Fulgoridae Checklist: Lantern Bugs

26 March 2020

Lantern bugs or lanternflies are some of the most colourful and enigmatic subjects in the realm of macro photography. They belong to the Fulgoridae family, with the most distinct ones in Southeast Asia belonging to the genus Pyrops. Despite the common name, it is a myth that lantern bugs emit light. The myth was further propagated by Carl Linnaeus when he coined specific names such as laternaria, phosphorea and candelaria.

Most species in this page were identified with the kind assistance of Jerome Constant and Geert Goemans on Facebook. Thank you!

Lantern bug (Pyrops whiteheadi) - DSC_7853

East Malaysia: Pyrops whiteheadi (Distant, 1889)

All photos are of live subjects shot in the field, with the dorsal view selected where available. Click on individual photos for larger views and views from other angles. As specimens were not collected, identifications were done purely based on photographs and may not be 100% accurate.

This page will be updated regularly, please let me know if you spot any mistakes.

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Class: Insecta Linnaeus, 1758

Order: Hemiptera Linnaeus, 1758

Superfamily: Fulgoroidea Latreille, 1807

Family: Fulgoridae Latreille, 1807

Subfamily: Aphaeninae Blanchard, 1847

Tribe: Aphaenini Blanchard, 1847

Genus: Aphaena Guérin-Méneville, 1834

Thailand: Aphaena najas Schmidt, 1906

Genus: Kalidasa Kirkaldy, 1900

Thailand: Kalidasa nigromaculata (Gray, 1832)

Genus: Penthicodes Blanchard, 1845

Lantern bug (Penthicodes atomaria) - PB203566

Thailand: Penthicodes atomaria (Weber, 1801)

Fulgorid planthopper (Penthicodes bimaculatus) - DSC_6138

Singapore: Penthicodes bimaculatus (Schmidt, 1905)

Lantern bug (Penthicodes farinosus) - P7063198

East Malaysia: Penthicodes farinosus (Weber, 1801)

Planthopper (Penthicodes quadrimaculatus) - DSC_9342

East Malaysia: Penthicodes quadrimaculatus Lallemand, 1963

Genus: Scamandra Stål, 1863

Lantern bug (Scamandra polychroma) - P7095023

East Malaysia: Scamandra polychroma Gerstaecker, 1895

Lantern bug (Scamandra rosea) - P7063007

East Malaysia: Scamandra rosea (Guérin-Méneville, 1834)

Tribe: Enchophorini Haupt, 1929

Genus: Enchophora Spinola, 1839

Fulgorid planthopper (Enchophora nigromaculata) - DSC_2730

Peru: Enchophora nigromaculata Lallemand, 1938

Lantern bug (Enchophora sp.) - P6101407

Ecuador: Enchophora sp.

Lantern bug (Enchophora viridipennis) - P6121848

Ecuador: Enchophora viridipennis Spinola, 1839

Genus: Enhydria Walker, 1858

Planthopper (Enhydria sp.) - DSC_4107

Peru: Enhydria sp.

Incertae sedis

Planthopper (cf. Flatolystra sp.) - DSC_2030

Peru: cf. Flatolystra sp.2030

Subfamily: Dichopterinae Melichar, 1912

Tribe: Dichopterini Melichar, 1912

Genus: Dichoptera Spinola, 1839

Net-winged planthopper (Dichoptera sp.) - DSC_9325

Singapore: Dichoptera sp.

Subfamily: Fulgorinae Latreille, 1807

Tribe: Fulgorini Latreille, 1807

Genus: Fulgora Linnaeus, 1767

Peanut lantern bug (Fulgora sp.) - DSC_7487

Belize: Fulgora sp.

Genus: Phrictus Spinola, 1839

Dragon-head lantern bug (Phrictus quinquepartitus) - DSC_9128

Belize: Phrictus quinquepartitus Distant, 1883

Tribe: Laternariini Distant, 1906

Tribe: Pyropsini Urban & Cryan, 2009

Genus: Datua Schmidt, 1911

Lantern bug (Datua bisinuata) - P3125410

Datua bisinuata Schmidt, 1911

Genus: Pyrops Spinola, 1839

Lantern Bug (Pyrops candelaria) - DSC_3762

Thailand: Pyrops candelaria (Linnaeus, 1758)

Lantern bug (Pyrops clavatus) - P5239661

Thailand: Pyrops clavatus (Westwood, 1839)

Lantern Bug (Pyrops intricatus) - DSC_9255

East Malaysia: Pyrops intricatus (Walker, 1857)

Lantern bug (Pyrops lathburii) - P5240380

Thailand: Pyrops lathburii (Kirby, 1818)

Lantern bug (Pyrops oculatus) - DSC_7950b

Singapore: Pyrops cf. oculatus (Westwood, 1838)
Specimen darker than typical P. oculatus, species uncertain.

Lantern Bug (Pyrops oculatus) - DSC_4546

West Malaysia: Pyrops oculatus (Westwood, 1838)

Lantern Bug (Pyrops pyrorhynchus) - DSC_4558

West Malaysia: Pyrops pyrorhynchus (Donovan, 1800)

Lantern Bug (Pyrops pyrorhynchus) - DSC_4239

West Malaysia: Pyrops pyrorhynchus (Donovan, 1800)

Lantern bug (Pyrops sidereus) - DSC_3088

East Malaysia: Pyrops sidereus (Distant, 1905)

Lantern bug (Pyrops spinolae) - P5239655

Thailand: Pyrops spinolae (Westwood, 1842)
Northern morph

Lantern Bug (Pyrops sultanus) - DSC_9245

East Malaysia: Pyrops sultanus (Adams & White, 1847)

Lantern bug (Pyrops sultanus) - DSC_5639

East Malaysia: Pyrops sultanus (Adams & White, 1847)

Lantern bug (Pyrops viridirostris) - P5239579

Thailand: Pyrops viridirostris (Westwood, 1848)

Lantern bug (Pyrops whiteheadi) - DSC_3952b

East Malaysia: Pyrops whiteheadi (Distant, 1889)

Genus: Saiva Distant, 1906

Lantern bug (Saiva bullata) - P5239692

Thailand: Saiva bullata Distant, 1891

Thailand: Saiva gemmata (Westwood, 1848)

Lantern bug (Saiva transversolineata) - DSC_9429

East Malaysia: Saiva transversolineata Baker, 1925

Tribe: Zannini Metcalf, 1938

Genus: Zanna Kirkaldy, 1902

Zanna terminalis is almost identical to Zanna nobilis, but can be differentiated by a swollen apical process.

Saw-tooth lantern bug (Zanna nobilis) - P4156969

West Malaysia: Zanna nobilis (Westwood, 1838)

Saw-tooth lantern bug (Zanna terminalis) - P1207837

West Malaysia: Zanna terminalis (Gerstaecker, 1895)

Subfamily: Poiocerinae Haupt, 1929

Tribe: Lystrini Spinola, 1839

Genus: Lystra Fabricius, 1803

Lantern bug (Lystra pulverulenta) - P6121845

Ecuador: Lystra pulverulenta (Olivier, 1791)

Tribe: Poiocerini Haupt, 1929

Genus: Aburia Stål, 1866

Planthopper (Aburia sp.) - P6089451

Ecuador: Aburia sp.

Planthopper (Aburia sp.) - P6089452

Ecuador: Aburia sp.

Genus: Calyptoproctus Spinola, 1839

Planthopper (Calyptoproctus sp.) - DSC_7250

Belize: Calyptoproctus sp.

Genus: Hypaepa Stål, 1862

Planthopper (Hypaepa costata) - DSC_4612

Peru: Hypaepa costata (Fabricius, 1803)

Planthopper (Hypaepa costata) - DSC_4609

Peru: Hypaepa costata (Fabricius, 1803)

Planthopper (Fulgoridae) - DSC_3760

Peru: Hypaepa cf. transversalis Signoret, 1863

Genus: Polydictya Guérin-Méneville, 1844

Fulgorid planthopper (Polydictya sp.) - DSC_5683

Singapore: Polydictya basalis (Hope, 1843)

Genus: Scaralis Stål, 1863

Planthopper (Scaralis sp.) - DSC_0723

Peru: cf. Scaralis sp.

Lantern bug (Scaralis nigronotata) - P6100809

Ecuador: Scaralis nigronotata Stål, 1863

Lantern bug (Scaralis sp.) - P6100797

Ecuador: Scaralis sp.

Subfamily: Unidentified


Fulgorid Planthopper? (Fulgoridae) - DSC_1788

Singapore: Unidentified

Planthopper nymph (Fulgoridae) - DSC_7424

Singapore: Unidentified

Planthopper (Fulgoridae) - DSC_6871

Singapore: Unidentified

Planthopper (Fulgoromorpha) - DSC_4015

Singapore: Unidentified

Planthopper nymph (Fulgoridae) - DSC_5796

West Malaysia: Fulgoridae 5796

Planthopper nymph (Fulgoridae) - DSC_5804

West Malaysia: Fulgoridae 5796

Planthopper nymph (Fulgoridae) - DSC_4015

Singapore: Fulgoridae 4015

Planthopper nymph (Fulgoridae) - DSC_4018

Singapore: Fulgoridae 4018

Planthopper nymph (Fulgoridae) - DSC_7330

Singapore: Fulgoridae 7330

Planthopper nymph (Fulgoridae) - DSC_7340

Singapore: Fulgoridae 7340

Planthopper (Lycorma sp.) - DSC_6326

Thailand: Lycorma sp. 6326

Planthopper (Lycorma sp.) - DSC_6333

Thailand: Lycorma sp. 6333




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