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Northern Lights in the Micro World

Many have heard of the northern lights (aurora borealis) - a rare and brilliant spectacle. But not many have witnessed it. When taking pictures of micro beings, the background usually becomes a blur, and sometimes depending on the clutter behind, it may just transform into a micro northern lights! (ok some imagination needed here)

Praying Mantis (Mantodea) - DSC_1502 #1 A praying mantis stands in awe at the spectacle

Praying Mantis (Mantodea) - DSC_1508 #2 And got bored after a while. After all, they see it everyday. lol

After which, I found a small fluffy blob on a leaf stalk. I knew that these were some insects, and never got to go close to observe them until today.

Planthopper (Fulgoromorpha) - DSC_1510 #3 What's this? A messy hairy blob?

Planthopper (Fulgoromorpha) - DSC_1518 #4 I tried many angles, and finally got a peep at it's face! There's still some hair coveríng it's face though. But I must say this is quite a good protective cover!

Planthopper (Fulgoromorpha) - DSC_1533 #5 Bad hair day. I was thinking that this is the nymph of a leafhopper, but this looked really old (with the messy and frizzy hair) and even brown compared to the usual white ones. Sunburnt??

Planthopper (Fulgoromorpha) - DSC_1554 #6 While shooting the little guy, there was a gentle breeze and we realized that the tail lifted!

Planthopper (Fulgoromorpha) - DSC_1555 #7 We simulated that breeze again by blowing gently, and the tail opened up really nicely, like a peacock

Planthopper (Fulgoromorpha) - DSC_1560 #8 Got tired of being shot at after a while, and started to turn and walk away

Four Spotted Fungus Beetle - DSC_1571 #9 Found this pair of fungus beetles racing around. No they were not interested in each other, so no mating this time!

Four Spotted Fungus Beetle - DSC_1590 #10 They had some curious pokes, but their relationship did not blossom :P

The complete album can be viewed here.

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