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How Assassins Multiply

Back at my usual playground at Admiralty Park to check out the state of bug life in the park. Much slower paced than the nature trails near Bukit Timah and Mandai, but a comfortable one where I got to meet up with the regular park visitors and spent time fantasizing about winning the CNY Toto prize. :P

More time was spent discussing about owning the most expensive gear in our dreams, so none of us found much subjects during the walk. Nevertheless, uncle James found this pair of mating Assassin Bugs and did not let us go home empty carded (handed).

Assassin Bugs (Reduviidae) - DSC_2789 #1 View from above. This view made the pair look like siamese twins, or newly multiplied clones. lol

Assassin Bugs (Reduviidae) - DSC_2783 #2 Front view, both refused to stop moving so it was quite difficult to get both pairs of eyes in focus

Assassin Bugs (Reduviidae) - DSC_2781 #3 Approaching the tip of the branch

Assassin Bugs (Reduviidae) - DSC_2772 #4 Classic side view. They had probably finished mating and just enjoying the morning sun.

As we took a slow stroll down the mangrove trail, Ho found a fat St Andrew's Cross spider.

St Andrew's Cross Spider (Argiope aemula) - DSC_2824 #5 Shot with natural light. The web's patterns serve to "extend" the spider's legs.

St Andrew's Cross Spider (Argiope aemula) - DSC_2858 #6 Shot with flash, everything looks more vibrant but with reflections in the eyes.

Final subject (yes, only 3 today.. haha) was a Lichen Huntsman Spider. All legs intact and with beautiful details, so I attached a Raynox to get a closeup of it's face.

Lichen Huntsman Spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_2883 #7 Portrait of the Huntsman

Lichen Huntsman Spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_2883 #8 Slightly different composition

Come next week, we'll be back at the Republic Poly trail... been a long while since I've visited that trail, hope to see more crawlies there!

The complete album can be viewed here.

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