Moths of Borneo: Gunung Trusmadi

25 April 2024

The Borneo Jungle Girl Camp or Trus Madi Entomology Camp sits deep in the lush forests of Gunung Trusmadi, Sabah — the northern-most state of Malaysian Borneo. It is a Class 1 Fully Protected Forestry Reserve on Mount Trusmadi, the second highest mountain in Malaysia, standing at 2642 meters (8668 feet) tall.

At Borneo Jungle Girl Camp, I stayed for 4 nights with a group of friends and returned with almost 7000 photos, recording almost 600 species of moths and lots of other insects and arachnids. Photos from other taxonomic groups will be uploaded to my Flickr collections and split into taxonomic groups.

Light trap in the day - IMG_20240310_123329b

Each light trap at Borneo Jungle Girl Camp is strategically positioned for maximum reach

Unlike most other accommodations within forests that usually focus on larger wildlife, this camp site specialises in insects and other flying invertebrates with more than 12 permanent light traps strategically positioned at the edge of mountain ridges or at the sides of the mountain, all overseeing vast forested areas. The sheets are secured tightly so that even in the event of strong winds, they would not flutter too much and shake away the insects.

Moths at the light trap - IMG-20240313-WA0022

Getting swarmed by flying insects while observing them at a light trap. Meshed Bug Jacket helps to protect me a little. Photo by Amber.

In the morning, some insects may perish around the light trap. Some wonder if the number of light traps is excessive, but consider that the lights are just as bright as a car’s headlights and lights from other nature lodges. By sunrise, any expired insects would be completely devoured by other wildlife such as monkeys, civets and birds, thus connecting the food chain and completing the circle of life.

Brief History

The Borneo Jungle Girl Camp was conceptualised in 1986 when applications for the operations permit started but dragged on for 20 years. They finally obtained the permit in 2006, received their first guests in 2010 and have since upgraded the site numerous times to what we see today.

Guesthouse Entrance - IMG_20240311_062846b

Today’s guesthouse hosts up to 60 guests

It hosts hundreds of students, academics and macro photographers every year. Almost every guest is an insect geek to a certain extent, and that is unspoken of for any nature lodge.


The Dream Begins

Jimmy identified a former timber camp in Gunung Trusmadi and dreamed of setting up an entomology campsite. With the help of Clara, they began their painfully long journey to obtain an operation permit from the forestry department.


Borneo Jungle Girl

Clara started started jungle tours in Borneo and the rest of Southeast Asia where some European groups dubbed her “Borneo Jungle Girl”.


Operations Approved

Obtained the operation permit from the Sabah Forestry Department for tourism, education and conservation on entomology. However, it would be completely self-funded and the team discovered that the road to the site was completely destroyed. They did not have enough funds for both road repairs and construction of amenities.


Road Building Begins

The team found a construction company who was willing to help repair the road first and receive payment later. It took them 9 months to complete repairs for the 32km stretch in the mountains. The forest was then upgraded to Class 1 and the first visitors arrived at the campsite with with only tents and bare necessities.


First Guesthouse

The team finally raised the funds to build their first guesthouse at the campsite that hosts up to 8 guests. To realise their dreams, they sold their houses, emptied their savings and lived in the office with their children for the next 10 years.


COVID and New Guesthouse

COVID hit and maintenance work could not be done, resulting in the guesthouse deteriorating beyond repair. It was soon torn down and construction work began on a new and bigger guesthouse.


Entomology Camp

After years of financial prudence and upgrades, the “campsite” is now a guesthouse that can host up to 60 guests. It is one of the only campsites in the world dedicated to entomology, sitting right in the midst of one of the world’s oldest forests.

Getting There

The Borneo Jungle Girl Camp is about 160Km away from Kota Kinabalu International Airport. It takes about 4 hours (depending on weather and road conditions) with the last 32Km on a bumpy gravel road accessible by a four-wheel drive. If you arrive in the morning or around noon, lunch is also provided in a restaurant at Gunung Alab.

At a short distance away from Gunung Alab, you can stop by the Rafflesia Information Centre to check for any Rafflesia blooms. It costs non-Malaysians RM50 per entry and RM100 for a guide for a group of up to 5 persons. Rates are accurate as of April 2024.

Rafflesia flower (Rafflesia pricei) - IMG_20240309_154418b

Rafflesia pricei 4 days after bloom

On the way to the camp, there are patches of pitcher plants (Nepenthes reinwardtiana) on the roadside which are native to Borneo and Sumatra. They can be easily recognised by the pair of eye spots on the inner surface of the pitcher.

Pitcher plant (Nepenthes reinwardtiana) - IMG_20240313_094947

Nepenthes reinwardtiana on rocky surface

Closer to the camp, there is a large durian tree close to the roadside that can drop 20-30 durians daily when in season. The staff would generously pick them for all guests to try. It tastes like jackfruit, but is said to taste better if we waited 2-3 more days.

Durian tree (Durio sp.) - IMG_20240313_093645

Durian tree with a fruit picked and eaten by monkeys


The current guesthouse can host up to 60 guests and provides 3 meals a day with unlimited access to drinking water, coffee, and some pastries should you get hungry in the night. Pillows and blankets are provided for each bed but bring your own toiletries and bath towels.

Barbecue Dinner - IMG_20240312_190103

Sumptuous local dinner for 6 pax, includes rice, meat, vegetables, soup and fruits.

Some useful information:

  • Wi-Fi is available but very patchy. You can get a decent mobile data signal but only at the edge of the lodge facing the road leading to the generator room.
  • Only 2 of the VIP rooms have balconies that may fit a light trap if you prefer your own bulbs. But do be wary that some of the insects will probably enter your room once you open the door.

  • The campsite is closed in Nov and Dec due to the monsoon and usually accepts reservations for only 2 weeks per month to minimise disturbance to the area’s microfauna. Priority is normally given to local school trips.
  • There are hardly any nature trails. Other than a little trail behind the lodge, guests can only walk along the road to explore around.
  • The flying insects can get overwhelming at the light traps with some getting to your ears, nose and eyes. I wore a Meshed Bug Jacket so that I won’t have to flick bugs off my face and accidentally kill some of them.
  • Collection of specimens out of the site is strictly prohibited. Rangers can open and inspect your luggage in detail on your way out of the camp. The penalty for smuggling specimens out can be up to a RM5000 fine and a jail term of 1 month.
  • While we may see names like Borneo Jungle Girl Camp and Trus Madi Entomology Camp, they both refer to the same place.
  • For enquiries, please contact [email protected] or WhatsApp +60 198984105. Do note that their website is no longer updated.

Disclaimer: I’m not paid to publish any of the above. Everything is based on personal experience and what I hear from the owners.


This page consists of a personal checklist of all the moths that I’ve encountered over 4 nights at Gunung Trusmadi, Sabah, Malaysia. Most of the identifications were made with the generous help of David Fischer, Dr Alexey Yakovlev and Roger Kendrick on iNaturalist.

This page will be updated regularly, please let me know if you spot any mistakes.

View my moth Flickr albums from this trip, organised by superfamily.

View my other Flickr albums from this trip.


Phylum: Arthropoda von Siebold, 1848

Subphylum: Hexapoda Latreille, 1825

Class: Insecta Linnaeus, 1758

Order: Lepidoptera Linnaeus, 1758

Superfamily: Bombycoidea Latreille, 1802

Family: Bombycidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily: Bombycinae Latreille, 1802

Genus: Gunda Walker, 1862

Silkworm moth (Gunda javanica) - P3103670

Gunda javanica (Moore, 1872)

Genus: Penicillifera Dierl, 1978

Silkworm moth (Penicillifera apicalis) - P3103605

Penicillifera apicalis (Walker, 1862)

Family: Endromidae Boisduval, 1828

Genus: Mustilizans J. K. Yang, 1995

Glory moth (Mustilizans dierli) - P3092271

Mustilizans dierli (Holloway, 1987)

Glory moth (Mustilizans sp.) - P3103626

Mustilizans sp.

Family: Eupterotidae Swinhoe, 1892

Subfamily: Eupterotinae Swinhoe, 1892

Tribe: Eupterotini Swinhoe, 1892

Genus: Eupterote Hübner, 1820

Monkey moth (Eupterote sp.) - P3103906

Eupterote sp. P3103906

Genus: Pseudojana Hampson, 1893

Monkey moth (Pseudojana perspicuifascia) - P3137581

Pseudojana perspicuifascia Rothschild, 1917

Family: Saturniidae Boisduval, 1837

Subfamily: Saturniinae Boisduval, 1834

Tribe: Saturniini Boisduval, 1837

Genus: Antheraea Hübner, 1819

Tussar moth (Antheraea larissa) - P3125811

Antheraea larissa (Westwood, 1847)

Tussar moth (Antheraea rosieri) - P3137692

Antheraea rosieri (Toxopeus, 1940)

Tussar moth (Antheraea sp.) - P3137678

Antheraea sp. P3137678

Tussar moth (Antheraea sp.) - P3103114

Antheraea sp. P3103114

Genus: Lemaireia Nässig & Holloway, 1987

Emperor moth (Lemaireia loepoides) - P3137750

Lemaireia loepoides (Butler, 1880)

Family: Sphingidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily: Macroglossinae Harris, 1839

Tribe: Macroglossini Harris, 1839

Genus: Acosmeryx Boisduval, 1875

Sphinx moth (Acosmeryx anceus) - P3137457

Acosmeryx anceus (Stoll, 1781)

Sphinx moth (Acosmeryx pseudonaga) - P3137510

Acosmeryx pseudonaga Butler, 1881

Sphinx moth (Acosmeryx shervillii) - P3137514

Acosmeryx shervillii Boisduval, 1875

Genus: Cechenena Rothschild & Jordan, 1903

Striped green hawkmoth (Cechetra lineosa) - P3137500

Cechenena lineosa (Walker, 1856)
Cechetra lineosa (Walker, 1856)

Genus: Daphnis Hübner, 1819

Jade hawkmoth (Daphnis hypothous) - P3103132

Daphnis hypothous (Cramer, 1780)

Genus: Theretra Hübner, 1819

Yam hawkmoth (Theretra nessus) - P3137539

Theretra nessus (Drury, 1773)

Hunter hawkmoth (Theretra rhesus) - P3103025

Theretra rhesus (Boisduval, 1875)

Subfamily: Smerinthinae Grote & Robinson, 1865

Tribe: Ambulycini Butler, 1876

Genus: Ambulyx Westwood, 1847

Sphinx moth (Ambulyx canescens) - P3114528

Ambulyx canescens Walker 1865

Sphinx moth (Ambulyx pryeri) - P3103127

Ambulyx pryeri Distant 1887

Gliding hawkmoth (Ambulyx substrigilis) - P3137484

Ambulyx substrigilis Westwood 1847

Sphinx moth (Ambulyx zacharovi) - P3137498

Ambulyx zacharovi Ivshin, 2014

Tribe: Smerinthini Grote & Robinson, 1865

Genus: Daphnusa Walker, 1856

Durian hawkmoth (Daphnusa ocellaris) - P3137508

Daphnusa ocellaris Walker, 1856

Genus: Marumba Moore, 1882

Sphinx moth (Marumba tigrina) - P3103024

Marumba tigrina Gehlen, 1936

Subfamily: Sphinginae Latreille, 1802

Tribe: Sphingini Latreille, 1802

Genus: Megacorma Rothschild & Jordan, 1903

Sphinx moth (Megacorma obliqua) - P3137780

Megacorma obliqua (Walker, 1856)

Genus: Notonagemia Zolotuhin & Ryabov, 2012

Sphinx moth (Notonagemia analis) - P3137503

Notonagemia (Meganoton) analis (R. Felder, 1874)

Genus: Psilogramma Rothschild & Jordan, 1903

Sphinx moth (Psilogramma discistriga) - P3103140

Psilogramma discistriga (Walker, 1856)

Superfamily: Cossoidea Leach, 1815

Family: Cossidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily: Cossinae Leach, 1830

Genus: Cossus Fabricius, 1793

Carpenter moth (Cossus sp.) - P3092230b

Cossus sp. P3092230b

Subfamily: Zeuzerinae Boisduval, 1828

Genus: Orientozeuzera Yakovlev, 2011

Leopard moth (Orientozeuzera rhabdota) - P3114539

Orientozeuzera rhabdota (Jordan, 1932)

Genus: Polyphagozerra Yakovlev, 2011

Leopard moth (Polyphagozerra coffeae) - P3102622

Polyphagozerra coffeae Nietner, 1861

Tribe: Xyleutini Houlbert, 1916

Genus: Panau Schoorl, 1990

Leopard moth (Panau sp.) - P3125538

Panau sp. P3125538

Genus: Xyleutes Hübner, 1820

Leopard moth (Xyleutes strix) - P3137476

Xyleutes strix (Linnaeus, 1758)

Superfamily: Drepanoidea Boisduval, 1828

Family: Drepanidae Meyrick, 1895

Subfamily: Drepaninae Boisduval, 1828

Genus: Albara Walker, 1866

Hooktip moth (Albara reversaria) - P3103884

Albara reversaria Walker, 1866

Genus: Gogana Walker, 1866

Hooktip moth (Gogana bornormalis) - P3092307

Gogana bornormalis Holloway, 1998 ♂

Hooktip moth (Gogana bornormalis) - P3092056

Gogana bornormalis Holloway, 1998 ♀

Rectangle hooktip moth (Gogana sp.) - P3103573

Gogana sp. P3103573

Genus: Paralbara Watson, 1968

Hooktip moth (Paralbara perhamata) - P3102871

Paralbara perhamata Hampson, 1892

Genus: Pseuderosia Snellen, 1889

Hooktip moth (Pseuderosia cristata) - P3092032

Pseuderosia cristata Snellen, 1889

Genus: Sewa Swinhoe, 1900

Hooktip moth (Sewa orbiferata) - P3137675

Sewa orbiferata (Walker, 1862)

Genus: Tridrepana Swinhoe, 1895

Hooktip moth (Tridrepana flava) - P3115368

Tridrepana flava (Moore, 1879)

Hooktip moth (Tridrepana microcrocea) - P3092170

Tridrepana microcrocea Gaede, 1914

Hooktip moth (Tridrepana subtusmaculata) - P3092305

Tridrepana subtusmaculata Gaede, 1933

Tribe: Drepanini Meyrick, 1895

Genus: Agnidra Moore, 1868

Hooktip moth (Agnidra fuscilinea) - P3115344

Agnidra fuscilinea Watson, 1961

Genus: Callidrepana Felder, 1861

Hooktip moth (Callidrepana albiceris) - P3137708

Callidrepana albiceris (Swinhoe, 1907)

Hooktip moth (Callidrepana argenteola) - P3113969

Callidrepana argenteola (Moore, 1860)

Genus: Canucha Walker, 1866

Hooktip moth (Canucha specularis) - P3103618

Canucha specularis (Moore, 1879)

Genus: Drapetodes Guenée in Boisduval & Guenée, 1857

Hooktip moth (Drapetodes matulata) - P3137686

Drapetodes matulata Felder, 1874

Genus: Leucoblepsis Warren in Seitz, 1922

Hooktip moth (Leucoblepsis cf. ostia) - P3125831

Leucoblepsis cf. fenestraria (Moore, 1868)
Junior synonym: Leucoblepsis ostia Swinhoe, 1903

Genus: Macrauzata Butler, 1889

Hooktip moth (Macrauzata sp.) - P3115174

Macrauzata sp. P3115174

Genus: Macrocilix Butler, 1886

Fly-mimic moth (Macrocilix maia) - P3103001

Macrocilix maia (Leech, 1888)

Genus: Strepsigonia Warren, 1897

Hooktip moth (Strepsigonia robusta) - P3092174

Strepsigonia robusta Holloway, 1998

Tribe: Oretini Inoue, 1962

Genus: Oreta Walker, 1855

Hooktip moth (Oreta bicolor) - P3103900

Oreta bicolor Oreta bicolor Warren, 1897

Hooktip moth (Oreta sp.) - P3115212

Oreta sp. P3115212

Subfamily: Thyatirinae Smith, 1893

Genus: Horithyatira Matsumura, 1933

False owlet moth (Horithyatira decorata) - P3137455

Horithyatira decorata (Moore, 1881)

Superfamily: Gelechioidea Fracker, 1915

Curved-horn moth (Gelechioidea) - P3114390

Gelechioidea P3114390

Curved-horn moth (Gelechioidea) - P3103715

Gelechioidea P3103715

Family: Autostichidae Le Marchand, 1947

Curved-horn moth (Autostichidae) - P3114151

Autostichidae P3114151

Family: Lecithoceridae Le Marchand, 1947

Long-horned moth (Lecithoceridae) - P3092262

Lecithoceridae P3092262

Family: Oecophoridae Bruand, 1851

Genus: Tonica Walker, 1864

Concealer moth (Tonica sp.) - P3092358

Tonica sp. P3092358

Family: Scythrididae Rebel, 1901

Flower moth (Scythrididae) - P3114153

Scythrididae P3114153

Superfamily: Geometroidea Leach, 1815

Family: Geometridae Leach, 1815

Subfamily: Desmobathrinae Meyrick, 1886

Genus: Celerena Walker, 1862

Geometer moth (Celerena signata) - P3115236

Celerena signata Warren, 1898

Genus: Eumelea Duncan [& Westwood], 1841

Geometer moth (Eumelea cf. biflavata) - P3103185

Eumelea cf. biflavata Warren, 1896

Genus: Foveabathra Holloway, 1996

Geometer moth (Foveabathra venusta) - P3103041

Foveabathra venusta (Warren, 1899)

Genus: Ozola Walker, 1861

Geometer moth (Ozola sp.) - P3113983

Ozola sp. P3113983

Subfamily: Ennominae Duponchel, 1845

Geometer moth (Ennominae) - P3137702

Ennominae P3137702

Genus: Polyscia Warren, 1896

Geometer moth (cf. Polyscia viridispurca) - P3092351

cf. Polyscia viridispurca Prout, 1926

Tribe: Abraxini Warren, 1893

Genus: Peratophyga Warren, 1894

Geometer moth (Peratophyga trigonata) - P3103631

Peratophyga trigonata (Walker, 1861)

Geometer moth (Peratophyga xanthyala) - P3103183

Peratophyga xanthyala (Hampson, 1896)

Tribe: Baptini Forbes, 1948

Genus: Borbacha Moore, [1887]

Geometer moth (Borbacha sp.) - P3092189

Borbacha sp. P3092189

Genus: Synegia Guenée, 1857

Geometer moth (Synegia sp.) - P3092038

Synegia sp. P3092038

Genus: Tasta Walker, 1863

Geometer moth (Tasta sp.) - P3092403

Tasta sp. P3092403

Genus: Yashmakia Warren, 1901

Geometer moth (Yashmakia veneris) - P3103804

Yashmakia veneris Warren, 1901

Tribe: Bistonini Stephens, 1850

Genus: Biston Leach, 1815

Geometer moth (Biston insularis) - P3103546

Biston insularis (Warren, 1894)

Tribe: Boarmiini Duponchel, 1845

Genus: Abaciscus Butler, 1889

Geometer moth (Abaciscus shaneae) - P3103911

Abaciscus shaneae Holloway, 1993

Genus: Alcis Curtis, 1826

Geometer moth (Alcis maculata) - P3092352

Alcis maculata (Moore, [1868])

Geometer moth (Alcis periphracta) - P3137721

Alcis periphracta (Prout, 1926)

Geometer moth (Alcis praevariegata) - P3102731

Alcis praevariegata (Prout, 1926)

Geometer moth (Alcis sp.) - P3103027b

Alcis sp. P3103027b

Genus: Amblychia Guenée in Boisduval & Guenée, 1857

Geometer moth (Amblychia infoveata) - P3092373

Amblychia infoveata Prout, 1932

Geometer moth (Amblychia praeumbrata) - P3103908

Amblychia praeumbrata (Warren, 1893)

Geometer moth (Amblychia sp.) - P3103039

Amblychia sp. P3103039

Geometer moth (Amblychia sp.) - P3115371

Amblychia sp. P3115371

Genus: Amraica Moore, 1888

Geometer moth (Amraica solivagaria) - P3137714

Amraica solivagaria (Walker, 1866)

Genus: Boarmacaria Holloway, 1993

Geometer moth (Boarmacaria tenuilinea) - P3092144

Boarmacaria tenuilinea (Warren, 1900)

Genus: Bracca Hübner, [1820]

Geometer moth (Bracca georgiata) - P3103094

Bracca georgiata (Guenée, 1857)

Genus: Chorodna Walker, 1860

Geometer moth (Chorodna complicataria) - P3113980

Chorodna complicataria (Walker, 1860)

Genus: Cleora Curtis, 1825

Geometer moth (Cleora contiguata) - P3102806

Cleora contiguata (Moore, [1868])

Geometer moth (Cleora determinata) - P3137732

Cleora determinata (Walker, 1860)

Geometer moth (Cleora inoffensa) - P3125612

Cleora inoffensa (Swinhoe, 1902)

Geometer moth (Cleora sp.) - P3092049

Cleora sp. P3092049

Geometer moth (Cleora sp.) - P3103905

Cleora sp. P3103905

Geometer moth (Cleora sp.) - P3113961

Cleora sp. P3113961

Geometer moth (Cleora sp.) - P3125539

Cleora sp. P3125539

Genus: Dalima Moore, [1868]

Geometer moth (Dalima subflavata) - P3115394

Dalima subflavata (Felder & Rogenhofer, 1875)

Genus: Diplurodes Warren, 1896

Geometer moth (Diplurodes sp.) - P3114061

Diplurodes sp. P3114061

Genus: Ectropidia Warren, 1895

Geometer moth (Ectropidia altiprimata) - P3113964

Ectropidia altiprimata Holloway, 1993

Genus: Ectropis Hübner, [1825]

Engrailed moth (Ectropis sp.) - P3102867

Ectropis sp. P3102867

Genus: Hypomecis Hübner, 1821

Geometer moth (Hypomecis sp.) - P3125576

Hypomecis sp. P3125576

Genus: Hyposidra Guenée, 1857

Geometer moth (Hyposidra apioleuca) - P3092243

Hyposidra apioleuca (Prout, 1916)

Geometer moth (Hyposidra aquilaria) - P3137688

Hyposidra aquilaria (Walker, 1862)

Geometer moth (Hyposidra picaria) - P3103829

Hyposidra picaria (Walker, 1866)

Genus: Iulotrichia Warren, 1894

Geometer moth (Iulotrichia decursaria) - P3125569

Iulotrichia decursaria Walker, 1860

Genus: Krananda Moore, [1868]

Geometer moth (Krananda semihyalina) - P3103035

Krananda semihyalina Moore, [1868]

Genus: Microcalicha Sato, 1981

Geometer moth (Microcalicha minima) - P3137584

Microcalicha minima (Warren, 1896)

Genus: Monocerotesa Wehrli, 1937

Geometer moth (Monocerotesa proximesta) - P3137570

Monocerotesa proximesta Holloway, 1994

Genus: Myrioblephara Warren, 1893

Geometer moth (Myrioblephara simplaria) - P3102802

Myrioblephara simplaria (Swinhoe, 1894)

Genus: Ophthalmitis Fletcher, 1979

Geometer moth (Ophthalmitis cordularioides) - P3103890

Ophthalmitis cordularioides Holloway, 1993

Geometer moth (Ophthalmitis rufilauta) - P3137646

Ophthalmitis rufilauta Prout, 1925

Geometer moth (Ophthalmitis satoi) - P3137718

Ophthalmitis satoi Holloway, 1993

Geometer moth (Ophthalmitis sp.) - P3103061

Ophthalmitis sp. P3103061

Geometer moth (Ophthalmitis sp.) - P3102626

Ophthalmitis sp. P3102626

Geometer moth (Ophthalmitis sp.) - P3115373

Ophthalmitis sp. P3115373

Geometer moth (Ophthalmitis sp.) - P3103868

Ophthalmitis sp. P3103868

Genus: Xandrames Moore, 1868

Geometer moth (Xandrames latiferaria) - P3103764

Xandrames latiferaria (Walker, 1860)

Tribe: Caberini Duponchel, 1845

Genus: Astygisa Walker, 1864

Geometer moth (Astygisa metaspila) - P3115220

Astygisa metaspila Walker, 1864

Genus: Petelia Herrich-Schäffer, [1855]

Geometer moth (Petelia sp.) - P3103740

Petelia sp. P3103740

Tribe: Cassymini Holloway, 1994

Genus: Cassyma Guenée in Boisduval & Guenée, 1857

Geometer moth (Cassyma chrotadelpha) - P3092411

Cassyma chrotadelpha Sommerer & Stuning, 1992

Genus: Zamarada Moore, 1887

Geometer moth (Zamarada sp.) - P3113996

Zamarada sp. P3113996

Tribe: Ennomini Duponchel, 1845

Genus: Ourapteryx Leach, 1814

Geometer moth (Ourapteryx picticaudata) - P3103135

Ourapteryx picticaudata (Walker, 1860)

Tribe: Eutoeini Holloway, 1994

Genus: Calletaera Warren, 1895

Geometer moth (Calletaera jotaria) - P3114021

Calletaera jotaria (Felder & Rogenhofer, 1875)

Tribe: Gonodontini Forbes, 1948

Genus: Xylinophylla Warren, 1898

Geometer moth (Xylinophylla hypocausta) - P3115348

Xylinophylla hypocausta (Warren, 1897)

Tribe: Hypochrosini Guenée, 1858

Genus: Achrosis Guenée in Boisduval & Guenée, 1857

Geometer moth (Achrosis fulvifusa) - P3103729

Achrosis fulvifusa (Warren, 1901)

Genus: Celenna Walker, 1861

Geometer moth (Celenna centraria) - P3092400

Celenna centraria (Snellen, 1880)

Geometer moth (Celenna festivaria) - P3103827

Celenna festivaria (Fabricius, 1794)

Genus: Corymica Walker, 1860

Geometer moth (Corymica deducta) - P3115163

Corymica deducta (Walker, 1866)

Geometer moth (Corymica latimarginata) - P3092047

Corymica latimarginata Swinhoe, 1902

Geometer moth (Corymica pryeri) - P3125567

Corymica pryeri (Butler, 1878)

Genus: Fascellina Walker, 1860

Geometer moth (Fascellina clausaria) - P3125676

Fascellina clausaria Walker, 1866

Geometer moth (Fascellina pulchracoda) - P3092161

Fascellina pulchracoda Holloway, 1993

Genus: Hypochrosis Guenée in Boisduval & Guenée, 1857

Geometer moth (Hypochrosis sp.) - P3114352

Hypochrosis sp. P3114352

Geometer moth (Hypochrosis sp.) - P3102724

Hypochrosis sp. P3102724

Geometer moth (Hypochrosis sp.) - P3103837

Hypochrosis sp. P3103837

Genus: Omiza Walker, 1860

Geometer moth (Omiza lycoraria) - P3103541

Omiza lycoraria (Guenée, 1857)

Genus: Pseudeuchromia Schultze, 1907

Geometer moth (Pseudeuchromia maculifera) - P3102872

Pseudeuchromia maculifera (Felder & Rogenhofer, 1875)

Geometer moth (Pseudeuchromia maculifera) - P3092444

Pseudeuchromia maculifera (Felder & Rogenhofer, 1875)

Tribe: Macariini Guenée, 1858

Genus: Chiasmia Hübner, 1823

Angle moth (Chiasmia translineata) - P3103146

Chiasmia translineata (Walker, 1866)

Angle moth (Chiasmia sp.) - P3103737

Chiasmia sp. P3103737

Tribe: Plutodini Warren, 1894

Genus: Plutodes Guenée in Boisduval & Guenée, 1857

Geometer moth (Plutodes cyclaria) - P3092236

Plutodes cyclaria Guenée, 1857

Geometer moth (Plutodes sp.) - P3114083

Plutodes sp. P3114083

Tribe: Thinopterygini Holloway, 1994

Genus: Thinopteryx Butler, 1883

Geometer moth (Thinopteryx crocoptera) - P3113949

Thinopteryx crocoptera (Kollar, [1844])

Subfamily: Geometrinae Leach, 1815

Tribe: Aracimini Inoue, 1961

Genus: Paramaxates Warren, 1894

Emerald moth (Paramaxates polygrapharia) - P3102858

Paramaxates polygrapharia (Walker, 1860)

Emerald moth (Paramaxates sp.) - P3102623

Paramaxates sp. P3102623

Tribe: Agathiini Ban & Han, 2018

Genus: Agathia Guenée, [1858]

Emerald moth (Agathia arcuata) - P3103149

Agathia arcuata Moore, [1868]

Emerald moth (Agathia codina) - P3125879

Agathia codina Swinhoe, 1892

Emerald moth (Agathia diplochorda) - P3137588

Agathia diplochorda Prout, 1916

Emerald moth (Agathia eromenoides) - P3115103

Agathia eromenoides Holloway, 1996

Tribe: Comibaenini Inoue, 1961

Genus: Argyrocosma Turner, 1910

Emerald moth (Argyrocosma sp.) - P3092416

Argyrocosma sp. P3092416

Genus: Berta Walker, [1863]

Emerald moth (Berta albiplaga) - P3114273

Berta albiplaga Warren, 1893

Emerald moth (Berta sp.) - P3103915

Berta sp. P3103915

Genus: Chlorochromodes Warren, 1896

Emerald moth (Chlorochromodes sp.) - P3092179

Chlorochromodes sp.

Genus: Comibaena Hübner, [1823]

Emerald moth (Comibaena biplaga) - P3092211

Comibaena biplaga Walker, 1861

Genus: Protuliocnemis Holloway, 1996

Emerald moth (Protuliocnemis biplagiata) - P3115165

Protuliocnemis biplagiata (Moore, [1887])

Tribe: Hemitheini Bruand, 1846

Genus: Comostola Meyrick, 1888

Emerald moth (Comostola dyakaria) - P3102738

Comostola dyakaria (Walker, 1861)

Genus: Dooabia Warren, 1894

Emerald moth (Dooabia lunifera) - P3103067

Dooabia lunifera (Moore, 1888)

Genus: Hemithea Duponchel, 1829

Emerald moth (Hemithea sp.) - P3103534

Hemithea sp. P3103534

Emerald moth (Hemithea sp.) - P3103719

Hemithea sp. P3103719

Genus: Maxates Moore, 1887

Emerald moth (Maxates coelataria) - P3137553

Maxates coelataria (Walker, 1861)

Emerald moth (Maxates dysides) - P3137743

Maxates dysides Prout, 1922

Emerald moth (Maxates cf. waterstradti) - P3137645

Maxates cf. waterstradti (Prout, 1933)

Genus: Oenospila C. Swinhoe, 1892

Emerald moth (Oenospila sp.) - P3137680

Oenospila sp. P3137680

Genus: Thalassodes Guenée, 1857

Emerald moth (Thalassodes viridifascia) - P3115317

Thalassodes viridifascia Swinhoe, 1908

Emerald moth (Thalassodes sp.) - P3091967

Thalassodes sp. P3091967

Tribe: Nemoriini Gumppenberg, 1887

Genus: Eucyclodes Warren, 1894

Emerald moth (Eucyclodes albisparsa) - P3102980

Eucyclodes albisparsa (Walker, 1861)

Emerald moth (Eucyclodes divapala) - P3103813

Eucyclodes divapala (Walker, 1861)

Emerald moth (Eucyclodes gavissima) - P3125806

Eucyclodes gavissima (Walker, 1861)

Tribe: Ornithospilini Ban, Jiang, Cheng, Yue & Han, 2018

Genus: Ornithospila Warren, 1894

Emerald moth (Ornithospila sp.) - P3103835

Ornithospila sp. P3103835

Tribe: Pseudoterpnini Warren, 1893

Genus: Herochroma C. Swinhoe, 1893

Emerald moth (Herochroma sp.) - P3115134

Herochroma sp. P3115134

Emerald moth (Herochroma sp.) - P3103604

Herochroma sp. P3103604

Emerald moth (Herochroma sp.) - P3103891

Herochroma sp. P3103891

Genus: Lophophelma Prout, 1912

Emerald moth (Lophophelma varicoloraria) - P3092448

Lophophelma varicoloraria (Moore, 1868)

Emerald moth (Lophophelma rubroviridata) - P3114052

Lophophelma rubroviridata (Warren, 1898)

Emerald moth (Lophophelma luteipes) - P3137622

Lophophelma luteipes (Felder & Rogenhofer, 1875)

Genus: Pingasa Moore, [1887]

Emerald moth (Pingasa ruginaria) - P3114309

Pingasa ruginaria (Guenée, 1857)

Emerald moth (Pingasa sp.) - P3103811

Pingasa sp. P3103811

Emerald moth (Pingasa sp.) - P3125615

Pingasa sp. P3125615

Genus: Tanaorhinus Butler, 1879

Emerald moth (Tanaorhinus sp.) - P3103490

Tanaorhinus sp. P3103490

Subfamily: Larentiinae Duponchel, 1845

Tribe: Asthenini Warren, 1893

Genus: Eois Hübner, 1818

Carpet moth (Eois sp.) - P3115129

Eois sp. P3115129

Tribe: Cidariini Duponchel, 1845

Genus: Ecliptopera Warren, 1894

Carpet moth (Ecliptopera rectilinea) - P3102619

Ecliptopera rectilinea Warren, 1894

Tribe: Eupitheciini Tutt, 1896

Genus: Carbia Walker, 1866

Carpet moth (Carbia calefacta) - P3113947

Carbia calefacta Prout, 1941

Carpet moth (Carbia sp.) - P3114176

Carbia sp. P3114176

Genus: Pseudopolynesia Holloway, 1997

Carpet moth (Pseudopolynesia amplificata) - P3102810

Pseudopolynesia amplificata (Walker, 1861)

Genus: Pomasia Guenée, 1857

Carpet moth (Pomasia sp.) - P3115183

Pomasia sp. P3115183

Subfamily: Oenochrominae Guenée, 1858

Genus: Sarcinodes Guenée, 1857

Geometer moth (Sarcinodes reductatus) - P3137450

Sarcinodes reductatus Inoue, 1992

Geometer moth (Sarcinodes sp.) - P3103180

Sarcinodes sp. P3103180

Subfamily: Sterrhinae Meyrick, 1892

Tribe: Cosymbiini Prout, 1911

Genus: Chrysocraspeda Swinhoe, 1893

Geometer moth (Chrysocraspeda abhadraca) - P3103514

Chrysocraspeda abhadraca Walker, 1861

Geometer moth (Chrysocraspeda croceomarginata) - P3114449

Chrysocraspeda croceomarginata (Guenée, [1858])

Geometer moth (Chrysocraspeda dracontias) - P3137431

Chrysocraspeda dracontias Meyrick, 1897

Chrysocraspeda faganaria (Guenée, [1858])

Geometer moth (Chrysocraspeda juriae) - P3125595

Chrysocraspeda juriae Holloway, 1997

Geometer moth (Chrysocraspeda ozophanes) - P3103717

Chrysocraspeda ozophanes Prout, 1918

Geometer moth (Chrysocraspeda sanguinipuncta) - P3115223

Chrysocraspeda sanguinipuncta C. Swinhoe, 1902

Tribe: Scopulini Duponchel, 1845

Genus: Problepsis Lederer, 1853

Geometer moth (Problepsis plenorbis) - P3113974

Problepsis plenorbis Prout, 1917

Genus: Scopula Schrank, 1802

Geometer moth (Scopula divisaria) - P3103151

Scopula divisaria (Walker, 1861)

Genus: Zythos Fletcher, 1979

Geometer moth (Zythos turbata) - P3092311

Zythos turbata (Walker, 1862)

Family: Uraniidae Blanchard, 1845

Subfamily: Epipleminae Hampson, 1892

Genus: Dysaethria Turner, 1911

Scoopwing moth (Dysaethria quadricaudata) - P3092276

Dysaethria quadricaudata (Walker, 1861)

Scoopwing moth (Dysaethria scopocera) - P3125832

Dysaethria scopocera (Hampson, 1896)

Scoopwing moth (Dysaethria sp.) - P3115169

Dysaethria sp. P3115169

Genus: Monobolodes Warren, 1898

Scoopwing moth (Monobolodes sp.) - P3114368

Monobolodes sp. P3114368

Scoopwing moth (Monobolodes sp.) - P3114078

Monobolodes sp. P3114078

Genus: Pterotosoma Warren, 1903

Swallowtail moth (Pterotosoma castanea) - P3103486

Pterotosoma castanea (Warren, 1898)

Subfamily: Uraniinae Blanchard, 1845

Genus: Lyssa Hübner, 1823

Swallowtail moth (Lyssa zampa) - P3092101

Lyssa zampa (Butler, 1869)

Genus: Urapteroides Moore, 1888

Swallowtail moth (Urapteroides astheniata) - P3092250

Urapteroides astheniata (Guenée, 1857)

Superfamily: Lasiocampoidea Harris, 1841

Family: Lasiocampidae Harris, 1841

Subfamily: Lasiocampinae Harris, 1841

Tribe: Odonestini Tutt, 1902

Genus: Arguda Moore, 1879

Lappet moth (Arguda insulindiana) - P3137577

Arguda insulindiana De Lajonquière, 1977

Tribe: Pinarini Harris, 1841

Genus: Lebeda Walker, 1855

Lappet moth (Lebeda cognata) - P3115230

Lebeda cognata Grunberg, 1913

Tribe: Trabalini

Genus: Trabala Walker, 1856

Lappet moth (Trabala sp.) - P3103728

Trabala sp.

Superfamily: Noctuoidea Latreille, 1809

Family: Erebidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily: Aganainae Lafontaine & Fibiger, 2006

Genus: Agape Felder, 1874

Yellow tiger moth (Agape chloropyga) - P3103499

Agape chloropyga Walker, 1854

Genus: Asota Hübner, 1819

Snouted tiger moth (Asota albiformis) - P3103629

Asota albiformis Swinhoe, 1892

Snouted tiger moth (Asota egens) - P3103627

Asota egens (Walker, 1854)

Snouted tiger moth (Asota heliconia) - P3092166

Asota heliconia (Linnaeus, 1758)

Genus: Neochera Hübner, [1819]

Snouted tiger moth (Neochera marmorea) - P3114308

Neochera marmorea (Walker, 1856)

Genus: Psimada Walker, 1858

Snouted tiger moth (Psimada hybrida) - P3103660

Psimada hybrida (Prout, 1926)

Subfamily: Anobinae Holloway, 2005

Genus: Rema C. Swinhoe, 1900

Moth (Rema costimacula) - P3103533

Rema costimacula (Guenée, 1852)

Subfamily: Arctiinae Leach, 1815

Tribe: Amerilini Dubatolov, 2010

Genus: Amerila Walker, 1855

Frother moth (Amerila sp.) - P3092239

Amerila sp. P3092239

Tribe: Arctiini Leach, [1815]

Subtribe: Callimorphina Walker, [1865]

Genus: Utetheisa Hübner, [1819]

Tiger moth (Utetheisa abraxoides) - P3114533

Utetheisa abraxoides (Walker, 1862)

Tiger moth (Utetheisa abraxoides) - P3125542

Utetheisa abraxoides (Walker, 1862)

Tiger moth (Utetheisa abraxoides) - P3092168

Utetheisa abraxoides (Walker, 1862)

Tiger moth (Utetheisa abraxoides) - P3103060

Utetheisa abraxoides (Walker, 1862)

Subtribe: Nyctemerina Kirby, 1892

Genus: Nyctemera Hübner, 1820

Tiger moth (Nyctemera pagenstecheri) - P3114055

Nyctemera pagenstecheri Pagenstecher, 1898

Subtribe: Spilosomina Kirby, 1892

Genus: Spilarctia Butler, 1875

Tiger moth (Spilosoma cf. hypogopa) - P3114003

Spilarctia cf. hypogopa (Hampson, 1907) (or Spilosoma??)

Genus: Spilosoma Curtis, 1825

Tiger moth (Spilosoma sp.) - P3092283

Spilosoma sp. P3092283

Tiger moth (Spilosoma sp.) - P3103565

Spilosoma sp. P3103565

Tribe: Lithosiini Billberg, 1820

Lichen moth (Lithosiini) - P3103677

Lithosiini P3103677

Lichen moth (Lithosiini) - P3092268b

Lithosiini P3092268b

Genus: Chrysaeglia Butler, 1877

Lichen moth (Chrysaeglia sp.) - P3092423

Chrysaeglia sp. P3092423

Subtribe: Cisthenina Bendib & Minet, 1999

Genus: Garudinia Moore, 1882

Lichen moth (Garudinia biplagiata) - P3103702

Garudinia biplagiata Hampson, 1896

Lichen moth (Garudinia simulana) - P3102981b

Garudinia simulana (Walker, 1863)

Genus: Lobobasis Hampson, 1896

Lichen moth (Lobobasis niveimaculata) - P3103082

Lobobasis niveimaculata Hampson, 1896

Lichen moth (Lobobasis niveimaculata) - P3092322

Lobobasis niveimaculata Hampson, 1896

Genus: Padenia Moore, 1882

Lichen moth (Padenia sp.) - P3092048

Padenia sp. P3092048

Genus: Scaptesyle Walker, 1854

Lichen moth (Scaptesyle aurigena) - P3103492

Scaptesyle aurigena (Walker, 1863)

Genus: Tortricosia Hampson, 1900

Lichen moth (Tortricosia excisa) - P3114008

Tortricosia excisa Hampson, 1900

Subtribe: Lithosiina Billberg, 1820

Lichen moth (Lithosiina) - P3092136

Lithosiina P3092136

Lichen moth (Lithosiina) - P3102844

Lithosiina P3102844

Genus: Macotasa Moore, [1878]

Lichen moth (Macotasa sp.) - P3103648

Macotasa sp. P3103648

Lichen moth (Macotasa sp.) - P3092355

Macotasa sp. P3092355

Genus: Macrobrochis Herrich-Schäffer, [1855]

Lichen moth (Macrobrochis staudingeri) - P3115180

Macrobrochis staudingeri (Alphéraky, 1897)

Genus: Monosyntaxis Swinhoe, 1901

Lichen moth (Monosyntaxis holmanhunti) - P3114001

Monosyntaxis holmanhunti Hampson, 1914 ♂

Lichen moth (Monosyntaxis holmanhunti) - P3114484

Monosyntaxis holmanhunti Hampson, 1914 ♀

Genus: Nishada Moore, 1878

Lichen moth (Nishada sp.) - P3092168b

Nishada sp. P3092168b

Genus: Teulisna Walker, 1862

Lichen moth (Teulisna plagiata) - P3102981

Teulisna plagiata Walker, 1862

Lichen moth (Teulisna tumida) - P3092327

Teulisna tumida (Walker, 1862)

Lichen moth (Teulisna sp.) - P3092342

Teulisna sp. P3092342

Lichen moth (Teulisna sp.) - P3103121

Teulisna sp. P3103121

Genus: Tigrioides Butler, 1877

Lichen moth (Tigrioides leucanioides) - P3103731

Tigrioides leucanioides (Walker, 1862)

Subtribe: Nudariina Börner, 1920

Lichen moth (Nudariina) - P3091974

Nudariina P3091974

Lichen moth (Nudariina) - P3092226

Nudariina P3092226

Genus: Adites Moore, 1882

Lichen moth (Adites cf. trusmadi) - P3091982

Adites cf. trusmadi Holloway, 2001

Lichen moth (Adites vagilinea) - P3102917

Adites vagilinea (Walker, 1862)

Lichen moth (Adites sp.) - P3092230

Adites sp. P3092230

Genus: Barsine Walker, 1854

Lichen moth (Barsine euprepia) - P3115040

Barsine euprepia (Hampson, 1900)

Lichen moth (Barsine lucibilis) - P3092312

Barsine lucibilis Swinhoe, 1892

Lichen moth (Barsine rubricostata) - P3125876

Barsine rubricostata (Herrich-Schäffer, 1855)

Lichen moth (Ammatho syntypica) - P3102805

Barsine syntypica Swinhoe, 1906 (or Ammatho??)

Genus: Chamaita Walker, 1862

Lichen moth (Chamaita sp.) - P3115364

Chamaita sp. P3115364

Genus: Cincinasura Volynkin & Černý, 2021

Lichen moth (Cincinasura synestramena) - P3102741

Cincinasura synestramena (Hampson, 1900)

Genus: Cyana Walker, 1854

Lichen moth (Cyana cf. conclusa) - P3091998

Cyana conclusa (Walker, 1862)

Lichen moth (Cyana costifimbria) - P3092148

Cyana costifimbria (Walker, 1862)

Lichen moth (Cyana cruentata) - P3115110b

Cyana cruentata (Talbot, 1926)

Lichen moth (Cyana malayensis) - P3103500

Cyana malayensis (Hampson, 1914)

Lichen moth (Cyana saulia) - P3091945

Cyana saulia (Swinhoe, 1901)

Lichen moth (Cyana tettigonioides) - P3114534

Cyana tettigonioides (Heylaerts, 1892)

Genus: Darantasia Walker, 1859

Lichen moth (Darantasia sp.) - P3115056

Darantasia sp. P3115056

Genus: Diduga Moore, [1877]

Lichen moth (Diduga sp.) - P3092306

Diduga sp. P3092306

Genus: Eugoa Walker, 1858

Lichen moth (Eugoa tessellata) - P3103485

Eugoa tessellata Holloway, 2001

Lichen moth (Eugoa trifascia) - P3103634

Eugoa trifascia (Walker, 1862)

Genus: Graptasura Hampson, 1900

Lichen moth (Graptasura sp.) - P3115043

Graptasura sp. P3115043

Genus: Huangilene Volynkin & Cerny 2020

Lichen moth (Huangilene sp.) - P3092073

Huangilene sp. P3092073

Genus: Sarbine Volynkin, 2019

Lichen moth (Sarbine sp.) - P3102837

Sarbine sp. P3102837

Lichen moth (Sarbine sp.) - P3091981

Sarbine sp. P3091981

Genus: Trischalis Hampson, 1894

Lichen moth (Trischalis sp.) - P3103501

Trischalis sp. P3103501

Lichen moth (Trischalis sp.) - P3113943

Trischalis sp. P3113943

Tribe: Syntomini Herrich-Schäffer, 1846

Genus: Amata Fabricius, 1807

Handmaiden moth (Amata megista) - P3102869

Amata megista Hampson, 1898

Handmaiden moth (Amata sp.) - P3114357

Amata sp. P3114357

Genus: Auriculoceryx Holloway, 1988

Handmaiden moth (Auriculoceryx sp.) - P3091954

Auriculoceryx sp. P3091954

Subfamily: Boletobiinae Guenée, [1858]

Genus: Metaemene Hampson, 1910

Moth (Metaemene sp.) - P3103656

Metaemene sp. P3103656

Genus: Eublemma Hübner, 1829

Moth (Eublemma crassiuscula) - P3092381

Eublemma crassiuscula (Walker 1864)

Genus: Tamba Walker, 1869

Moth (Tamba delicata) - P3103667

Tamba delicata Prout, 1932

Moth (Tamba diaphora) - P3103144

Tamba diaphora Prout, 1932

Moth (Tamba euryodia) - P3115238

Tamba euryodia Prout, 1932

Moth (Tamba lahera) - P3115242

Tamba lahera Swinhoe, 1897

Moth (Tamba mnionomera) - P3103640

Tamba mnionomera Hampson, 1926

Genus: Homodes Guenée in Boisduval & Guenée, 1852

Moth (Homodes bracteigutta) - P3137742

Homodes bracteigutta (Walker, 1862)

Moth (Homodes vivida) - P3102811

Homodes vivida Guenée, 1852

Tribe: Aventiini Tutt, 1896

Genus: Oruza Walker, 1862

Moth (Oruza sp.) - P3103864

Oruza sp.

Genus: Eugnathia Warren, 1912

Moth (Eugnathia cheyi) - P3137659

Eugnathia cheyi Holloway, 2009

Genus: Hyposada Hampson, 1910

Moth (Hyposada erubescens) - P3114181

Hyposada erubescens Warren, 1913

Genus: Zurobata Walker, 1866

Moth (Zurobata fissifascia) - P3125434

Zurobata fissifascia Hampson, 1896

Tribe: Eublemmini Forbes, 1954

Genus: Mataeomera Butler, 1886

Geometer moth (Mataeomera sp.) - P3092279

Mataeomera sp. P3092279

Subfamily: Calpinae Boisduval, 1840

Genus: Platyjionia Hampson, 1926

Fruit-piercing moth (Platyjionia mediorufa) - P3103692

Platyjionia mediorufa (Hampson, 1894)

Fruit-piercing moth (Platyjionia mediorufa) - P3092071

Platyjionia mediorufa (Hampson, 1894)

Tribe: Calpini Boisduval, 1840

Genus: Calyptra Ochsenheimer, 1816

Vampire moth (Calyptra minuticornis) - P3115293

Calyptra minuticornis (Guenée, 1852)

Genus: Plusiodonta Guenée in Boisduval & Guenée, 1852

Snake vine moth (Plusiodonta coelonota) - P3103851

Plusiodonta coelonota (Kollar, 1844)

Fruit-piercing moth (Plusiodonta ramlii) - P3103071

Plusiodonta ramlii Holloway, 2011

Fruit-piercing moth (Plusiodonta sp.) - P3103678

Plusiodonta sp. P3103678

Tribe: Ophiderini Guenée, 1852

Genus: Eudocima Billberg, 1820

Fruit-piercing moth (Eudocima aurantia) - P3137463

Eudocima aurantia Moore, 1877

Fruit-piercing moth (Eudocima discrepans) - P3137568

Eudocima discrepans Walker, 1857

Fruit-piercing moth (Eudocima homaena) - P3103858

Eudocima homaena Hübner, 1816

Fruit-piercing moth (Eudocima srivijayana) - P3103029

Eudocima strivijayana Bänziger, 1985

Subfamily: Erebinae Leach, [1815]

Genus: Ischyja Hübner, [1823]

Underwing moth (Ischyja hagenii) - P3103495

Ischyja hagenii Snellen, 1885

Underwing moth (Ischyja manlioides) - P3137620

Ischyja manlioides Prout, 1928

Underwing moth (Ischyja marapok) - P3137591

Ischyja marapok Holloway, 2005

Underwing moth (Ischyja sp.) - P3114081

Ischyja sp. P3114081

Tribe: Acantholipini Fibiger & Lafontaine, 2005

Genus: Hamodes Guenée in Boisduval & Guenée, 1852

Underwing moth (Hamodes lutea) - P3103838

Hamodes lutea (Walker, 1863)

Genus: Ugia Walker, 1858

Underwing moth (Ugia eugrapha) - P3102864

Ugia eugrapha (C. Swinhoe, 1907)

Underwing moth (Ugia signifera) - P3092360

Ugia signifera (Walker, 1863)

Tribe: Catocalini Boisduval, [1828]

Genus: Tropidtamba Hampson, 1926

Underwing moth (Tropidtamba lepraota) - P3114178

Tropidtamba lepraota (Hampson, 1898)

Tribe: Cocytiini Boisduval, [1828]

Genus: Avatha Walker, 1858

Underwing moth (Avatha pulcherrima) - P3125543

Avatha pulcherrima Butler, 1892

Tribe: Ercheiini Berio, 1992

Genus: Ercheia Walker, 1858

Underwing moth (Ercheia sp.) - P3137505

Ercheia sp. P3137505

Tribe: Erebini Leach, [1815]

Genus: Lygniodes Guenée, 1852

Underwing moth (Lygniodes schoenbergi) - P3115216

Lygniodes schoenbergi Pagenstecher, 1890

Underwing moth (Lygniodes sp.) - P3103129

Lygniodes sp. P3103129

Tribe: Hulodini Guenée, 1852

Genus: Ericeia Walker, [1858]

Underwing moth (Ericeia eriophora) - P3137572

Ericeia eriophora (Guenée, 1852)

Underwing moth (Ericeia sp.) - P3115273

Ericeia sp. P3115273

Tribe: Ophiusini Guenée, 1837

Genus: Artena Walker, 1858

Underwing moth (Artena convergens) - P3137511

Artena convergens (Gaede, 1917)

Tribe: Poaphilini Guenée, 1852

Genus: Bastilla Swinhoe, 1918

Underwing moth (Bastilla arcuata) - P3114226

Bastilla arcuata (Moore, 1877)

Underwing moth (Bastilla crameri) - P3103550

Bastilla crameri (Moore, 1885)

Underwing moth (Bastilla sp.) - P3137515

Bastilla sp. P3137515

Genus: Pindara Moore, 1885

Underwing moth (Pindara illibata) - P3092362

Pindara illibata (Fabricius, 1775)

Genus: Rectipalpula de Joannis, 1900

Underwing moth (Rectipalpula billeti) - P3092255

Rectipalpula billeti de Joannis, 1900

Tribe: Sypnini Holloway, 2005

Genus: Daddala Walker, 1865

Underwing moth (Daddala brevicauda) - P3114063

Daddala brevicauda (Wileman & South, 1921)

Underwing moth (Daddala microdesma) - P3114307

Daddala microdesma (A. E. Prout, 1928)

Underwing moth (Daddala sp.) - P3137576

Daddala sp. P3137576

Underwing moth (Daddala sp.) - P3092425

Daddala sp. P3092425

Genus: Pterocyclophora Hampson, 1893

Underwing moth (Pterocyclophora ridleyi) - P3103664

Pterocyclophora ridleyi Hampson, 1893

Subfamily: Herminiinae Leach, 1815

Genus: Hepsidera C. Swinhoe, 1902

Litter moth (Hepsidera lignea) - P3125558

Hepsidera lignea C. Swinhoe, 1902

Genus: Mosopia Francis Walker, [1866]

Litter moth (Mosopia kononenkoi) - P3092203

Mosopia kononenkoi Holloway, 2008

Genus: Ochrotrigona Hampson, 1926

Litter moth (Ochrotrigona triangulifera) - P3092344

Ochrotrigona triangulifera (Hampson, 1895)

Genus: Polypogon Schrank, 1802

Litter moth (Polypogon longisaccus) - P3092354b

Polypogon longisaccus Holloway, 2008

Genus: Schistorhynx Hampson, 1898

Litter moth (Schistorhynx sp.) - P3103600

Schistorhynx sp. P3103600

Subfamily: Hypeninae Herrich-Schäffer, [1851]

Genus: Acidon Hampson, 1896

Snout moth (Acidon mediobrunnea) - P3092412

Acidon mediobrunnea (Holloway, 1976)

Genus: Hepatica Staudinger, 1892

Snout moth (Hepatica orbicularis) - P3115127

Hepatica orbicularis Holloway, 2005

Genus: Hypena Schrank, 1802

Snout moth (Hypena rhombaloides) - P3137618

Hypena rhombalis Guenée, 1854

Snout moth (Hypena sp.) - P3114091

Hypena sp. P3114091

Subfamily: Lymantriinae Hampson, 1893

Tribe: Arctornithini Holloway, 1999

Genus: Arctornis Germar, 1810

Tussock moth (Arctornis obtusa) - P3102866

Arctornis obtusa Walker, 1862

Tussock moth (Arctornis poecilonipha) - P3092247

Arctornis poecilonipha Collenette, 1932

Tussock moth (Arctornis rutila) - P3103666

Arctornis rutila Fabricius, 1781

Tussock moth (Arctonis sp.) - P3092269

Arctonis sp. P3092269

Tussock moth (Arctonis sp.) - P3114013

Arctonis sp. P3114013

Genus: Carriola Swinhoe, 1922

Tussock moth (Carriola witti) - P3114112

Carriola witti Shovkoon & Trofimova, 2024

Tribe: Leucomini Grote, 1895

Genus: Perina Walker, 1855

Clearwing tussock moth (Perina sunda) - P3125784

Perina sunda Holloway, 1999

Tribe: Locharnini Holloway & Wang, 2015

Genus: Locharna Moore, 1879

Tussock moth (Locharna limbata) - P3125868

Locharna limbata (Collenette, 1932)

Genus: Numenes Walker, 1855

Tussock moth (Numenes contrahens) - P3103113

Numenes contrahens Walker, 1862

Tussock moth (Numenes insignis) - P3115181

Numenes insignis Moore, [1860]

Tribe: Lymantriini Hampson, 1893

Genus: Dura Moore, 1879

Tussock moth (Dura pseudalba) - P3092280

Dura pseudalba Holloway, 1999

Tussock moth (Dura sp.) - P3103633

Dura sp. P3103633

Genus: Lymantria Hübner, 1819

Tussock moth (Lymantria beatrix) - P3114333

Lymantria beatrix Stoll, 1790

Tussock moth (Lymantria brunneiplaga) - P3113993

Lymantria brunneiplaga C. Swinhoe, 1903

Tussock moth (Lymantria marginalis) - P3092405

Lymantria marginalis Walker, 1862

Tussock moth (Lymantria singapura) - P3092398

Lymantria singapura Swinhoe, 1906

Genus: Psilochira Toxopeus, 1948

Tussock moth (Psilochira sp.) - P3114358

Psilochira sp. P3114358

Tribe: Nygmiini Holloway, 1999

Tussock moth (Nygmiini) - P3114122

Nygmiini P3114122

Tussock moth (Nygmiini) - P3102906

Nygmiini P3102906

Genus: Nygmia Hübner, [1820]

Tussock moth (Nygmia cf. guttulata) - P3092333

Nygmia cf. guttulata (Snellen, 1886)

Tussock moth (Nygmia solitaria) - P3137560

Nygmia solitaria (van Eecke, 1928)

Tribe: Orgyiini Wallengren, 1861

Genus: Calliteara Butler, 1881

Tussock moth (Calliteara diplozona) - P3103675

Calliteara diplozona (Collenette, 1932)

Tussock moth (Calliteara horsfieldii) - P3103182

Calliteara horsfieldii (Saunders, 1851)

Genus: Ilema Moore, [1860]

Tussock moth (Ilema sp.) - P3092354

Ilema sp. P3092354

Subfamily: Pangraptinae Grote, 1882

Genus: Claterna Walker, 1858

Moth (Claterna cydonia) - P3114031

Claterna cydonia (Cramer, [1775])

Genus: Episparis Walker, [1857]

Moth (Episparis costistriga) - P3092446

Episparis costistriga (Walker, 1864)

Genus: Gracillina Hampson, 1924

Moth (Gracillina prosthenia) - P3092281

Gracillina prosthenia Hampson, 1924

Genus: Hyposemansis Hampson, 1895

Moth (Hyposemansis volvapex) - P3137663

Hyposemansis volvapex Kobes, 1994

Genus: Masca Walker, 1859

Moth (Masca abactalis) - P3114334

Masca abactalis Walker, 1859

Subfamily: Rivulinae Grote, 1895

Genus: Bocula Guenée, 1852

Moth (Bocula marginata) - P3103662

Bocula marginata (Moore, 1882) or
Bocula bifaria (Walker, [1863])

Moth (Bocula sp.) - P3103488

Bocula sp. P3103488

Genus: Oglasa Walker, 1859

Moth (Oglasa basicomma) - P3114020

Oglasa basicomma Holloway, 2005

Subfamily: Scoliopteryginae Herrich-Schäffer, [1852]

Genus: Arthisma Moore, 1883

Moth (cf. Arthisma rectilinea) - P3103622

cf. Arthisma rectilinea Roepke, 1948

Genus: Ossonoba Walker, 1866

Moth (Ossonoba torpida) - P3092434

Ossonoba torpida Walker, 1866

Genus: Xanthanomis Hampson, 1926

Moth (Xanthanomis xanthina) - P3137782

Xanthanomis xanthina Holloway & Zilli, 2005

Tribe: Anomini Grote, 1882

Genus: Dinumma Walker, 1858

Moth (Dinumma combusta) - P3103843

Dinumma combusta (Walker, 1865)

Family: Euteliidae Grote, 1882

Subfamily: Stictopterinae Hampson, 1894

Moth (Stictopterinae) - P3103730

Stictopterinae P3103730

Moth (Stictopterinae) - P3092382

Stictopterinae P3092382

Tribe: Odontodini

Genus: Odontodes Guenée, 1852

Moth (Odontodes pallidifimbria) - P3113982

Odontodes pallidifimbria Warren, 1916

Tribe: Stictopterini Hampson, 1894

Genus: Stictoptera Guenée, 1852

Moth (Stictoptera cf. grisea) - P3113963

Stictoptera cf. grisea Moore, 1867

Family: Noctuidae Latreille, 1809

Subfamily: Aediinae Beck, 1960

Genus: Aedia Hübner, [1823]

Cutworm moth (Aedia intrahens) - P3103570

Aedia intrahens (Walker, 1858)

Cutworm moth (Aedia marginisecta) - P3114018

Aedia marginisecta Holloway, 2009

Cutworm moth (Aedia sp.) - P3137783

Aedia sp. P3137783

Cutworm moth (Aedia sp.) - P3114051

Aedia sp. P3114051

Subfamily: Agaristinae Boisduval, 1833

Genus: Sarbanissa Walker, 1865

Forester moth (Sarbanissa sp.) - P3115279

Sarbanissa sp. P3115279

Subfamily: Bagisarinae Crumb, 1956

Genus: Calymniops Hampson, 1926

Cutworm moth (Calymniops convergens) - P3092274

Calymniops convergens Holloway, 2009

Subfamily: Bryophilinae Guenée, 1852

Genus: Stenoloba Staudinger, 1892

Cutworm moth (Stenoloba sp.) - P3115245

Stenoloba sp. P3115245

Subfamily: Dyopsinae

Genus: Arcte Kollar, [1844]

Ramie moth (Arcte coerula) - P3137507

Arcte coerula (Guenée, 1852)

Subfamily: Metoponiinae Herrich-Schäffer, 1851

Genus: Flammona Walker, 1863

Cutworm moth (Flammona quadrifasciata) - P3115159

Flammona quadrifasciata Walker, 1863

Subfamily: Noctuinae Latreille, 1809

Genus: Bagada Walker, 1858

Cutworm moth (Bagada labi) - P3103734

Bagada labi Holloway, 1989

Genus: Clethrorasa Hampson, 1908

Cutworm moth (Clethrorasa pilcheri) - P3115045

Clethrorasa pilcheri (Hampson, 1896)

Genus: Dipterygina Sugi, 1954

Cutworm moth (Dipterygina dorsipallens) - P3102929

Dipterygina dorsipallens (Holloway, 1976)

Genus: Mudaria Moore, 1893

Cutworm moth (Mudaria major) - P3103034

Mudaria major (Warren, 1914)

Cutworm moth (Mudaria sp.) - P3103917

Mudaria sp. P3103917

Genus: Yepcalphis Nye, 1975

Cutworm moth (Yepcalphis dilectissima) - P3137747

Yepcalphis dilectissima (Walker, 1858)

Tribe: Eriopini

Genus: Prometopus Guenée, 1852

Cutworm moth (Prometopus asahana) - P3137529

Prometopus asahana Kobes, 1983

Tribe: Hadenini Guenée, 1837

Genus: Dictyestra Sugi, 1982

Cutworm moth (Dictyestra dissectus) - P3103518

Dictyestra dissectus (Walker, 1865)

Tribe: Xylenini Guenée, 1837

Genus: Xenotrachea Sugi, 1958

Cutworm moth (Xenotrachea albidisca) - P3114331

Xenotrachea albidisca (Moore, 1867)

Subfamily: Pantheinae

Genus: Anepholcia Prout, 1924

Cutworm moth (Anepholcia pygaria) - P3125592

Anepholcia pygaria (Warren, 1912)

Genus: Ortopla Walker, [1859]

Cutworm moth (Ortopla iarbasalis) - P3115314

Ortopla iarbasalis Walker, [1859] 1858

Genus: Viridistria Behounek & Kononenko, 2012

Cutworm moth (Viridistria viridipicta) - P3114183

Viridistria viridipicta (Hampson, 1902)

Family: Nolidae Bruand, 1847

Tufted moth (Nolidae) - P3125603

Nolidae P3125603

Tufted moth (Nolidae) - P3125889

Nolidae P3125889

Tufted moth (Nolidae) - P3102618

Nolidae P3102618

Tufted moth (Nolidae) - P3103780

Nolidae P3103780

Tufted moth (Nolinae) - P3114182

Nolinae P3114182

Subfamily: Bleninae Mell, 1943

Genus: Blenina Walker, [1858]

Tufted moth (Blenina chlorophila) - P3103628

Blenina chlorophila Hampson, 1905

Subfamily: Chloephorinae Stainton, 1859

Genus: Cossedia Walker, [1866]

Tufted moth (Cossedia acolutha) - P3092383

Cossedia acolutha Holloway, 2003

Tufted moth (Cossedia hyriodes) - P3103587

Cossedia hyriodes Hampson, 1912

Tufted moth (Cossedia proesei) - P3115222

Cossedia proesei Kobes, 1984

Genus: Gelastocera Butler, 1877

Tufted moth (Gelastocera viridimacula) - P3103665

Gelastocera viridimacula Warren, 1916

Genus: Ptisciana Walker, 1865

Tufted moth (Ptisciana seminivea) - P3114495

Ptisciana seminivea Walker, 1865

Genus: Ptyonota Hampson, 1894

Tufted moth (Ptyonota carissima) - P3092180

Ptyonota carissima (Wileman & West, 1929)

Genus: Tyana Walker, 1866

Tufted moth (Tyana marina) - P3102735

Tyana marina Warren, 1916

Tufted moth (Tyana marina) - P3114355

Tyana marina Warren, 1916

Tribe: Ariolicini Mell, 1943

Genus: Chandica Moore, 1888

Tufted moth (Chandica sp.) - P3102730

Chandica sp. P3102730

Tufted moth (Chandica sp.) - P3092254

Chandica sp. P3092254

Tufted moth (Chandica sp.) - P3137437

Chandica sp. P3137437

Tufted moth (Chandica sp.) - P3103566

Chandica sp. P3103566

Genus: Siglophora Butler, 1892

Tufted moth (Siglophora bella) - P3114119

Siglophora bella Butler, 1892

Tufted moth (Siglophora cymographa) - P3115175

Siglophora cymographa Hampson, 1912

Tufted moth (Siglophora ferreilutea) - P3102718

Siglophora ferreilutea Hampson, 1895

Tufted moth (Siglophora haemoxantha) - P3114124

Siglophora haemoxantha Zerny, 1916

Tufted moth (Siglophora hayata) - P3092443

Siglophora hayata Kobes, 1997

Genus: Sinna Walker, 1865

Tufted moth (Sinna calospila) - P3137526

Sinna calospila Walker, 1865

Tufted moth (Sinna floralis) - P3115036

Sinna floralis Hampson, 1905

Genus: Titulcia Walker, 1864

Tufted moth (Titulcia eximia) - P3092143

Titulcia eximia Walker, 1864

Tribe: Chloephorini Stainton, 1859

Genus: Chloroplaga Hampson, 1912

Tufted moth (Chloroplaga nygmia) - P3092435

Chloroplaga nygmia (Swinhoe, 1893)

Tribe: Careini Moore, 1883

Genus: Aiteta Walker, 1856

Tufted moth (Aiteta trigoniphora) - P3114057

Aiteta trigoniphora (Hampson, 1898)

Genus: Carea Walker, [1857]

Tufted moth (Carea varipes) - P3092266

Carea varipes Walker, [1857]

Genus: Xenochroa Felder, 1874

Tufted moth (Xenochroa balteata) - P3115110

Xenochroa balteata (Warren, 1912)

Tufted moth (Xenochroa careoides) - P3103721

Xenochroa careoides (Warren, 1912)

Tufted moth (Xenochroa ferrinigra) - P3092069

Xenochroa ferrinigra (Holloway, 1976)

Tufted moth (Xenochroa plesiogramma) - P3092158

Xenochroa plesiogramma (Prout, 1926)

Tufted moth (Xenochroa xanthia) - P3115051

Xenochroa xanthia (Hampson, 1902)

Tribe: Sarrothripini Hampson, 1894

Genus: Garella Walker, [1863]

Tufted moth (Garella vernoides) - P3102719

Garella vernoides Holloway, 2003

Genus: Giaura Walker, 1863

Tufted moth (Giaura lichenosa) - P3115243

Giaura lichenosa Hampson, 1896

Tufted moth (Giaura niveidisca) - P3103720

Giaura niveidisca Hampson, 1894

Subfamily: Eariadinae Hampson, 1912

Genus: Earias Hübner, 1825

Tufted moth (Earias flavida) - P3114341

Earias flavida C. Felder, 1861

Subfamily: Eligminae Mell, 1943

Genus: Baroa Moore, 1878

Tufted moth (Baroa siamica) - P3092070

Baroa siamica Hampson, 1911 (or under Arctiini?)

Subfamily: Nolinae Bruand, 1846

Tribe: Nolini Bruand, 1846

Genus: Manoba Walker, 1863

Tufted moth (Manoba sp.) - P3092415b

Manoba sp. P3092415b

Genus: Meganola Dyar, 1898

Tufted moth (Meganola ascripta) - P3102813

Meganola ascripta (Hampson, 1894)

Tufted moth (Meganola nitidoides) - P3103084

Meganola nitidoides Holloway, 2003

Genus: Nanola László, Ronkay & Witt, 2010

Tufted moth (Nanola basalactifera) - P3114113

Nanola basalactifera (Holloway, 2003)

Subfamily: Risobinae Mell, 1943

Genus: Risoba Moore, 1881

Tufted moth (Risoba calaina) - P3114306

Risoba calaina Zerny, 1916

Subfamily: Westermanniinae Hübner, 1821

Genus: Miaromima Meyrick, 1889

Tufted moth (Miaromima naessigi) - P3125820

Miaromima naessigi (Kobes, 1989)

Genus: Negeta Walker, 1862

Tufted moth (Negeta sp.) - P3103027d

Negeta sp. P3103027d

Family: Notodontidae Stephens, 1829

Prominent moth (Notodontidae) - P3114010

Notodontidae P3114010

Genus: Allodonta Staudinger, 1887

Prominent moth (Allodonta austrocollaris) - P3092379

Allodonta austrocollaris Holloway, 1983

Genus: Liparopsis Hampson, 1893

Prominent moth (Liparopsis sundana) - P3115244

Liparopsis sundana Holloway, 1983

Genus: Oxoia Kiriakoff, 1967

Prominent moth (Oxoia smaragdiplena) - P3113960

Oxoia smaragdiplena (Walker, 1862)

Genus: Pheosiopsis Bryk, 1950

Prominent moth (Pheosiopsis pallida) - P3103516

Pheosiopsis (Suzukiana) pallida (Nakamura, 1976)

Genus: Shachia Matsumura, 1919

Prominent moth (Shachia vernalis) - P3115041

Shachia vernalis (Gaede, 1930)

Subfamily: Dudusinae Matsumura, 1929

Genus: Dudusa Walker, 1865

Prominent moth (Dudusa sp.) - P3115097

Dudusa sp. P3115097

Genus: Tarsolepis Butler, 1872

Prominent moth (Tarsolepis remicauda) - P3103538

Tarsolepis remicauda Butler, 1872

Subfamily: Heterocampinae Neumögen and Dyar, 1894

Genus: Fentonia Butler, 1881

Prominent moth (Fentonia hollowayi) - P3092356

Fentonia hollowayi Kiriakoff, 1974

Prominent moth (Fentonia sumatrana) - P3103062

Fentonia sumatrana Kiriakoff, 1974

Subfamily: Notodontinae Stephens, 1829

Genus: Parasinga Kiriakoff, 1967

Prominent moth (Parasinga lichenina) - P3115211

Parasinga lichenina (Butler, 1880)

Genus: Pseudostauropus Gaede, 1930

Prominent moth (Pseudostauropus plagosus) - P3114053

Pseudostauropus plagosus Gaede, 1930

Tribe: Dicranurini Duponchel, 1845

Genus: Kamalia Kocak & Kemal, 2006

Prominent moth (Kamalia malaysiana) - P3125762

Kamalia malaysiana (Holloway, 1982)

Tribe: Neodrymoniaini

Genus: Neodrymonia Matsumura, 1920

Prominent moth (Neodrymonia elisabethae) - P3137710

Neodrymonia elisabethae Holloway & Bender, 1985

Tribe: Stauropini Matsumura, 1925

Genus: Formofentonia Matsumura, 1925

Prominent moth (Formofentonia orbifer) - P3115351

Formofentonia orbifer (Hampson, [1893])

Genus: Omichlis Hampson, 1895

Prominent moth (Omichlis dimorpha) - P3103033

Omichlis dimorpha Kiriakoff, 1974

Genus: Somera Walker, 1855

Prominent moth (Somera sp.) - P3103064

Somera viridifusca Walker, 1855

Genus: Stauropus Germar, 1812

Prominent moth (Stauropus kiriakoffi) - P3102736

Stauropus kiriakoffi Holloway 1983

Prominent moth (Stauropus (Benbowia) sp.) - P3115055

Stauropus (Benbowia) sp. P3115055

Genus: Syntypistis Turner, 1907

Prominent moth (Syntypistis comatus) - P3092433

Syntypistis comatus (Leech, 1898)

Prominent moth (Syntypistis sp.) - P3115162

Syntypistis sp. P3115162

Prominent moth (Syntypistis sp.) - P3115384

Syntypistis sp. P3115384

Prominent moth (Syntypistis sp.) - P3092204

Syntypistis sp. P3092204

Prominent moth (Syntypistis sp.) - P3114367

Syntypistis sp. P3114367

Subfamily: Periergosinae Kobayashi, 2016

Genus: Chadisra Walker, 1862

Prominent moth (Chadisra cf. borneensis) - P3092225

Chadisra cf. borneensis Holloway, 1983

Subfamily: Phalerinae Butler, 1886

Genus: Euhampsonia Dyar, 1897

Prominent moth (Euhampsonia roepkei) - P3103057

Euhampsonia roepkei Holloway, 1983

Prominent moth (Euhampsonia gigantea) - P3125896

Euhampsonia gigantea Druce, 1909

Genus: Gangarides Moore, 1866

Prominent moth (Gangarides vardena) - P3092389

Gangarides vardena Swinhoe, 1892

Prominent moth (Gangarides sp.) - P3115105

Gangarides sp.

Genus: Phalera Hübner, 1819

Buff-tip moth (Phalera sp.) - P3103043

Phalera sp. P3103043

Buff-tip moth (Phalera sp.) - P3125574

Phalera sp. P3125574

Buff-tip moth (Phalera sp.) - P3103920

Phalera sp. P3103920

Subfamily: Pygaerinae Duponchel, 1845

Genus: Clostera Samouelle, 1819

Prominent moth (Clostera sp.) - P3115211b

Clostera sp. P3115211b

Subfamily: Spataliinae Matsumura, 1929

Tribe: Ceirini Matsumura, 1929

Genus: Brykia Gaede, 1930

Prominent moth (Brykia horsfieldi) - P3103762

Brykia horsfieldi (Moore, 1859)

Prominent moth (Brykia sp.) - P3092061

Brykia sp.

Tribe: Spataliini Matsumura, 1929

Genus: Ginshachia Matsumura, 1929

Prominent moth (Ginshachia bronacha) - P3115082

Ginshachia bronacha (Schaus, 1928)

Genus: Spatalia Hübner, 1819

Prominent moth (Spatalia sp.) - P3102842

Spatalia sp. P3102842

Prominent moth (Spatalia sp.) - P3125828

Spatalia sp. P3125828

Family: Scranciidae Miller, 1991

Genus: Thacona Walker, 1863

Owlet moth (Thacona costivitta) - P3137566

Thacona costivitta Walker, 1865

Superfamily: Pyraloidea Latreille, 1809

Snout moth (Pyraloidea) - P3115112

Pyraloidea P3115112

Family: Crambidae Latreille, 1810

Snout moth (Crambidae) - P3103565b

Crambidae P3103565b

Subfamily: Acentropinae Stephens, 1836

Genus: Eoophyla C. Swinhoe, 1900

China-mark moth (Eoophyla sp.) - P3092309

Eoophyla sp. P3092309

Subfamily: Glaphyriinae Forbes, 1923

Genus: Crocidolomia Zeller, 1852

Snout moth (Crocidolomia sp.) - P3115157

Crocidolomia sp. P3115157

Subfamily: Odontiinae Guenée, 1854

Genus: Heortia Lederer, 1863

Snout moth (Heortia sp.) - P3114015

Heortia sp.

Genus: Pitama Moore, 1888

Snout moth (Pitama hermesalis) - P3103654

Pitama hermesalis (Walker, 1859)

Subfamily: Pyraustinae Meyrick, 1890

Tribe: Pyraustini Meyrick, 1890

Genus: Carminibotys Munroe & Mutuura, 1971

Snout moth (Carminibotys sp.) - P3092347

Carminibotys sp. P3092347

Genus: Daulia Walker, 1859

Snout moth (Daulia aurantialis) - P3092375

Daulia aurantialis Hampson, 1896

Genus: Pagyda Walker, 1859

Snout moth (Pagyda sp.) - P3092384

Pagyda sp. P3092384

Subfamily: Spilomelinae Guenée, 1854

Pearl moth (Spilomelinae) - P3115184

Spilomelinae P3115184

Genus: Dichocrocis Lederer, 1863

Pearl moth (Dichocrocis rigidalis) - P3103659

Dichocrocis rigidalis (Snellen, 1890)

Pearl moth (Dichocrocis cf. zebralis) - P3103554

Dichocrocis sp.
Note: Close to D. zebralis which has black bars equally spaced apart, not paired.

Genus: Goniorhynchus Hampson, 1896

Pearl moth (Goniorhynchus octosema) - P3125885

Goniorhynchus octosema Hampson, 1912

Genus: Lipararchis Meyrick, 1934

Pearl moth (Lipararchis tranquillalis) - P3102808

Lipararchis (Bepea) tranquillalis (Lederer, 1863)

Genus: Nevrina Guenée, 1854

Pearl moth (Nevrina procopia) - P3125608

Nevrina procopia (Stoll in Cramer & Stoll, 1781)

Genus: Polythlipta Lederer, 1863

Pearl moth (Polythlipta sp.) - P3113985

Polythlipta sp. P3113985

Pearl moth (Polythlipta sp.) - P3114090

Polythlipta sp. P3114090

Pearl moth (Polythlipta sp.) - P3102621

Polythlipta sp. P3102621

Genus: Pycnarmon Lederer, 1863

Pearl moth (Pycnarmon jaguaralis) - P3103896

Pycnarmon jaguaralis (Guenée, 1854)

Pearl moth (Pycnarmon sp.) - P3115221

Pycnarmon sp. P3115221

Genus: Pylartes Walker, 1863

Pearl moth (Pylartes subcostalis) - P3114004

Pylartes subcostalis Walker, 1863

Genus: Sagariphora Meyrick, 1894

Pearl moth (Sagariphora magnificalis) - P3115168

Sagariphora magnificalis (Hampson, 1893)

Genus: Syllepte Hübner, 1823

Pearl moth (Syllepte sellalis) - P3115396

Syllepte sellalis (Guenée, 1854)

Pearl moth (Syllepte sp.) - P3103497

Syllepte sp. P3103497

Pearl moth (Syllepte sp.) - P3103841

Syllepte sp. P3103841

Pearl moth (Syllepte sp.) - P3092245

Syllepte sp. P3092245

Pearl moth (Syllepte sp.) - P3115239

Syllepte sp. P3115239

Pearl moth (Syllepte sp.) - P3103588

Syllepte sp. P3103588

Pearl moth (cf. Syllepte sp.) - P3092244

cf. Syllepte sp. P3092244

Tribe: Agroterini Acloque, 1897

Genus: Aetholix Lederer, 1863

Pearl moth (Aetholix sp.) - P3114117

Aetholix sp. P3114117

Genus: Agrotera Schrank, 1802

Pearl moth (Agrotera sp.) - P3103716

Agrotera sp. P3103716

Genus: Neoanalthes Yamanaka & Kirpichnikova, 1993

Pearl moth (Neoanalthes pseudocontortalis) - P3114079

Neoanalthes pseudocontortalis Yamanaka & Kirpichnikova, 1993

Genus: Nosophora Lederer, 1863

Pearl moth (Nosophora cf. semitritalis) - P3103108

Nosophora cf. semitritalis (Lederer, 1863)

Tribe: Hydririni Minet, 1982

Genus: Lamprosema Hübner, 1823

Pearl moth (cf. Lamprosema sp.) - P3092329

cf. Lamprosema sp. P3092329

Tribe: Lineodini Amsel, 1956

Genus: Leucinodes Guenée, 1854

Pearl moth (Leucinodes sp.) - P3137676

Leucinodes sp. P3137676

Tribe: Margaroniini Swinhoe & Cotes, 1889

Genus: Agathodes Guenée, 1854

Pearl moth (Agathodes sp.) - P3103681

Agathodes sp. P3103681

Genus: Agrioglypta Meyrick, 1932

Pearl moth (Agrioglypta eurytusalis) - P3103567

Agrioglypta eurytusalis (Walker, 1859)

Pearl moth (Agrioglypta sp.) - P3092231

Agrioglypta sp. P3092231

Genus: Arthroschista Hampson, 1893

Pearl moth (Arthroschista tricoloralis) - P3092278

Arthroschista tricoloralis (Pagenstecher, 1888)

Genus: Cirrhochrista Lederer, 1863

Pearl moth (Cirrhochrista brizoalis) - P3103559

Cirrhochrista brizoalis (Walker, 1859)

Pearl moth (Cirrhochrista sp.) - P3103724

Cirrhochrista sp. P3103724

Pearl moth (Cirrhochrista sp.) - P3103903

Cirrhochrista sp. P3103903

Genus: Conogethes Meyrick, 1884

Pearl moth (Conogethes sp.) - P3113946

Conogethes sp. P3113946

Pearl moth (Conogethes sp.) - P3125600

Conogethes sp. P3125600

Genus: Cydalima Lederer, 1863

Pearl moth (Cydalima sp.) - P3114017

Cydalima sp.

Genus: Glyphodes Guenée, 1854

Pearl moth (Glyphodes bivitralis) - P3103647

Glyphodes bivitralis Guenée, 1854

Pearl moth (Glyphodes quadrimaculalis) - P3092409

Glyphodes quadrimaculalis Bremer & Grey, 1853

Pearl moth (Glyphodes sp.) - P3114099

Glyphodes sp. P3114099

Pearl moth (Glyphodes sp.) - P3115171

Glyphodes sp. P3115171

Genus: Heterocnephes Lederer, 1863

Pearl moth (Heterocnephes lymphatalis) - P3092207

Heterocnephes lymphatalis (C. Swinhoe, 1889)

Genus: Maruca Walker, 1859

Pearl moth (Maruca vitrata) - P3115374

Maruca vitrata (Fabricius, 1787)

Genus: Meroctena Lederer, 1863

Pearl moth (Meroctena sp.) - P3115367

Meroctena sp. P3115367

Genus: Pachynoa Lederer, 1863

Pearl moth (Pachynoa purpuralis) - P3092059

Pachynoa purpuralis Walker, 1866

Pearl moth (Pachynoa spilosomoides) - P3114105

Pachynoa spilosomoides (Moore, 1886)

Pearl moth (Pachynoa thoosalis) - P3092175

Pachynoa thoosalis (Walker, 1859)

Pearl moth (Pachynoa sp.) - P3092177

Pachynoa sp. P3092177

Pearl moth (Pachynoa sp.) - P3103558

Pachynoa sp. P3103558

Genus: Palpita Hübner, 1808

Pearl moth (Palpita nigricollis) - P3103504

Palpita nigricollis (Snellen, 1895)

Pearl moth (Palpita sp.) - P3114060

Palpita sp. P3114060

Genus: Parotis Hübner, 1831

Pearl moth (Parotis laceritalis) - P3103770

Parotis laceritalis (Kenrick, 1907)

Pearl moth (Parotis sp.) - P3103632

Parotis sp. P3103632

Genus: Polygrammodes Guenée, 1854

Pearl moth (Polygrammodes moerulalis) - P3103773

Polygrammodes moerulalis (Walker, 1859)

Genus: Rhimphalea Lederer, 1863

Pearl moth (Rhimphalea sp.) - P3114073

Rhimphalea sp. P3114073

Pearl moth (Rhimphalea sp.) - P3103769

Rhimphalea sp. P3103769

Genus: Stemorrhages Lederer, 1863

Pearl moth (Stemorrhages sp.) - P3102781

Stemorrhages sp. P3102781

Genus: Talanga Moore, 1885

Pearl moth (Talanga sabacusalis) - P3125888

Talanga sabacusalis (Walker, 1859)

Genus: Tyspanodes Warren, 1891

Pearl moth (Tyspanodes sp.) - P3114023

Tyspanodes sp. P3114023

Tribe: Nomophilini Kuznetzov & Stekolnikov, 1979

Genus: Desmia Westwood, 1832

Pearl moth (Desmia aceoalis) - P3103700

Desmia aceoalis Walker, 1859
Might be junior synonym of Salbia illectalis Walker, 1859

Genus: Nothomastix Warren, 1890

Pearl moth (Nothomastix pronaxalis) - P3103073

Nothomastix pronaxalis (Walker, 1859)

Family: Pyralidae Latreille, 1809

Subfamily: Epipaschiinae Meyrick, 1884

Snout moth (cf. Epipaschiinae) - P3091969

cf. Epipaschiinae P3091969

Snout moth (Pyralidae) - P3115382

cf. Epipaschiinae P3115382

Snout moth (Epipaschiinae) - P3103097

Epipaschiinae P3103097

Snout moth (Epipaschiinae) - P3102627

Epipaschiinae P3102627

Snout moth (Epipaschiinae) - P3092228

Epipaschiinae P3092228

Snout moth (Epipaschiinae) - P3103693

Epipaschiinae P3103693

Snout moth (Epipaschiinae) - P3113941

Epipaschiinae P3113941

Snout moth (Epipaschiinae) - P3102725

Epipaschiinae P3102725

Snout moth (Epipaschiinae) - P3092392

Epipaschiinae P3092392

Snout moth (Epipaschiinae) - P3114531

Epipaschiinae P3114531

Genus: Coenodomus Walsingham, 1888

Snout moth (Coenodomus sp.) - P3091983

Coenodomus sp. P3091983

Genus: Lista Walker, 1859

Snout moth (Lista sp.) - P3103806

Lista sp. P3103806

Genus: Teliphasa Moore, 1888

Snouth moth (Teliphasa sp.) - P3115161

Teliphasa sp. P3115161

Snouth moth (Teliphasa sp.) - P3114012

Teliphasa sp. P3114012

Subfamily: Galleriinae Zeller, 1848

Snout moth (Galleriinae) - P3125575

Galleriinae P3125575

Snout moth (Galleriinae) - P3113951

Galleriinae P3113951

Tribe: Tirathabini Whalley, 1964

Genus: Lamoria Walker, 1863

Snout moth (Lamoria sp.) - P3115053

Lamoria sp. P3115053

Subfamily: Pyralinae Latreille, 1809

Genus: Hyboloma Ragonot, 1891

Snout moth (Hyboloma sp.) - P3114441

Hyboloma sp.

Genus: Rostripalpus Hampson, 1896

Snout moth (cf. Rostripalpus sp.) - P3114447

cf. Rostripalpus sp. P3114447

Tribe: Endotrichini Ragonot, 1890

Genus: Endotricha Zeller, 1847

Snout moth (Endotricha sp.) - P3114066

Endotricha sp. P3114066

Tribe: Pyralini Latreille, 1809

Genus: Hypanchyla Warren, 1891

Snout moth (Hypanchyla sp.) - P3127298

Hypanchyla sp. P3127298

Genus: Macna Walker, 1859

Snout moth (Macna hampsonii) - P3103564

Macna hampsonii Nicéville, 1896

Genus: Orybina Snellen, 1895

Snout moth (Orybina kobesi) - P3113977

Orybina kobesi Roesler, 1984

Genus: Sacada Walker, 1862

Snout moth (Sacada sp.) - P3125561

Sacada sp. P3125561

Snout moth (Sacada sp.) - P3125833

Sacada sp. P3125833

Snout moth (Sacada sp.) - P3092418

Sacada sp. P3092418

Snout moth (Sacada sp.) - P3092140

Sacada sp. P3092140

Snout moth (Sacada sp.) - P3125854

Sacada sp. P3125854

Genus: Toccolosida Walker, 1863

Snout moth (Toccolosida rubriceps) - P3137644

Toccolosida rubriceps Walker, 1863

Genus: Vitessa Moore, 1860

Snout moth (Vitessa sp.) - P3125613

Vitessa sp.

Superfamily: Thyridoidea Herrich-Schäffer, 1846

Family: Thyrididae Herrich-Schäffer, 1846

Window-winged moth (Thyrididae) - P3115234

Thyrididae P3115234

Window-winged moth (Thyrididae) - P3103138

Thyrididae P3103138

Genus: Monodecus Whalley, 1976

Window-winged moth (Monodecus admirandus) - P3102737

Monodecus admirandus Whalley, 1976

Genus: Telchines Whalley, 1976

Window-winged moth (Telchines vialis) - P3103112

Telchines vialis (Moore, 1883)

Subfamily: Siculodinae Meyrick, 1884

Window-winged moth (Siculodinae) - P3115182

Siculodinae P3115182

Window-winged moth (Siculodinae) - P3092324

Siculodinae P3092324

Window-winged moth (Siculodinae) - P3114134

Siculodinae P3114134

Genus: Herdonia Walker, 1859

Window-winged moth (Herdonia sp.) - P3115179

Herdonia sp. P3115179

Window-winged moth (Herdonia sp.) - P3103866

Herdonia sp. P3103866

Tribe: Rhodoneurini

Genus: Mellea Gaede, 1922

Window-winged moth (Mellea taeniata) - P3113968

Mellea taeniata Warren, 1908

Window-winged moth (Mellea sp.) - P3092138

Mellea sp. P3092138

Genus: Rhodoneura Guenée, 1858

Window-winged moth (Rhodoneura sp.) - P3115167

Rhodoneura sp. P3115167

Superfamily: Tineoidea Latreille, 1810

Family: Psychidae Boisduval, 1828

Genus: Degia Walker, 1862

Bagworm moth (Degia sp.) - P3113940

Degia sp. P3113940

Superfamily: Tortricoidea Latreille, 1803

Family: Tortricidae Latreille, 1803

Subfamily: Tortricinae Latreille, 1803

Tribe: Archipini Pierce & Metcalfe, 1922

Leafroller moth (Archipini) - P3115185

Archipini P3115185

Genus: Adoxophyes Meyrick, 1881

Leafroller moth (Adoxophyes moderatana) - P3102734

Adoxophyes moderatana (Walker, 1863)

Leafroller moth (Adoxophyes sp.) - P3114371

Adoxophyes sp.

Superfamily: Yponomeutoidea

Family: Yponomeutidae Stephens, 1829

Genus: Nosymna Walker, 1864

Ermine moth (Nosymna sp.) - P3103601

Nosymna sp. P3103601

Ermine moth (Nosymna sp.) - P3114430

Nosymna sp. P3114430

Superfamily: Zygaenoidea Latreille, 1809

Family: Lacturidae Heppner, 1995

Genus: Anticrates Meyrick, 1905

Burnet moth (Anticrates sp.) - P3092185

Anticrates sp. P3092185

Family: Limacodidae Duponchel, 1845

Subfamily: Limacodinae Duponchel, 1845

Genus: Cania Walker, 1855

Slug caterpillar moth (Cania sp.) - P3103902

Cania sp. P3103902

Slug caterpillar moth (Cania sp.) - P3092445

Cania sp. P3092445

Genus: Nirmides Hering, 1931

Slug moth caterpillar (Nirmides sp.) - P3103649

Nirmides sp. P3103649

Genus: Scopelodes Westwood, 1841

Slug moth caterpillar (Scopelodes unicolor) - P3092415

Scopelodes unicolor Westwood, 1841

  1. Reply


    26 April 2024

    Borneo is a fantastic island, full of amazing biodiversity.
    Thanks for showing us its moths, which most humans ignore…

  2. Reply

    randy thill

    28 April 2024

    Oh my! Mother nature had her hands full at the design table with these moths. I am amazed at the diversity. Thanks again, Nicky, for opening my eyes a little bit wider by sharing the wonderful results from your trip!



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