Admiralty Park

7 February 2010
A quiet morning walk down Admiralty Park in search for sleepy bugs. No significant finds, just the usual inhabitants of the park.

Termites (Termitoidae) - DSC_6308#1 Termites!! Hordes of them trailing up a tree

Termites (Termitoidae) - DSC_6321#2 Another closeup view of the termites

Orb Weaver Spider (Zygiella calyptrata) - DSC_6323#3 Spider drying up from morning dew

Ant (Formicidae) - DSC_6342#4 Ant infected by mind-controlling cordycep fungus, causes them to climb up high and cling on til their death. Here’s a video with more information on mind-controlling cordycep fungus…

Leafhopper? (Cicadellidae) - DSC_6362#5 Really Tiny Bug, 1mm head

Lynx Spider  (Oxyopidae) - DSC_6375#6 Common Lynx Spider

Tortoise Beetle (Hispinae) - DSC_6390#7 Tortise Beetle, transparent shell shows a metallic body within

Tortoise Beetle (Hispinae) - DSC_6385#8 Same tortise beetle training up for IPPT. lol

Malayan Eggfly? (Hypolimnas anomala ) - DSC_6417#9 Front view of the Malayan Eggfly (just guessing, it was extremely faded)

Malayan Eggfly? (Hypolimnas anomala ) - DSC_6431#10 Closeup of the Malayan Eggfly

The complete album can be viewed here.



Hi my name is Nicky Bay. I am a macro photographer, instructor and book author, travelling the world to document the vast micro biodiversity that nature has to offer. Follow my updates and discover with me the incredible beauty and science behind our planet's micro creatures!

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