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Endomychidae Checklist: Handsome Fungus Beetles

Handsome fungus beetles from the family Endomychidae Leach, 1815 are generally recognized by the presence of two longitudinal sulci (groove) or sublateral lines on the pronotum with some exceptions, and the presence of frontoclypeal suture (transverse groove across the face).


Why handsome? Could not find any literature on the etymology behind the family's name.


This page consists of a personal checklist of all Handsome Fungus Beetles (Endomychidae) that I've encountered over the years. Most were identified with the help from the kind folks on Flickr and Facebook, especially Boris Büche and David Ball.

All photos are of live subjects shot in the field, with the dorsal view selected where available. Click on individual photos for larger views and views from other angles. As specimens were not collected, identifications were done purely based on photographs and may not be 100% accurate.

This page will be updated regularly, please let me know if you spot any mistakes.

View my complete Flickr photo set: Endomychidae - Handsome Fungus Beetles.

Class: Insecta Linnaeus, 1758

Order: Coleoptera Linnaeus, 1758

Family: Endomychidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily: Endomychinae Leach, 1815

Handsome fungus beetle (Cyclotoma sumatrensis) - DSC_1692

Singapore: Cyclotoma sumatrensis (Gorham, 1888)

Handsome fungus beetle (Meilichius cf. nigricollis) - DSC_2922

West Malaysia: Meilichius cf. nigricollis Gerstaecker, 1857

Subfamily: Lycoperdininae Redtenbacher, 1844

Handsome Fungus Beetle (Amphisternus vomeratus) - ESC_0021

Singapore: Amphisternus vomeratus Gorham, 1901

Handsome fungus beetle (Endomychidae) - DSC_1757

Singapore: Dryadites borneensis Frivaldszky, 1883

Handsome fungus beetle (Eumorphus assamensis?) - DSC_9707

Singapore: Eumorphus assamensis Gerstaecker, 1857

Handsome fungus beetle (Eumorphus marginatus) - DSC_9995

Singapore: Eumorphus marginatus Fabricius, 1801

Handsome fungus beetle (Eumorphus quadriguttatus) - DSC_6213

Singapore: Eumorphus quadriguttatus (Illiger, 1800)

Handsome fungus beetle (Eumorphus tetraspilotus) - DSC_0475

Singapore: Eumorphus tetraspilotus Hope, 1832

Fungus beetle (Eumorphus westwoodi) - DSC_7428

Singapore: Eumorphus westwoodi Guérin-Méneville, 1858

Handsome fungus beetle (Mycetina sp.) - DSC_3740

Singapore: Mycetina sp.

Handsome fungus beetle (Spathomeles sp.) - DSC_9681

Singapore: Spathomeles sp.

Handsome fungus beetle (Haploscelis sp.) - DSC_7282

Madagascar: Haploscelis sp.

Subfamily: Stenotarsinae Chapuis, 1876

Ladybird mimic fungus beetle (Endomychidae) - DSC_8553

Singapore: Stenotarsus pardalis Gerstaecker, 1858

Handsome fungus beetle (Stenotarsus sp.) - DSC_1901

Singapore: Stenotarsus cf. nobilis Gerstaecker, 1858


Fungus beetle (Endomychidae) - DSC_2543

Singapore: Endomychidae

Handsome fungus beetle (Endomychidae) - DSC_4178

Peru: Endomychidae

Handsome fungus beetle (Endomychidae) - DSC_2848

Peru: Endomychidae

Handsome fungus beetle (Endomychidae) - DSC_4126

Peru: Endomychidae


Fungus beetle larva (Endomychidae) - DSC_0902

Singapore: Endomychidae

Fungus beetle larva (Endomychidae) - DSC_6416

Singapore: Endomychidae

Handsome fungus beetle larva (Endomychidae) - DSC_7275

Singapore: Endomychidae

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