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Looking Like a Tree Stump.... Spider

Many spiders adopt different methods to camouflage themselves. In the previous post, the Scorpion-Tailed Spider disguised itself amongst dead leaves. In another post from last year, I documented the findings of a Tree Stump Orb Weaver.

It was a wet night near NTU where I found the Tree Stump Orb Weaver (Poltys sp. possibly Poltys illepidus) busy catching prey. It was the first time seeing it with it's legs spread apart.

Tree Stump Orb Weaver (Poltys sp.) - DSC_5057 #1 Tree Stump Orb Weaver in the middle of it's web. At first glance, I thought it was a common garden spider, but the legs were smooth on the inner joints and hairy on the outer joints.

Tree Stump Orb Weaver (Poltys sp.) - DSC_5058 #2 Guess I spooked it as I got close, and it tried to close up, pulling the web together with it

Tree Stump Orb Weaver (Poltys sp.) - DSC_5065 #3 It was from this view that I realized that this fella resembled a tree trunk

Tree Stump Orb Weaver (Poltys sp.) - DSC_5070 #4 Closer view

Tree Stump Orb Weaver (Poltys sp.) - DSC_5118 #5 It climbed to the edge of the web, and perched on a branch, doing it's favorite thing

Tree Stump Orb Weaver (Poltys sp.) - DSC_5118 #6 While it remained stationary, it gave me the opportunity to do a 3D image. =D

Tree Stump Orb Weaver (Poltys sp.) - DSC_5142b #7 Closeup with better view of it's face. The legs closed up such that only the hairy parts were visible. Perfect camouflage.

Tree Stump Orb Weaver (Poltys sp.) - DSC_5142 #8 Yet another 3D rendition of this creature

Tree Stump Orb Weaver (Poltys sp.) - DSC_5164 #9 Top view, can't tell much from it

Lizard - DSC_5171 #10 Changeable Lizard hugging a branch

Lizard - DSC_5172 #11 What you get when the lights don't fire properly

Lynx Spider (Oxyopidae) - DSC_5215 #12 Lynx Spider devouring a grasshopper

Gram Blue (Euchrysops cnejus cnejus) - DSC_5277 #13 Gram Blue (Euchrysops cnejus cnejus) sleeping and ridden with dew drops, but probably too small to see in this pic

Dragonfly (Anisoptera) - DSC_5282 #14 Acisoma panorpoides

Damselfly (Zygoptera) - DSC_5285 #15 Wanted to take a close up of a sleeping damselfly!

Damselfly (Zygoptera) - DSC_5292 #16 Closest I could get before it flew off

The complete album can be viewed here.

James blogged about this trip here.

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