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Admiralty Park

Woke up really early to see if I could find anything different at the neighbourhood park before sunrise. Conclusion? Nothing much! The nocturnal dudes are turning in to rest while the day dudes have not emerged yet! *mumble mumble*

Twig Spider (Ariamnes sp.) - DSC_5901 #1 Twig Spider busy running up and down, appears to be preparing its web

Twig Spider (Ariamnes sp.) - DSC_5935 #2 Twig Spider gliding around on its web, you wouldn't want to get your head caught in its web!

Twig Spider (Ariamnes sp.) - DSC_5956 #3 Twig Spider finally at rest, impeccable camouflage!

Slug (Gastropoda) - DSC_6011 #4 Snail without shell = slug

Grasshoppers (Caelifera) - DSC_6066 #5 Spotted this family of baby grasshoppers

Grasshoppers (Caelifera) - DSC_6097 #6 And they're twins!!

DSC_6120 #7 Unidentified Bug

Blue Banded Bee (Apidae) - DSC_6148 #8 Blue Banded Bee, a very very fast-flying fellow, rarely at rest!

Wolf Spider (Lycosidae) - DSC_6155 #9 Wolf Spider mother carrying babies

Nigger? - DSC_6160 #10 Faded Nigger (just a guess, didn't check it out yet)

Cricket - DSC_6163 #11 Can crickets glow in the dark?

Lynx Spider (Oxyopidae) - DSC_6176 #12 Common Lynx Spider

Arhopala amphimuta amphimuta - DSC_6237 #13 Arhopala amphimuta amphimuta from the Lycaenidae family with beautiful emerald eyes

Comb-Footed Spiders (Theridiidae) - DSC_6187 #14 Baby spiders fight too!

Crab Spider (Camaricus maugei) - DSC_6280 #15 Crab spider (Camaricus maugei) top view

Crab Spider (Camaricus maugei) - DSC_6266 #16 Crab spider front view

The complete album can be viewed here.

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