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Sarawak Day 4 - Kubah National Park - Chalet

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Finally, on our day of departure, we had a relaxed breakfast and casual shoots around our chalet. A very fulfilling trip with most items on our checklist ticked!

All behind the scenes shots are from Melvyn's Sony TX5, Nicky's Galaxy SII and David's iPhone. Victor's S90 was lost on the cab, and nobody knows where Ben hid his photos from his EP3.

Moth - DSC_0078 #1 Early morning, and found a moth perched on our balcony door as usual

Moth - DSC_0086 #2 Same shot, but with flash

#3 Ben and Nick lazing around in the chalet

#4 Ben's horny drink

#5 Found a giant millipede crawling around, and placed it on a stick for observation. It had lovely pink/yellow legs!

#6 Ben was content with sitting around and experimenting with natural light shots

#7 Natural light shots with a reflector!

#8 Nick kept jutting in, had to give him a good kick!

#9 So many poses to shoot

#10 Everyone decided to join in to kick Nick

Millipede - DSC_0120 #11 My take on the millipede

Millipede - DSC_0135 #12 Moved non stop! Sometimes stopping for a breather at the end of the stick

Millipede - DSC_0136 #13 Very brightly coloured legs

Millipede - DSC_0143 #14 Close up of the tail

Millipede - DSC_0146 #15 The millipede had several ticks on it's body

Millipede - DSC_0152 #16 Marathon runner. Kept running and running!

Millipede - DSC_0160 #17 Final shot of the foot-long beauty

#18 Group shot from the balcony before leaving the chalet

#19 Can't stop camwhoring

#20 Posing again!

#21 Posing just outside the chalet

#22 Never-ending group shots...

#23 Saying good bye to our chalet. Ben seemed to have planted some stuff in the chalet for our next trip.....?

#24 Waiting for our taxis. They were late! Had to hang around for another hour.

#25 Not gonna waste time. Ben quickly proned down on the ground.

#26 He also helped me with some shots as I did not have any flash with me

Treehoppers (Membracidae) - DSC_0178 #27 Melvyn found this very cute pair of treehoppers. One is the typical one (on the right) and one is the thorn-mimic that we shot in Thailand before

Cricket - DSC_0184 #28 Very cute and brightly coloured cricket

With time to spare, we did our last bursts of camwhoring.

#29 Found the park signage to pose with

#30 Last silly pic before we hopped onto the taxis

#31 Final moments before check in. Why did Ben's luggage increase in weight har? What did he bring back?

Indeed a rewarding trip with so many finds. Special thanks to Lance, Victor, Melvyn, David, Ben and Nick for the wonderful and memorable time with many great finds. Looking forward to the next trip!

[ Day 1 Kubah | Day 2 Gading | Day 3 Kubah | Day 4 Kubah ]

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