How do Bees Sleep at Night?

6 August 2011
A night trip to Singapore Botanical Gardens with the Macromaniacs. Made a few new friends and made fun of the old ones. đŸ˜› Thanks to Colleen for organizing the trip!

One of the subjects highly sought after during night shoots, are sleeping insects. They would not be as skittish and would allow you to shoot from shorter distances without chasing them away.

Sweat Bees (Amegilla sp.?) - DSC_0907#1 James found these sleeping bees, probably Blue-Banded Bees (Amegilla). There were 3 of them, but the 3rd one was about 2 body lengths below so I chose not to include it in this shot.

Sweat Bees (Amegilla sp.?) - DSC_0910#2 Another angle to see how they gripped onto the stalk. Only the mandibles were in contact, the rest of the body remained dangling

Sweat Bee (Amegilla sp.?) - DSC_0912#3 Closer look at the sleepy head, showing the mandibles close-up

Sweat Bee (Amegilla sp.?) - DSC_0916#4 Side view, but the mandibles were out of focus. lol

Sweat Bee (Amegilla sp.?) - DSC_0919#5 Thought I should take a full body shot too. You can see that the legs were not in contact with the stalk and it is supported purely by the grip with it’s mandibles

Sweat Bee (Amegilla sp.?) - DSC_0922#6 OOPS! It started to wiggle as I fumbled around with my camera and touched the stalk accidentally.

Painted chorus frog (Microhyla butleri) - DSC_0826#7 Tiny frog, looks like the Painted chorus frog (Microhyla butleri). Lots of them croaking by the lily pond.

Painted chorus frog (Microhyla butleri) - DSC_0839#8 Look into my eye…. for a tiny water droplet. đŸ˜›

Painted chorus frog (Microhyla butleri) - DSC_0847#9 Top view. Had Raynox on so I couldn’t get the full body in

Lacewing larva - DSC_0849#10 Found this Lacewing Nymph crawling around non-stop. I let it crawl on my finger and it stabbed me (again). Was bitten before and had photos in an earlier post.

Caterpillar - DSC_0865#11 Close up on a caterpillar. ID unknown.

Male Crimson Dropwing (Trithemis aurora) - DSC_0886#12 Male Trithemis aurora

Female Crimson Dropwing (Trithemis aurora) - DSC_0871#13 Female was just nearby!

Robberfly (Asilidae) - DSC_0934#14 Spotted this interestingly blue and weird dangling creature

Robberfly (Asilidae) - DSC_0938#15 Turned out to be a Robberfly! High up and on unsteady ground, so I took a handheld shot and off I went~

Spitting Spider (Scytodidae) - DSC_0940#16 James found several of these Spitting Spiders along the wooden railings

Spitting Spider (Scytodidae) - DSC_0944#17 Just another shot of this tiny fella

The complete album can be viewed here.

James blogged about this trip here.



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