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Macro Photography Workshop Session 2

6 July 2013

Notice (13 May 2014)

I have received feedback that this workshop showcases a bad example of staged photography which is in conflict with the article on macro photography ethics listed here. The Science Centre houses animals and insects which were confiscated at the customs and cannot be released into the local eco-system. During the workshop, we paid extra attention to ensure that the participants do not touch or handle the subjects to minimize the stress on them.

Despite the measures taken, it was still a form of staged photography which I am trying to discourage and should not be continued. More time will be spent outdoors, which participants were more excited about anyway! 🙂

Finally concluded my macro workshop series! While many of the participants are already asking for follow-up workshops and field trips, I’m letting myself get a little bit more sleep for a while first. 🙂 Although the workshop lasted only 5 hours, a lot of nights were put into it’s preparation. From the slides, to the shopping for materials and cutting of diffusers (accidentally cut through to my parquet floor?!!) every detail had to be tended to with meticulous attention. With well over 30 graduating participants, I certainly hope there will be rising macro stars from them soon!

Many thanks to be said! (again!!)

  • Thanks to Aishah, Espie and Muhammad (pls let me know if spelling is incorrect) from the Science Centre for the registration and logistics support
  • Thanks to Andrew for the cameo appearance and support
  • Thanks to Victor for loaning the diffusers as samples and the cute little clay toys for practice
  • Thanks to Melvyn for loaning the LX3 for showcase
  • Thanks to Ben, James and Chris for sacrificing their Saturdays and helping to guide the participants and providing the behind the scenes shots. Most of them were also shooting with me the night before. 😛
  • Last but definitely not least, a BIG THANK YOU to all my friends who have helped to share and spread the word for this workshop!!!

A bit on what transpired in the day~

  1. Ready for workshop

    The class awaits patiently, looks like another full house with one even registering on the morning itself!

  2. aba0c6_8474843ba75c944fac6a4425398455e2
  3. aba0c6_8474843ba75c944fac6a4425398455e2″>

    Got to work shortly, shoving lots of macro juice down everyone’s throats. Luckily everyone seemed happy with the slides.

  4. P1080067
  5. Breaktime

    Quick break, and I entertained those in the room with with photos directly from my camera with some stories behind them, taken the night before.

  6. DSC_6470
  7. Diffuser-Making

    Demonstrating the steps to make the flash diffuser

  8. 1063020_559494017430765_1082192213_n
  9. Live Demo

    Live shooting demonstration on how to focus on the subject. Looked like a ghost there!!

  10. P1080076
  11. Science Centre Staff

    Our friendly staff from the Science Centre, thanks for the support!!!

  12. Based on feedback from the previous session, many liked the practice and outdoor sessions so I allocated more time for it in this session. I also did less shooting and went about talking to everyone I could find to check on their progress. Everyone seemed comfortable to roam in all directions!

  13. Indoor practice session with some subjects provided by the Science Centre

  14. 1063184_669959823017392_173723756_n
  15. Finally got our bums out to the Eco Garden where everyone practised searching for subjects and taking their epic shot

  16. P1080091
  17. There must be something really interesting here for everyone to hover around for so long!!

  18. P1080087
  19. Some hunted near the pond

  20. P1080081
  21. While some invaded the treehouse area

  22. aba0c6_75b75c3a89aa9f07b2a436d5c4d16f29
  23. We showed some of them the tortoise beetles

  24. P1080085
  25. Some went all out in prone position

  26. aba0c6_b8e3308946abec7f90dbfc8b00112be1
  27. Quick group photo before heading back to the classroom, nobody seemed tired at all!!

  28. aba0c6_1b12d313192c5c189f90fdb4bbe7ed23
  29. Second shot with silly expressions!

  30. Participants’ Photos

    With the permission of the participants, here are some of their photos for the day, and some with their testimonials for the workshop. I will add to the list as their responses are still coming in. Thanks everyone!

  31. Micropezid Fly, by Benjamin Kirk

    “Great teacher and instructor! Nicky shares his wealth of experience without restraint.”

  32. danielasto
  33. Skipper taking off for flight, by Daniel Asto

    “If you are a budding or even an experienced macro photographer, I can highly recommend that you attend one of Nicky’s workshops. Nicky shares his knowledge without reserve and his enthusiasm for macro photography is infectious.”

  34. lavanyaprakash
  35. Caterpillar, by Lavanya Prakash

    “The macro-photography course conducted by Nicky Bay was very informative but at the same time fun and interesting. He really deepened the passion I have for nature photography, and his creative and innovative ways of thinking was so inspiring. Being a young teenager, I thought it might be difficult for me to understand the course. But he made it perfect for me to get started on my future journey of macro photography!”

  36. hweehweelau
  37. A Shy Tiger by Lau Hwee Hwee

  38. Danny Johananoff

    “I happened to be in Singapore on July 6th, 2013 when I joined a Nature Macro Photography workshop by Mr. Nicky Bay. It was held in the Science Center hosting the Mega Bug Return exhibition. Whoever is into Macro Photography will enjoy to learn much from the workshops ran by a master in this field! Nicky’s works are outstanding in the subject captured, quality and composition. Thanks for this opportunity!”

  39. Zhou Boyi

    “The workshop was really useful. The presenter was knowledgeable and supportive while the demonstrators were extremely helpful as well. The course caters well to amateurs seeking to learn about macro photography or to further their understanding and skills.”

In this session, we had more beginners and a handful with some macro experience. I certainly hope everyone is now better equipped with the knowledge and skills to grow and to improve on their macro photography. With lots of practice, the shots will get better and better. I look forward to seeing everyone again in the field some day, in some compromising position while shooting bugs. 🙂




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