Green Corridor via Sunset Way

17 September 2011
Made another trip to the abandoned railway track via Sunset Way, but this time in the day. The Green Corridor also organized a walk on the same day, but oddly, we did not see the big group that attended the walk. Maybe they turned back at the Clementi tunnel that was flooded.

Decorative Leaucauge (Leucauge decorata) - DSC_3689#1 Leucauge spider. Identified by rows of curved hairs on the femurs of the fourth leg, but they are out of focus in this picture. ūüėõ

Leafhopper (Cicadellidae) - - DSC_3711#2 A planthopper that had grown mouldy

Ant-Mimic Sac Spider (Corinnomma severum) - DSC_3715#3 Female Ant-mimicking sac spider (Corinnomma severum). Doing hand-held shots with the Raynox for this one, and couldn’t really get the subject in frame.

Ant-Mimic Sac Spider (Corinnomma severum) - DSC_3717#4 Managed a head shot of the ant-mimicking sac spider, but obviously one of my flashes was not firing (forgot to change the settings back to wireless control)

Barklouse (Psocoptera) - DSC_3727#5 A bright coloured fly, ID not known

Barklouse (Psocoptera) - DSC_3736#6 Tried hard to get the body in focus but it kept moving around

Big-Bellied Tylorida Spiders (Tylorida ventralis) - DSC_3750#7 A shy husband and wife pair of Big-bellied spiders (Tylorida ventralis). They were actually mating, but changed to this position when I approached, trying to look innocent.

Big-Bellied Tylorida Spiders (Tylorida ventralis) - DSC_3761#8 Wasn’t too long before they got back to their business – male attempts to insert pedipalps

Big-Bellied Tylorida Spiders (Tylorida ventralis) - DSC_3771#9 Still at it after some time

Big-Bellied Tylorida Spiders (Tylorida ventralis) - DSC_3787#10 Found yet another horny couple at eye-level on this tree branch

The complete album can be viewed here.

James blogged about this trip here.



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