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Firefly Larva - The Night Flashers

The rainy season is here again, and I couldn't get the thought of glow-in-the-dark mushrooms out of my head. When trudging through the nature reserves at night, I would switch off the torches and stand in pitch-darkness to observe the surroundings. Some mushrooms were spotted, but their glow was faint. I had to use shutter speeds of over 100s to get the colour of the glow, even at ISO1600. The unexpected find from this endeavour was a tiny flashing bug... the firefly larva. While waiting in the darkness, I noticed a tiny green blinking dot in the leaf litter, and went closer to investigate...

Firefly larva (Lampyridae) - DSC_6653 #1 View from the top when I first found it... just an ugly skinny little wormy-like creature

Firefly larva (Lampyridae) - DSC_6655 #2 Side view reveals the firefly larva with the tail-end (in white on the left end) that glows. The tail also has a suction which helps it to crawl around.

Firefly larva (Lampyridae) - DSC_6656 #3 So... where are the eyes? Looks like an empty head?

Firefly larva (Lampyridae) - DSC_6671 #4 View from the front -- the eyes protrude only when it was walking. It would otherwise be retracted to safety.

Firefly larva (Lampyridae) - DSC_6659 #5 Final shot of the flasher. Indeed a very unique fella.

Bioluminescent Fungi - DSC_6649 #6 These were the mushrooms that I was trying to shoot. Too dim to look like a glow at all. The red tint comes from ambient light, possibly my blinking flash.

Harvestman (Opiliones) - DSC_6406 #7 Practising a shot on a Harvestman (Opiliones)

Ground Beetle (Carabidae) - DSC_6422 #8 Beautiful metallic blue/green ground beetle. Very difficult to light up nicely.

Spider in Fungus - DSC_6427 #9 Orb web spider dies in it's own web... covered with fungus

Wandering Spider (Ctenidae) - DSC_6436 #10 White-Striped Wandering Spider (Ctenidae)

Wandering Spider (Ctenidae) - DSC_6438 #11 Going closer...

Wandering Spider (Ctenidae) - DSC_6443 #12 It adjusted its legs... so I moved to face it directly

Wandering Spider (Ctenidae) - DSC_6445 #13 Complete face shot with the spiked pedipalps

Wandering Spider (Ctenidae) - DSC_6469 #14 Another view of the face with all the hairy details

Sac Spider (Clubionidae) - DSC_6478 #15 Found this green crab spider (?) hiding under a leaf

Sac Spider (Clubionidae) - DSC_6486 #16 Very difficult to focus, the subject itself was 1cm long including the long legs

Sac Spider (Clubionidae) - DSC_6498 #17 Top view. Nibbling it's legs?

Sac Spider (Clubionidae) - DSC_6502 #18 Cleaner top view

Cellar Spider (Pholcidae) - DSC_6524 #19 Alfred found this amazing cluster of newborns clutched by a Daddy Long Legs Spider mummy

Cellar Spider (Pholcidae) - DSC_6554 #20 Incredible view from the side shows all the lanky baby legs sticking out in all directions

Weevil (Curculionidae) - DSC_6567 #21 The weevils we found tonight were infested with ticks. Some of them were moving around very slowly.

Weevil (Curculionidae) - DSC_6585 #22 Diagonal view. Wonder how badly the ticks can affect the weevil?

Weevil (Curculionidae) - DSC_6603 #23 Front view of the poor fella

Treehole Frog hiding in tree trunk (Metaphrynella sp.?) - DSC_6607 #24 Little toad hiding in a crevice of a tree trunk

Checkered Beetle (Cleridae) - DSC_6617 #25 Checkered Beetle? As hairy as ever!

Checkered Beetle (Cleridae) - DSC_6632 #26 Getting a shot at the compound eyes

Checkered Beetle (Cleridae) - DSC_6633 #27 Big compound eyes surrounding the antennae, like the longhorn beetle

Checkered Beetle (Cleridae) - DSC_6644 #28 View from below.

The complete album can be viewed here.
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