Hunting Ogres in Singapore

29 May 2011
Been doing night shoots lately to hunt for ogres. Specifically, the Ogre Face Spider, or Net-Casting Spider. This is a nocturnal species with a very unique way of hunting. Instead of building webs to lure prey into it, this spider builds a net to cast over unsuspecting prey like a fisherman! The huge eyes are exceptionally sensitive, allowing them to spot any unsuspecting prey crossing its path at night.

I have an earlier post on this intriguing spider: The Ogre-Faced Spider. But in the previous encounter, I did not get to see the casting net. My subsequent 2 hunts proved to be more fruitful!

Here’s a very detailed narration on the behavior of this ogre face spider.

Another video, very interestingly presented.

Yet another video of the Ogre Face Spider capturing an Assassin Bug.

First trip was led by James (Singapore Nature) and we found the ogre hanging 2m above the ground, with its net!

Net-Casting Spider (Deinopidae) - DSC_8570#1 Extending my tripod to the maximum to capture this. Luckily, there was a big leaf behind to create the nice green background.

Net-Casting Spider (Deinopidae) - DSC_8594#2 Just a slight change in angle, and we have a brown background!

Net-Casting Spider (Deinopidae) - DSC_8606#3 Tried to get a straight shot at the face, but as it usually faces a surface where potential prey might land, it was near impossible to get that view.

The next ogre hunting trip was just to help a few other enthusiasts find the ogre. Many had heard or seen photos, but have yet to see it!

Net-Casting Spider (Deinopidae) - DSC_8706#4 Took me half an hour, but finally found one hanging about 40cm off the ground. Made taking a shot at it’s face near impossible without sticking your face on the muddy ground. It was raining in the day, so the body of the spider appeared reflective despite the furry surface.

Net-Casting Spider (Deinopidae) - DSC_8727#5 A majestic pose of the hunter, ready to pounce on its victims below.

Net-Casting Spider (Deinopidae) - DSC_8750#6 No I didn’t drill my head onto the muddy ground, I had an angle viewer to save me the facial treatment. 🙂

Face to Face with an Ogre (Deinopis sp.) - DSC_8765#7 A more detailed closeup. Noted that this Ogre is different from the earlier one I shot at the same location. Compare it with the one below.

Net-Casting Spider (Deinopidae) - DSC_6139#8 This one was shot on a previous trip, with long dangling pedipalps. The eyes were not as big, and slightly separated. Need to check if they were male/females or just of different species.

The complete albums can be viewed here and here.
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    29 January 2012

    Picture #8 is absolutely a male! He is almost indecent with those bulging pedipalps! Yikes.
    But I don't know if they are different species or not.
    Gorgeous photos! Ogre-Faced spiders are so amazing!



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