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Membracidae Checklist: Treehoppers

This page consists of a personal checklist of all Treehoppers (Membracidae) that I have encountered over the years. Most were identified with the kind assistance of Stuart McKamey, Matthew Wallace and Eli Wyman on Reddit. Some references were also made from NCSU Insect Museum: Membracidae.

All photos are of live subjects shot in the field, with the lateral view selected where available. Click on individual photos for larger views and views from other angles. As specimens were not collected, identifications were done purely based on photographs and may not be 100% accurate.

This page will be updated regularly, please let me know if you spot any mistakes.

View my complete Flickr photo set: Membracidae - Treehoppers.

Class: Insecta Linnaeus, 1758

Order: Hemiptera Linnaeus, 1758

Family: Membracidae Rafinesque, 1815?

Subfamily: Centrotinae Amyot and Serville, 1843

Tribe: Centrocharesini Goding, 1931

Treehoppers (Centrochares sp.) - DSC_3081b

East Malaysia: Centrochares sp.

Tribe: Centrotypini Haupt, 1929

Treehoppers (Centrotypus shelfordi) - DSC_7287

East Malaysia: Centrotypus shelfordi Distant, 1916

Tribe: Gargarini Distant, 1908

Treehopper (Coccosterphus sp.) - DSC_3045

Singapore: Coccosterphus sp.

Treehopper (Coccosterphus sp.) - DSC_8264

Singapore: Coccosterphus sp.

Treehopper (Sipylus sp.) - DSC_9112

Singapore: Sipylus sp.

Treehopper (Coccosterphus sp.) - DSC_4822

Singapore: cf. Coccosterphus sp.

Treehopper (Gargara sp.) - DSC_4994

Malaysia: cf. Gargara sp.

Treehopper (Gargara sp.) - DSC_8191

Singapore: cf. Gargara sp.

Treehopper (Gargara sp.) - DSC_4503

West Malaysia: cf. Gargara sp.

Treehopper (Tricentrus fulgidus) - DSC_4147

Singapore: Tricentrus fulgidus Funkhouser 1929

Treehoppers (Gargarini) - DSC_0178

West Malaysia: cf. Nondenticentrus/Tricentrus sp.

Treehopper (Tricentrus sp.) - DSC_1531

Singapore: cf. Tricentrus sp.

Ants herding a Treehopper (Tricentrus sp.) - DSC_6148

West Malaysia: cf. Tricentrus sp.

Treehopper (Tricentrus sp.) with milking ants? - DSC_8600

Singapore: cf. Tricentrus sp.

Tribe: Hypsaucheniini Distant, 1908

Treehopper (Hybanda sp.) - DSC_9626

Malaysia: cf. Hybanda sp.

Tribe: Leptobelini in Yuan and Chou, 2002

Treehopper (Leptobelus sp.) - DSC_6324

West Malaysia: Leptobelus sp.

Treehopper (Leptobelus sp.) - DSC_2255

Singapore: Leptobelus sp.

Tribe: Leptocentrini Distant, 1908

Treehopper (Leptocentrini) - DSC_5832

Singapore: Leptocentrini

Treehopper (Leptocentrini) - DSC_5282

East Malaysia: Leptocentrini

Treehopper (Leptocentrini) - DSC_5122

Singapore: Leptocentrini

Subfamily: Heteronotinae Goding, 1926

Tribe: Heteronotini Goding, 1926

Treehopper (Heteronotus sp.) - DSC_2025

Peru: Heteronotus sp.

Subfamily: Membracinae Rafinesque, 1815

Tribe: Aconophorini Goding, 1892

Treehopper (Calloconophora sp.) - DSC_8697

Belize: Calloconophora sp.

Subfamily: Smiliinae Stål, 1866

Tribe: Ceresini Goding, 1892

Treehopper  (Poppea sp.) - DSC_2625

Peru: Poppea sp.

Tribe: Polyglyptini Goding, 1892

Treehoppers (Adippe inaequalis) - DSC_9950

Belize: Adippe inaequalis Fowler, 1896


Thorn-Mimic Treehoppers (Membracidae) - DSC_6746

Thailand: Unidentified

Treehopper (Membracidae) - DSC_7557

Singapore: Unidentified

Treehopper (Membracidae) - DSC_1638

Singapore: Unidentified

Thorn mimic treehopper (Membracidae) - DSC_8440

Singapore: Unidentified

Ants milking treehopper (Membracidae) - DSC_4507

West Malaysia: Unidentified

Treehopper nymph (Heteronotinae) - DSC_2623

Peru: Heteronotinae (big), Tragopini (small)

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