The Singapore Trilobite Larva

30 April 2012
Decomposing logs are home to many little critters and fungi. Of which, one of the most fascinating ones… are trilobite larvae. The females of this creature remain in the larval form and relatively large at 4-8cm long. I have never seen the male before, but they are said to be much smaller – less than 1cm long. (ref from Wikipedia: Duliticola)

It was a long and tiring night, and the trilobite was a last minute find while we were trudging our way out of the trail. Approximately 5cm long, the trilobite larva bore a vibrant red at it’s tips.

More about the local trilobite here: A SINGAPORE TRILOBITE LARVA, DULITICOLA SPECIES

Trilobite Beetle (Duliticola sp.) - DSC_7417#1 Spotted the bizarre Trilobite Larva (Duliticola sp.)

Trilobite Beetle (Duliticola sp.) - DSC_7427#2 Walking around, it can move quite fast due to it’s size. The tiny head can be seen to be protruding from the front when it is in motion.

Trilobite Beetle (Duliticola sp.) - DSC_7432#3 When threatened, it may play dead and curl up

Trilobite Beetle (Duliticola sp.) - DSC_7435#4 Close up on the tiny head. Say hi!!

Trilobite Beetle (Duliticola sp.) - DSC_7437#5 Close up of the suction at the tail, it moves in a similar manner to firefly larvae

Trilobite Beetle (Duliticola sp.) - DSC_7455#6 Moving fast again!

Trilobite Beetle (Duliticola sp.) - DSC_7463#7 Very vibrant orange-tipped “horns”

Trilobite Beetle (Duliticola sp.) - DSC_7466#8 It dropped to the ground while running about and we picked it up with a stick

Trilobite Beetle (Duliticola sp.) - DSC_7471#9 Starting running again.

Trilobite Beetle (Duliticola sp.) - DSC_7477#10 Playing with a bit of back-light

Trilobite Beetle (Duliticola sp.) - DSC_7481#11 Lighting the scene with our torch lights

Trilobite larva (Duliticola sp.) - DSC_2752#12 This is another Trilobite Larva that I shot in Kubah last year

Trilobite larva (Duliticola sp.) - DSC_2741#13 Playing dead, as usual

Firefly larva (Lampyridae) - DSC_5831#14 This Firefly Larva shot in Thailand earlier this year has many similar characteristics with the Trilobite Larva

Firefly larva (Lampyridae) - DSC_6653#15 Another firefly larva shot very recently, this one was much thinner than others that we had seen before

Damselfly (Zygoptera) - DSC_7221#16 A very tame damselfly that allowed me to get really close

Damselfly (Zygoptera) - DSC_7225#17 Another one landed on my tripod, so I took a handheld shot. ūüėõ

Damselfly (Zygoptera) - DSC_7234#18 Back to the very nice damsel

Damselfly (Zygoptera) - DSC_7234#19 And a tighter crop!

Comb-Footed Spider (Ariamnes flagellum) - DSC_7248#20 Whip Spider (Ariamnes flagellum) guarding her egg sac

Comb-Footed Spider (Ariamnes flagellum) - DSC_7255#21 Going closer to get a glimpse of her tiny face

Comb-Footed Spider (Ariamnes flagellum) - DSC_7259#22 Can you see the teeny weeny eyes?

Comb-Footed Spider (Ariamnes flagellum) - DSC_7264#23 This is the most direct shot I could get as the web was in the way

Wasp (Apocrita) - DSC_7277#24 Sleepy wasp

Wasps (Apocrita) - DSC_7283#25 Another comes by to complete the composition!

Crab Spider (Thomisidae) - DSC_7308#26 A crab spider captures a cricket for supper

Cicada (Cicadidae) - DSC_7315#27 Cicada closeup

Cicada (Cicadidae) - DSC_7337#28 Freshly molted Cicada

Cicada (Cicadidae) with Jumping Spider (Salticidae) - DSC_7360#29 Trying to shoot a close up of the cicada when a jumping spider landed on it’s face!

Cicada (Cicadidae) - DSC_7373#30 Happy cicada after the Jumping Spider went off

Jumping Bristletail (Machilidae) - DSC_7395#31 Scaly details on the Bristletail (Machilidae)

Jumping Bristletail (Machilidae) - DSC_7403#32 Wider shot

Jumping Bristletail (Machilidae) - DSC_7403#33 Up close again.

Scorpions (Scorpiones) - DSC_7407#34 A mother scorpion carrying her young. A little one is seen here scampering around her mother’s face

Toad with prey - DSC_7484#35 Big ugly toad with a huge supper

Toad with prey - DSC_7486#36 Another shot before we went off for the night

The complete album can be viewed here.



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