Rain oh rain, how does it affect the bugs?

18 July 2010

The weather hadn’t been too sunny of late. “Flood” and “fallen trees” are common topics nowadays and it has also kept me away from my usual shoots at the park for the past month. This morning, I hopped onto a glimmer of hope to the park amidst the looming clouds. In macro photography, you’ll never know what you’re going to get even if you visit the same place everyday, so why not??? 😛

The trip was rather short-lived however, showers came just after an hour or two. But before then, I chanced upon a few common sights of Admiralty Park…!

Tiger Moths (Arctiidae) - DSC_1381#1 The weather didn’t dampen the moods of this pair of mating Orange Spotted Tiger Moths. You can probably see that the sky in the background isn’t at it’s brightest!

Tiger Moths (Arctiidae) - DSC_1417#2 OK maybe I dampened their mood.. lol. They moved apart after I pointed all my flashes at them!

Tiger Moths (Arctiidae) - DSC_1439#3 Still moving around, but I’m quite sure moths have only 1 copulation position!!

Tiger Moths (Arctiidae) - DSC_1482#4 And the cute couple poses for a head shot together 🙂

Orb Weaver Spider (Araneus sp.) - DSC_1515#5 Victim of recent floods. This Brown-Legged Orb Web Spider shows off it’s grumpy face while trying to fix it’s web, which was probably dismantled by the rain

Ant (Formicidae) - DSC_1543#6 “Leave me alone!!! *sigh*” The despondent looking ant perches alone at the tip of the leaf, deep in thought.

Beetle Fly (Celyphidae) - DSC_1578#7 I don’t really know if this is a fly or a beetle. Head of a fly, body of a beetle! This clip shows how it tries to dry it’s wings and body with the use of it’s hind legs. Yogi in the making!

DSC_1592#8 Must’ve spotted a flood down below and prepares to take a dive. It’s actually very beautiful with a metallic blue body and bright red head

St Andrew's Cross Spider (Argiope aemula) - DSC_1616#9 A common St Andrews Cross Spider, clinging on as I felt the rain starting to pound on my lens (arhghghhggh!!)

The rest of the trip was spent galloping away from the park as I witnessed yet another rainy day. Take care you little critters, I’ll be back next week!

The complete album can be viewed here.

  1. Reply

    Joe Lai

    24 July 2010

    Hi Nicky,

    Clip #7 is a very neat trick. Fascinating. How do you do it?

  2. Reply

    Nicky Bay

    25 July 2010

    Hi Joseph

    Thanks for visiting!

    Just took a few shots with same manual exposure settings on a tripod while the subject was fidgeting around, and auto-aligned (CS4 onwards) everything in Photoshop before arranging into an animated GIF. If using CS2 or below, it would be done in ImageReady instead.

  3. Reply

    Joe Lai

    25 July 2010

    Gosh, I am as alien to auto-aligned, CS4 and ImageReady as they are to me. Thanks for telling me though. I'll find out more. At least some new terms to roll off my tongue in front of camera salesmen so as not to appear an idiot. haha. Thanks again.

  4. Reply


    9 November 2011

    Ur clip 7 and 8, You might have something actually rare.As i do not see a split in the elytra and i looks like the wings was unable to be folded too really more fly like characteristics than Beetle… Do you have more of the shots?



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