951

Longhorn Beetle (Nyctimenius tristis) - DSC_8888

Singapore: Nyctimenius tristis (Fabricius, 1793)

Tribe: Onciderini Thomson, 1860

Longhorn beetle (Hesychotypa liturata) - DSC_3056

Peru: Hesychotypa liturata (Bates, 1865)

Longhorn beetle (Tulcus paganus) - DSC_4021

Peru: Tulcus paganus (Pascoe,1859)

Longhorn beetle (Jamesia globifera) - P6089062

Ecuador: Jamesia globifera (Fabricius, 1801)

Longhorn beetle (Eudesmus cf. grisescens) - P6089078

Ecuador: Eudesmus cf. grisescens Audinet-Serville, 1835

Tribe: Pteropliini Thomson, 1860

Longhorn beetle (Apatelarthron heteroclitum) - DSC_3192

West Malaysia: Apatelarthron heteroclitum J. Thomson, 1864

Longhorn Beetle (Daxata sp.) - DSC_5474

West Malaysia: Daxata sp.

Longhorn beetle (Dystasia cf. circulata) - DSC_6927

East Malaysia: Dystasia cf. circulata Pascoe 1864

Longhorn beetle (Grammoechus atomarius) - DSC_0615

East Malaysia: Grammoechus atomarius Pascoe 1866

Longhorn beetle (Mispila venosa) - P1013072

Singapore: Mispila venosa Pascoe, 1864

Longhorn beetle (Similosodus sp.) - DSC_6956

West Malaysia: Similosodus sp.

Longhorn beetle (Mispila curvilinea) - DSC_9759

West Malaysia: Mispila curvilinea Pascoe, 1869

Longhorn beetle (Mispilodes borneensis?) - DSC_3038

Singapore: Mispilodes borneensis Breuning, 1938

Longhorn Beetle (Moron distigma) - DSC_1972

East Malaysia: Moron distigma Pascoe, 1858

Longhorn Beetle (Prosoplus sp.?) - DSC_1230

Singapore: Prosoplus sp.

Longhorn beetle (Pterolophia sp.) - DSC_1593

Singapore: Pterolophia sp.

Longhorn Beetle (Pterolophia crassipes) - DSC_8918

Singapore: Pterolophia crassipes (Wiedemann, 1823)

Longhorn beetle (Pterolophia illicita) - DSC_7114

Singapore: Pterolophia illicita (Pascoe, 1865)

Longhorn Beetle (Pterolophia melanura) - DSC_8952

Singapore: Pterolophia melanura (Pascoe, 1857)

Longhorn beetle (Pterolophia cf. quadricristata) - DSC_8465

Singapore: Pterolophia cf. quadricristata Breuning, 1937

Longhorn beetle (cf. Pterolophia sp.) - DSC_7714

West Malaysia: cf. Pterolophia sp.

Longhorn beetle (cf. Pterolophia sp.) - DSC_5902

Singapore: cf. Pterolophia sp.

Longhorn beetle (Pterolophia sp.) - DSC_7478

West Malaysia: Pterolophia sp.

Longhorn beetle (Pterolophia sp.) - P7180599

Singapore: Pterolophia sp.

Longhorn beetle (Pterolophia viridegrisea) - P7084774

East Malaysia: Pterolophia viridegrisea Breuning, 1938

Longhorn beetle (Egesina sp.) - P6270334

Singapore: Egesina sp.

Longhorn beetle (Egesina minuta) - P5239187

Singapore: Egesina minuta (Fisher, 1925)

Longhorn beetle (Pteropliini) - P3126472

East Malaysia: Pteropliini P3126472

Tribe: Saperdini Mulsant, 1839

Longhorn beetle (Glenea sp.) - DSC_1326

Singapore: Glenea sp.

Longhorn beetle (Glenea anticepunctata) - DSC_7234

West Malaysia: Glenea anticepunctata (Thomson, 1857)

Longhorn beetle (Glenea pulchra) - P7105902

East Malaysia: Glenea pulchra Aurivillius, 1926

Longhorn beetle (Nupserha fricator) - DSC_9665

Singapore: Nupserha fricator (Dalman, 1817)

Longhorn beetle (Menesia pulchella) - P9127685

Singapore: Menesia pulchella (Pascoe, 1867)

Longhorn beetle (Serixia sp.) - P4188193

Singapore: Serixia sp.

Longhorn beetle (Serixia sp.) - P2198213

Singapore: Serixia sp.

Longhorn beetle (Serixia sp.) - DSC_7571b

Singapore: Serixia sp.

Subfamily: Lepturinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe: Xylosteini Reitter, 1913

Longhorn beetle (Capnolymma capreola) - P3114361

East Malaysia: Capnolymma capreola Pascoe, 1866

Subfamily: Prioninae Latreille, 1804

Tribe: Aegosomatini Thomson, 1861

Longhorn beetle (cf. Baralipton cheworum) - DSC_9475

West Malaysia: cf. Baralipton cheworum Komiya, 2003

Tribe: Callipogonini Lameere, 1904

Longhorn beetle (Callipogon sp.) - DSC_7549

Belize: Callipogon barbatum (Fabricius,1781)

Family: Disteniidae Thomson, 1860

Subfamily: Disteniinae Thomson, 1860

Tribe: Disteniini Thomson, 1860

Longhorn beetle (Noemia sp.) - DSC_7036

East Malaysia: Noemia sp.


Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) - DSC_5587

Thailand: Cerambycidae DSC_5587

Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) - DSC_9991

Singapore: Cerambycidae DSC_9991

Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) - DSC_7594

Singapore: Cerambycidae DSC_7594

Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) - i02801

Singapore: Cerambycidae i02801

Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) - DSC_9042

East Malaysia: Cerambycidae DSC_9042

Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) - DSC_9376

East Malaysia: Cerambycidae DSC_9376

Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) - DSC_7241

Singapore: Cerambycidae DSC_7241

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  1. Reply

    Matthew Rees

    4 June 2022

    Thanks for making this! My parents live in Hong Kong, and my dad sent me a photo he took, knowing I love insects, to ask what kind it was. I Googled “longhorn beetle”, found this site, and was quickly able to identify the exact species (the mango longhorn).



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