Observing the Orange Emigrant

3 December 2010
I ventured out early in the morning with the intention of capturing the metamorphosis of the Orange Emigrant, reaching the hot spot before 7am. Being new to this, I didn’t find any before they completely emerged, so here are some pictures of the butterflies after they have emerged from their chrysalis!

Not very familiar with butterflies, please pardon and correct me if I’ve provided any wrong information. 🙂

Orange Emigrant larva (Catopsilia scylla cornelia) - DSC_0032#1 First, the pupae, very well camouflaged

Orange Emigrant (Catopsilia scylla cornelia) - DSC_0069#2 Found the first emerged butterfly! The cocoon is positioned horizontally, usually under a leaf.

Orange Emigrant (Catopsilia scylla cornelia) - DSC_0180#3 Better view with the chrysalis

Orange Emigrant (Catopsilia scylla cornelia) - DSC_0155#4 Since the butterfly was still airing it’s wings, it allowed me to go closer. Hint of red on top of it’s head?

Orange Emigrant (Catopsilia scylla cornelia) - DSC_0083#5 The top looks a bit depressed also, I thought it was injured, with the black and red patches

Orange Emigrant (Catopsilia scylla cornelia) - DSC_0121#6 On closer inspection, it looks pretty normal! No injury!

Orange Emigrant (Catopsilia scylla cornelia) - DSC_0092#7 Tried a shot to focus on that area but it was too close to shed some light onto it

Orange Emigrant (Catopsilia scylla cornelia) - DSC_0194#8 Found this mating couple in the same tree, the one standing was fresh out of it’s chrysalis too (found behind the leaf)

The complete album can be viewed here.
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    5 December 2010

    Awesome closeups, Nicky! Good stuff! Yes, this is the Orange Emigrant.

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    Debby Ng

    5 December 2010

    Hi Nicky, I'm a Picture Editor from and we'd very much like to feature your images in our photos section. Please get in touch with me.

  3. Reply

    Nicky Bay

    5 December 2010

    Thanks Mr Khew! Love your new book. 🙂

    Debby: Emailed you, thanks!



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