Fulgoroidea Checklist: Planthoppers

1 June 2021

Planthoppers from the superfamily Fulgoroidea are plant-feeding insects which “hop” in the same fashion as grasshoppers. The nymphs, as well as some females, produce wax from special glands and some of them can be exceptionally flamboyant. Planthoppers can be differentiated from other “hoppers” (such as treehoppers, leafhoppers and froghoppers) by its Y-shaped anal veins in the forewing, and the thick three-segmented antennae.


This page consists of a personal checklist of all Planthoppers (Fulgoroidea) that I’ve encountered over the years. Most were identified with the help from the kind folks on Flickr and Facebook, especially Jerome Constant, Doug Yanega and Solomon Hendrix (Flickr)

All photos are of live subjects shot in the field, with the dorsal view selected where available. Click on individual photos for larger views and views from other angles. As specimens were not collected, identifications were done purely based on photographs and may not be 100% accurate. I have also included some notes on the identifying traits of each family, primarily referenced from O’Brien & Wilson, 1988.

This page will be updated regularly, please let me know if you spot any mistakes.

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Class: Insecta Linnaeus, 1758

Order: Hemiptera Linnaeus, 1758

Infraorder: Fulgoromorpha Evans, 1946

Superfamily: Delphacoidea Leach, 1815

Family: Cixiidae Spinola, 1839

Cixiidae is identified by its membranous fore wings, usually having tubercles set with small setae along the veins.

Planthopper (cf. Andes sp.) - DSC_6905

Singapore: cf.Andes sp.

Planthopper (cf. Cixiidae) - DSC_3853

West Malaysia: cf. Cixiidae 3853

Planthopper (Cixiidae) - DSC_4880

Singapore: Cixiidae 4880

Planthopper (Cixiidae) - DSC_4876

Singapore: Cixiidae 4876

Cixiid Planthopper (Cixiidae) - DSC_8703

Singapore: Cixiidae 8703

Planthopper (Cixiidae) - DSC_1673

Singapore: Cixiidae 1673

Planthopper (Bennini) - P4188509

Singapore: Bennini

Planthopper (Bennini) - P4188512

Singapore: Bennini

Planthopper (cf. Cixiidae) - DSC_6840

East Malaysia: cf. Cixiidae 6840

Planthopper (cf. Cixiidae) - DSC_6843

East Malaysia: cf. Cixiidae 6843

Planthopper (cf. Cixiidae) - DSC_9191

Singapore: cf. Cixiidae

Planthopper (Andini) - P4164921

Singapore: Andini

Planthopper (Cixiidae) - P6142709

Ecuador: Cixiidae P6142709

Planthopper (Cixiidae) - P6144020

Ecuador: Cixiidae P6144020

Planthopper (Cixiidae) - P6142894

Ecuador: Cixiidae P6142894

Planthopper (Cixiidae) - P6143291

Ecuador: Cixiidae P6143291

Planthopper (Cixiidae) - P6143221

Ecuador: Cixiidae P6143221

Planthopper (Cixiidae) - P6154534

Ecuador: Cixiidae P6154534

Planthopper (Cixiidae) - P6154458

Ecuador: Cixiidae P6154458

Planthopper (Cixiidae) - P6155011

Ecuador: Cixiidae P6155011

Planthopper (Andini) - P4235394

Ecuador: Andini P4235394

Planthopper (Andini) - PB193188

Thailand: Andini PB193188

Cixiidae Nymphs

Family: Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Delphacidae is identified by its hind tibial spur.

Planthopper (Delphacidae) - DSC_5487

Singapore: Delphacidae 5487

Planthopper (Delphacidae) - DSC_5481

Singapore: Delphacidae 5481

Planthopper (Delphacidae) - P7052424

East Malaysia: Delphacidae P7052424

Planthopper (Delphacidae) - P7052426

East Malaysia: Delphacidae P7052426

Planthopper (Delphacidae) - P7052574

East Malaysia: Delphacidae P7052574

Planthopper (Delphacidae) - P7052568

East Malaysia: Delphacidae P7052568

Superfamily: Fulgoroidea Latreille, 1807

Family: Acanaloniidae Amyot and Serville, 1843

Acanaloniidae is identified by the single spine on each side of the second hind tarsomere and no spines on the sides of the tibiae. Sometimes misidentified as Flatidae, which are easily separated by their parallel crossveins in the costal area.

Acanaloniidae - ESC_0216

Belize: Acanaloniidae

Family: Achilidae Stål, 1866

Achilidae is identified by the fore wings overlapping distally and most are dorsoventrally flattened.

Planthopper nymph (Achilidae) - DSC_8121

East Malaysia: Achilidae 8121

Planthopper nymph (Achilidae) - DSC_8116

East Malaysia: Achilidae 8121

Planthopper (Plectoderes collaris) - DSC_1411

Peru: cf. Plectoderes collaris Coquebert de Montbret, 1801

Planthopper (Plectoderes collaris) - DSC_1412

Peru: cf. Plectoderes collaris Coquebert de Montbret, 1801

Planthopper (Achilidae) - DSC_2336

Singapore: Achilidae 2336

Planthopper (Achilidae) - DSC_2342

Singapore: Achilidae 2342

Planthopper (Achilidae) - DSC_4199

East Malaysia: Achilidae 4199

Planthopper (Faventilla pustulata) - P8288351

West Malaysia: Faventilla pustulata Walker, 1857

Planthopper (Achilidae) - PB182243

Thailand: Achilidae PB182243

Planthopper (Achilidae) - PB182244

Thailand: Achilidae PB182244

Planthopper (Achilidae) - P6143539

Ecuador: Achilidae P6143539

Family: Caliscelidae Amyot & Serville, 1843

Planthopper nymph (Caliscelini) - P6101188

Ecuador: Caliscelini P6101188

Planthopper nymph (Caliscelini) - P6101196

Ecuador: Caliscelini P6101196

Family: Derbidae Spinola, 1839

Most members of Derbidae have the apical joint of the rostrum as wide as long, although some genera have it longer than wide. Most can be identified by the second hind tarsomere with a row of apical spines, but some genera have a single spine on each side.

Planthopper (Nesorhamma sp.) - DSC_8942

Singapore: Nesorhamma sp. 8942

Planthopper (Nesorhamma sp.) - DSC_8936

Singapore: Nesorhamma sp. 8936

Derbid Planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_3257

Singapore: Derbidae 3257

Derbid Planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_3252

Singapore: Derbidae 3252

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_9405

West Malaysia: Derbidae 9405

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_9414

West Malaysia: Derbidae 9414

Derbid Planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_6521

Singapore: Derbidae 6521

Derbid Planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_6520

Singapore: Derbidae 6520

Derbid Planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_7118

Singapore: Derbidae 7118

Derbid Planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_7114

Singapore: Derbidae 7118

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_1031

Singapore: Derbidae 1031

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_9683

Singapore: Derbidae 9683

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_6287

East Malaysia: Derbidae 6287

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_6274

East Malaysia: Derbidae 6274

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_2695

West Malaysia: Derbidae 2695

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_2699

West Malaysia: Derbidae 2699

Planthopper (cf. Zoraida sp.) - P7052519

East Malaysia: cf. Zoraida sp. P7052519

Planthopper (cf. Zoraida sp.) - P7052526

East Malaysia: cf. Zoraida sp. P7052526

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_3260

Singapore: Derbidae 3260

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_3262

Singapore: Derbidae 3260

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_6010

Singapore: Derbidae 6010

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_6019

Singapore: Derbidae 6019

Planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_0893

Singapore: Derbidae 0893

Planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_0899

Singapore: Derbidae 0899

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_5722

West Malaysia: Derbidae 5722

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_5747

West Malaysia: Derbidae 5747

Planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_7310

Singapore: Derbidae 7310

Planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_1719

Singapore: Derbidae 1719

Derbid Planthopper (Nicerta sp.) - DSC_8843

Singapore: Nicerta cf. fervens Walker, 1857

Derbid Planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_5970

Singapore: Derbidae 5970

Planthopper (Derbidae?) - DSC_1383

Singapore: cf. Derbidae 1383

Planthopper (Derbidae?) - DSC_2678

Singapore: Derbidae 2678

Planthopper (Otiocerini) - P5240520

Singapore: Otiocerini

Planthopper (Derbidae) - P7052467

East Malaysia: Derbidae P7052467

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_8574

Singapore: Derbidae 8574

Derbid planthopper (cf. Robigus sp.) - DSC_7861

Singapore: cf. Robigus sp. 7861

Planthopper (Derbidae) - P3175255

West Malaysia: Derbidae P3175255

Planthopper (Derbidae) - P3175257

West Malaysia: Derbidae P3175257

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_5153

East Malaysia: Derbidae 5153

Derbid planthopper (cf. Neoproutista sp.) - DSC_8640

Singapore: cf. Neoproutista sp. 8640

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_3541

Peru: Derbidae 3541

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_4176

Peru: Derbidae 4176

Derbid planthoppers (Derbidae) - DSC_9107

Singapore: Saccharodite sp. 9107

Planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_7939

West Malaysia: Derbidae 9107

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_3868

East Malaysia: Derbidae 3868

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_4640

East Malaysia: Derbidae 4640

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_4612

East Malaysia: Derbidae 4612

Derbid planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_9421

Madagascar: Derbidae

Planthopper (Cedusa sp.) - P6067386

Ecuador: Cedusa sp.

Planthopper (Patarini) - P6067911

Ecuador: Patarini P6067911

Planthopper (Derbidae) - P6078542

Ecuador: Derbidae P6078542

Planthopper (Derbidae) - P6101494

Ecuador: Derbidae P6101494

Planthopper (Mysidiina) - P6088829

Ecuador: Mysidiina P6088829

Planthopper (Derbe sp.) - P6100007

Ecuador: Derbe sp. P6100007

Planthopper (Cenchreini) - P6142990

Ecuador: Cenchreini P6142990

Planthopper (Shellenius sp.) - P6143054

Ecuador: Shellenius sp. P6143054

Planthopper (Derbidae) - P6143351

Ecuador: Derbidae P6143351

Derbid planthopper (Derbe sp.) - DSC_4176

Peru: Derbe sp. DSC_4176

Planthopper (Zoraidini > Lyddina) - P1205811b

Singapore: Zoraidini > Lyddina P1205811b

Planthopper (Zoraidini) - P2269077

Singapore: Zoraidini P2269077

Planthopper (Derbidae) - P7052954

East Malaysia: Derbidae P7052954

Planthopper (Derbidae) - P7052956

East Malaysia: Derbidae P7052956

Planthopper (cf. Neoproutista sp.) - P4164623

Singapore: cf. Neoproutista sp. P4164623

Jumping spider mimic planthopper (Rhotana marmorata) - P5230049

Singapore: Rhotana marmorata Zelazny, 1981

Planthopper (Mysidioides sp.) - PB214522

Thailand: Mysidioides sp.

Planthopper (Derbidae) - PB215350

Thailand: Derbidae PB215350

Planthopper (Alara sp.) - PC095918

Singapore: Alara sp.


Derbidae Nymphs

Planthopper nymph (Derbidae) - DSC_3139

Singapore: Derbidae 3139

Planthopper nymph (Derbidae) - DSC_3146

Singapore: Derbidae 3146

Planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_6742

Singapore: Derbidae 6742

Planthopper (Derbidae) - DSC_6722

Singapore: Derbidae 6722

Derbid planthopper nymph (Derbidae) - DSC_5726

West Malaysia: Derbidae 5726

Derbid planthopper nymph (Derbidae) - DSC_5735

West Malaysia: Derbidae 5726

Family: Dictyopharidae Spinola, 1839

Dictyopharidae is identified by the row of apical spines on the second hind tarsomere and either a cephalic projection or the frons with two or three median carinae. The lateral carinae of the frons are continued on the clypeus. Some species have crossveins in the apical part of the hind wings, but not in the anal area.

False lanternfly (Dictyopharidae) - DSC_8063

East Malaysia: Dictyopharidae 8063

False lanternfly (Dictyopharidae) - DSC_8067

East Malaysia: Dictyopharidae 8063

False lanternfly (Centromeria sp.) - ESC_0059

East Malaysia: Centromeria sp. 0059

False lanternfly (Centromeria sp.) - ESC_0057

East Malaysia: Centromeria sp. 0057

False lanternfly (Dictyopharina sp.) - P8162645

Singapore: Dictyopharina sp. P8162645

False lanternfly (Dictyopharina sp.) - P8162646

Singapore: Dictyopharina sp. P8162646

False lanternfly (Dictyopharidae) - P7110014

Singapore: Raivuna cf. nakanonis (Matsumura, 1910)

False lanternfly (Dictyopharidae) - DSC_0813

Singapore: Raivuna cf. nakanonis (Matsumura, 1910)

Planthopper (Dictyopharidae) - P6154285

Ecuador: Dictyopharidae P6154285

Dictyopharidae Nymphs

Planthopper nymph (Dictyopharidae) - DSC_7848

West Malaysia: Dictyopharidae 7848

Planthopper nymph (Dictyopharidae) - DSC_7858

West Malaysia: Dictyopharidae 7858

False lanternfly nymph (Dictyopharidae) - DSC_7025

East Malaysia: Dictyopharidae 7025

Planthopper nymph (Dictyopharidae) - DSC_7418

East Malaysia: Dictyopharidae 7418

Planthopper nymph (Dictyopharidae) - DSC_8788

West Malaysia: Dictyopharidae 8788

Planthopper nymph (Dictyopharidae) - DSC_8786

West Malaysia: Dictyopharidae 8786

Planthopper nymph (Dictyopharidae) - DSC_7897

Singapore: Dictyopharidae 7897

Family: Eurybrachidae Stål, 1862

Eurybrachidae is identified by second hind tarsomere without spines and vertex with width three times length in midline.

Planthopper (Loxocephala unipunctata) - PB182122

Thailand: Loxocephala unipunctata Chou & Huang 1984

Planthopper (Loxocephala unipunctata) - PB182155

Thailand: Loxocephala unipunctata Chou & Huang 1984

Planthopper (Ancyra sp.) - PB182134

Thailand: Ancyra sp.

Planthopper (Ancyra sp.) - PB182137

Thailand: Ancyra sp.

Eurybrachid planthopper (Eurybrachidae) - DSC_4242

East Malaysia: Eurybrachidae 4242

Eurybrachid planthopper (Eurybrachidae) - DSC_4597

East Malaysia: Eurybrachidae 4242

Eurybrachid Planthopper (Ancyra sp.) - DSC_5052

Cambodia: Ancyra sp.

Eurybrachid Planthopper (Ancyra sp.) - DSC_5056

Cambodia: Ancyra sp.

Planthopper (Thessitus sp.) - DSC_9339

East Malaysia: Thessitus sp.

Planthopper (Thessitus sp.) - DSC_8707

East Malaysia: Thessitus sp.

Planthopper (Thessitus sp.) - DSC_3906

West Malaysia: Thessitus sp.

Eurybrachidae Nymphs

Planthopper nymph (Thessitus sp.) - DSC_1071b

West Malaysia: Thessitus sp.

Family: Flatidae Spinola, 1839

Flatidae is identified by numerous parallel crossveins along the costal margin and the tubercles on the clavus, along with the single spine on each side of the second hind tarsomere.

Flatid Planthopper (Flatidae) - DSC_7246

Singapore: Flatidae 7246

Flatid planthopper with eggs (Colobesthes falcata) - DSC_3384

Singapore: Colobesthes falcata Guérin-Méneville, 1834

Planthopper (Lawana conspersa) - P8152439

Singapore: Lawana conspersa (Walker, 1851)

Flatid planthopper (Lawana pryeri) - DSC_7026

East Malaysia: Lawana pryeri (Distant, 1880)

Planthopper (Lawana radiata) - PB182127

Thailand: Lawana radiata (Distant, 1906)

Planthopper (Bythopsyrna trichrousa) - PB182060

Thailand: Bythopsyrna trichrousa Peng, Zhang & Wang, 2010

Flatid planthopper (Flatidae) - DSC_8075

East Malaysia: Flatidae or Acanolidae 8075

Planthopper (cf. Siphanta sp.) - DSC_7202

Singapore: cf. Siphanta sp. 7202

Flatid planthopper (Salurnis marginella) - DSC_1371

Singapore: Salurnis marginella (Guérin-Méneville, 1829)

Flatid planthopper (Flatidae) - DSC_8114

Singapore: Flatidae 8114

Flatid planthopper (Flatidae) - DSC_3044

Singapore: Flatidae 3044

Flatid planthopper (Sanurus sp.) - DSC_0144

Singapore: cf. Sanurus sp. 0144

Flatid Planthopper (Bythopsyrna tineoides) - DSC_9267

Singapore: Bythopsyrna tineoides (Olivier, 1791)

Flatid Planthopper (Flatidae) - DSC_5250

Cambodia: Flatidae 5250

Flatid Planthopper (Flatidae?) - DSC_8895

East Malaysia: Flatidae 8895

Planthopper (Flatidae) - P3216163

Singapore: Flatidae 3216163

Planthopper (Satapa sp.) - DSC_3679

Singapore: Satapa sp. / Seliza sp.

Planthopper (Satapa ferruginea) - P7251023

Singapore: Satapa ferruginea (Walker, 1851) / Seliza ferruginea (Walker, 1851)

Flatid planthoppers (Flatidae) - DSC_7119

East Malaysia: Flatidae 7119

Planthopper (Flatidae) - DSC_5110

Singapore: Flatidae 5110

Flatid Planthopper (Nephesa ligata) - DSC_3286

Singapore: Nephesa ligata (Distant, 1892)

Planthopper (Copsyrna sp.) - Z72_1875

Singapore: Copsyrna sp. Z72_1875

Planthopper (Cerynia albata) - P5199195

Singapore: Cerynia albata (Stål, 1854)

Planthopper (Flatidae) - P5219588

Singapore: Flatidae P5219588

Planthopper (Nephesa intrusa) - P8056268

Singapore: Nephesa intrusa Melichar, 1902

Flatidae Nymphs

Planthopper nymph (Salurnis marginella) - DSC_0367

Singapore: Salurnis marginella (Guérin-Méneville, 1829)

Planthopper nymph (Salurnis marginella) - DSC_0371

Singapore: Salurnis marginella (Guérin-Méneville, 1829)

Planthopper nymph (Salurnis marginella) - DSC_1939

Singapore: Salurnis marginella (Guérin-Méneville, 1829)

Planthopper (Salurnis marginella) - DSC_9727

Singapore: Salurnis marginella (Guérin-Méneville, 1829)

Flatid Planthopper nymph (Flatidae) - DSC_9777

Singapore: Flatidae 9777

Planthopper nymph (Flatidae) - DSC_6139

West Malaysia: Flatidae 6139

Planthopper nymph (Flatidae) - DSC_8338

East Malaysia: Flatidae 8338

Planthopper nymph (Flatoidinae) - DSC_0522

West Malaysia: Flatoidinae 0522

Planthopper nymph (Flatidae) - DSC_1786

Singapore: Flatidae 1786

Planthopper nymph (Flatidae) - DSC_1799

Singapore: Flatidae 1799

Planthopper nymph (Flatidae) - DSC_6578

Singapore: Flatidae 6578

Planthopper nymph (cf. Satapa sp.) - PA140370

Singapore: cf. Satapa sp. PA140370

Planthopper nymph (cf. Satapa sp.) - PA140378

Singapore: cf. Satapa sp. PA140378

Family: Fulgoridae Latreille, 1807

Fulgoridae is identified by second hind tarsomere with row of apical spines and both apical and anal area of hind wings with cross veins. The marginal carinae on the frons are continued on to the clypeus, like in Dictyopharidae, Lophopidae and Nogodinidae. Differentiated from Eurybrachidae by the latter’s absence of apical spines on the second hind tarsomere.

Family: Issidae Spinola, 1839

Issidae usually lacks carinae on clypeus, usually with opaque fore wings, usually have the apical costal margin of the fore wing deflexed or reflexed.

Pill-like planthopper (Hemisphaerius sp.) - DSC_5963

Indonesia: Hemisphaerius sp. 5963

Pill-like planthopper (Hemisphaerius sp.) - DSC_5855

Indonesia: Hemisphaerius sp. 5855

Pill-like planthopper (Hemisphaerius sp.) - DSC_9306

Singapore: Hemisphaerius sp. 9306

Pill-like planthopper (Hemisphaerius sp.) - DSC_0642

Singapore: Hemisphaerius sp. 0642

Pill-like planthopper (Hemisphaerius sp.) - DSC_4056

East Malaysia: Hemisphaerius sp. 4056

Pill-like planthopper (Hemisphaerius sp.) - DSC_9590

East Malaysia: Hemisphaerius sp. 9590

Pill-like planthopper (Hemisphaerius sp.) - DSC_6736

East Malaysia: Hemisphaerius sp. 6736

Pill-like planthopper (Hemisphaerius sp.) - DSC_6740

East Malaysia: Hemisphaerius sp. 6740

Candy planthopper (Hemisphaerius formosus) - DSC_4721

Singapore: Hemisphaerius cf. formosus Melichar, 1913

Candy planthopper (Hemisphaerius formosus) - DSC_4743

Singapore: Hemisphaerius cf. formosus Melichar, 1913

Candy planthopper (Hemisphaerius formosus) - DSC_4810

Singapore: Hemisphaerius cf. formosus Melichar, 1913

Candy planthopper (Hemisphaerius formosus) - DSC_4817

Singapore: Hemisphaerius cf. formosus Melichar, 1913

Candy planthopper (Hemisphaerius sp.) - DSC_4778

Singapore: Hemisphaerius sp. 4778

Candy planthopper (Hemisphaerius sp.) - DSC_4788

Singapore: Hemisphaerius sp. 4788

Planthopper (cf. Thabena sp.) - PA120207

Singapore: cf. Thabena sp. PA120207

Planthopper (cf. Thabena sp.) - PA120212

Singapore: cf. Thabena sp. PA120212

Planthopper (Issidae) - DSC_3871

Singapore: cf. Thabena sp. 3871

Planthopper (Issidae) - P6078734

Ecuador: Issidae P6078734

Pill-like planthopper (Gergithus floreni) - DSC_7087

East Malaysia: Gergithus floreni Constant, 2021

Pill-like planthopper (Gergithus floreni) - DSC_7095

East Malaysia: Gergithus floreni Constant, 2021

Pill-like planthopper (Gergithus sp.) - DSC_4142

West Malaysia: Gergithus sp.

Pill-like planthopper (Gergithus sp.) - DSC_4151

West Malaysia: Gergithus sp.

Planthopper (Gergithoides sp.) - P3165146

West Malaysia: Gergithoides sp. P3165146

Planthopper (Gergithoides sp.) - P3165170

West Malaysia: Gergithoides sp. P3165170

Issidae Nymphs

Planthopper nymph (Parahiraciini) - DSC_8804

West Malaysia: Parahiraciini 8804

Planthopper nymph (Parahiraciini) - DSC_8807

West Malaysia: Parahiraciini 8807

Issid nymph (Parahiraciini) - DSC_8861

Singapore: Parahiraciini

Issid nymph (Parahiraciini) - DSC_8864

Singapore: Parahiraciini

Pill-like planthopper nymph (Hemisphaerius sp.) - DSC_6428

East Malaysia: Hemisphaerius sp.

Pill-like planthopper nymph (Hemisphaerius sp.) - DSC_6435

East Malaysia: Hemisphaerius sp.

Issid Planthopper (Issidae) - DSC_6852

Singapore: Issidae 6852

Issid Planthopper (Issidae) - DSC_6860

Singapore: Issidae 6860

Planthopper nymph (Issidae) - ESC_0398

East Malaysia: Issidae 0398

Planthopper nymph (Issidae) - ESC_0401

East Malaysia: Issidae 0398

Planthopper nymph (Issidae) - DSC_8226

East Malaysia: Issidae 8226

Planthopper nymph (Issidae) - DSC_8230

East Malaysia: Issidae 8230

Planthopper nymph (Issidae) - DSC_6664

West Malaysia: Issidae 6664

Family: Kinnaridae Muir, 1925

Kinnaridae is identified by the wax-secreting plates on tergites 7 – 9 for females.

Planthopper (cf. Kinnaridae) - DSC_6147

West Malaysia: cf. Kinnaridae 6147

Planthopper (cf. Kinnaridae) - DSC_6144

West Malaysia: cf. Kinnaridae 6144

Planthopper (Kinnara sp.) - P7074087

East Malaysia: Kinnara sp.

Planthopper (Kinnara sp.) - P7074093

East Malaysia: Kinnara sp.

Family: Lophopidae Stål, 1866

Lophopidae is identified by the absence of spines on the second hind tarsomere, compound eyes normal, vertex with width less than three times length, frons usually longer than wide or with one to three longitudinal carinae.

Planthopper (Lophopidae) - DSC_6123

Singapore: Lophopidae 6123

Planthopper (Lophopidae) - DSC_6129

Singapore: Lophopidae 6129

Planthopper (Sarebasa celebris) - P5240625

Singapore: Sarebasa celebris Distant, 1909

Planthopper (Sarebasa celebris) - P5240622

Singapore: Sarebasa celebris Distant, 1909

Planthopper (Sarebasa sp.) - PB182183

Thailand: Sarebasa sp.

Planthopper (Sarebasa sp.) - PB182187

Thailand: Sarebasa sp.

Lophopid Planthopper (Apia lineolata) - DSC_3774

Singapore: Apia lineolata Distant, 1909

Lophopid Planthopper (Apia lineolata) - DSC_3762

Singapore: Apia lineolata Distant, 1909

Planthopper (Lophopidae) - DSC_4455

West Malaysia: Lophopidae 4455

Planthopper nymph (Lophopidae) - DSC_7935

East Malaysia: Lophopidae 7935

Planthopper (Elasmoscelis sp.) - DSC_3876

Mozambique: Elasmoscelis sp. 3876

Planthopper (Elasmoscelis sp.) - DSC_3881

Mozambique: Elasmoscelis sp. 3881

Planthopper (Elasmoscelis sp.) - DSC_3353

Mozambique: Elasmoscelis sp. 3353

Planthopper nymph (Lophopidae) - P6101188

Ecuador: Lophopidae P6101188

Lophopidae Nymphs

Planthopper nymph (Lophopidae) - P5229972

Singapore: Lophopidae

Family: Meenoplidae Fieber, 1872

Meenoplidae is identified by one or both claval veins tuberculate, second hind tarsomere with apical spines, and abdominal terga divided medially into two plates.

Planthopper nymph (Nisia sp.) - DSC_1319

Singapore: Nisia sp.

Planthopper (cf. Meenoplidae) - DSC_1134

Singapore: cf. Meenoplidae 1134

Planthopper (Kermesia sp.) - P3175352

West Malaysia: Kermesia sp. P3175352

Planthopper (Kermesia sp.) - P3175349

West Malaysia: Kermesia sp. P3175349

Planthopper (Meenoplidae) - P6088825

Ecuador: Meenoplidae

Family: Nogodinidae Melichar, 1898

Most members of Nogodinidae have membranous fore wings with many veins similar to that of Ricaniidae but slightly more rounded and less triangular. There is usually a lateral carina on the clypeus, like in Fulgoridae, Dictyopharidae and Lophopidae.

Planthopper (Cotylana sp.) - DSC_8731

Singapore: cf. Cotylana sp. 8731

Planthopper (Cotylana sp.) - DSC_8641

Singapore: cf. Cotylana sp. 8641

Planthopper (Cotylana sp.) - DSC_1156

Singapore: cf. Cotylana sp. 1156

Planthopper (Cotylana sp.) - DSC_0671

Singapore: cf. Cotylana sp. 0671

Net-winged planthopper (Nogodinidae) - DSC_2689

Peru: Nogodinidae 2689

Net-winged planthopper (Nogodinidae) - DSC_2692

Peru: Nogodinidae 2692

Net-winged planthopper (Nogodinidae) - DSC_6441

East Malaysia: Nogodinidae 6441

Net-winged planthopper (Nogodinidae) - DSC_8381

Singapore: Nogodinidae 8381

Net-Winged Planthopper (Nogodinidae) - DSC_7072

Singapore: Nogodinidae 7072

Flatid Planthopper (Nogodinidae) - DSC_5475

Singapore: Nogodinidae 5475

Family: Ricaniidae Amyot and Serville, 1843

Members of Ricaniidae have many crossveins in the precostal area, like Nogodinidae and Flatidae, but they have no spines on the second hind tarsomere. The fore wings are usually subtriangular, tectiform, and membranous with dark patterns or dark with membranous clear areas (similar to some moths).

Moth-like planthopper (Ricanula stigmatica) - DSC_8827

Singapore: Ricanula stigmatica (Stål, 1869)Ricanula sp.

Moth-like planthopper (Ricaniidae) - DSC_9089

Singapore: Ricania taeniata Stål, 1870

Moth-Like Planthopper (Ricanula sp.) - DSC_9265

Singapore: Ricanula sp. 9265

Moth-like planthopper (Ricaniidae) - DSC_4172

West Malaysia: Ricaniidae 4172

Moth-like planthopper (Ricaniidae) - DSC_8812

West Malaysia: Ricaniidae 8812

Moth-like planthopper (Ricaniidae) - DSC_4299

East Malaysia: Ricaniidae 4299

Moth-like planthopper (Ricaniidae) - P6021146

Singapore: Ricaniidae P6021146

Moth-like Planthopper (Ricania speculum) - DSC_6565

Singapore: Ricania speculum (Walker, 1851)

Moth-like planthopper (Ricaniidae) - DSC_1792

Singapore: Ricaniidae 1792

Moth-like planthopper (Ricaniidae) - DSC_9624

East Malaysia: Ricaniidae 9624

Moth-like planthopper (Ricaniidae) - DSC_5326

East Malaysia: Ricaniidae 5326

Moth-like planthopper (Ricanoptera fenestrata) - DSC_9121

West Malaysia: Ricanoptera fenestrata (Fabricius, 1803)

Moth-Like Planthopper (Ricaniidae) - DSC_3318

Singapore: Ricaniidae 3318

Moth-like planthopper (Ricaniidae) - P7110207

Singapore: Pochazia sp. P7110207

Moth-Like Planthopper (cf. Pochazia sp.) - DSC_2219

Singapore: Pochazia sp. 2219

Moth-like planthopper (Pochazia sinuata) - P3216181

Singapore: Pochazia sinuata Stål, 1865

Moth-like planthopper (Ricaniidae) - DSC_7080

Madagascar: Ricaniidae 7080

Ricaniidae Nymphs

Moth-like planthopper nymph (Ricaniidae) - DSC_8313

Singapore: Ricaniidae 8313

Moth-like planthopper nymph (Ricaniidae) - DSC_8308

Singapore: Ricaniidae 8308

Moth-like planthopper nymph (Ricaniidae) - DSC_8319

Singapore: Ricaniidae 8319

Planthopper nymph (Ricaniidae) - DSC_8301

Singapore: Ricaniidae 8301

Planthopper nymph (Ricaniidae) - DSC_0174

Singapore: Ricaniidae 0174

Planthopper nymph (Ricaniidae) - DSC_0180

Singapore: Ricaniidae 0180

Planthopper nymph (Ricaniidae) - DSC_7488

Singapore: Ricaniidae 7488

Planthopper nymph (Ricaniidae) - DSC_7493

Singapore: Ricaniidae 7493

Moth-like planthopper nymph (Ricaniidae) - DSC_8781

Singapore: Ricaniidae 8781

Moth-like planthopper nymph (Ricaniidae) - DSC_8793

Singapore: Ricaniidae 8793

Planthopper nymph (Ricaniidae) - DSC_7453

Singapore: Ricaniidae 7453

Planthopper nymph (Ricaniidae) - DSC_7457

Singapore: Ricaniidae 7457

Family: Tettigometridae Germar, 1821

Planthopper (Egropa sp.) - P3060133

Singapore: Egropa sp.

Tettigometridae Nymphs

Planthopper nymph (Egropa sp.) - P3060145

Singapore: Tettigometridae 9215

Family: Tropiduchidae Stål, 1866

Tropiduchidae is identified by the groove or fine line separating the apex of the mesonotum from the rest of the disk. Some are similar to Dictyopharidae in being green, depressed, and with a triangular shape, but may be separated from them by the spines of the hind tarsomeres and the wing venation. In Dictyopharidae, the branching of longitudinal veins and crossveins gradually increase toward the apex while in Tropiduchidae, the nodal line sets off the apex of the wing where crossveins are found.

Planthoppers (cf. Kallitaxila granulata) - DSC_4235

Singapore: cf. Kallitaxila granulata (Stål, 1870)

Planthopper (Paricana sp.) - DSC_9761

West Malaysia: Paricana sp.

Net-winged planthopper (Tropiduchidae) - DSC_6285

West Malaysia: cf. Paricana sp.

Net-winged planthopper (Tropiduchidae) - DSC_6288

West Malaysia: cf. Paricana sp.

Planthopper (Paricana dilatipennis) - P8288316

West Malaysia: Paricana dilatipennis Walker, 1857

Planthopper (Tropiduchidae) - DSC_0422

Singapore: Tropiduchidae 0422

Planthopper (Tropiduchidae) - DSC_9335

Singapore: Tropiduchidae 9335

Planthopper (Tropiduchidae) - DSC_9477

Singapore: Tropiduchidae 9335

Planthopper (Tropiduchidae) - DSC_0068

Singapore: Tropiduchidae 0068

Planthopper (Togoda sp.) - DSC_5820

Mozambique: Togoda sp. 5820

Planthopper (Tropiduchidae) - DSC_4559

East Malaysia: Tropiduchidae 4559

Tropiduchidae Nymphs

Planthopper nymph (Tropiduchidae) - DSC_9215

Singapore: Tropiduchidae 9215

Planthopper nymph (Tropiduchidae) - DSC_9220

Singapore: Tropiduchidae 9220

Planthopper nymph (Kallitaxila cf. granulata) - DSC_8608

Singapore: Kallitaxila cf. granulata (Stål, 1870)

Planthopper nymph (cf. Tropiduchidae) - DSC_3162

West Malaysia: cf. Tropiduchidae 3162




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