Year: 2016


2016 Macro Collection: Highlights from Singapore and the Region

31 December 2016
As 2016 draws to a close, it is time for my annual photo spam with the year’s highlights. While I did fewer expeditions beyond Singapore, more work was done…

2017 Jumping Spiders Calendar

25 November 2016
Thinking of a Christmas gift for your fellow arachnophiles? I have put together a 11×8.5″ Wall Calendar for 2017 featuring a different jumping spider in every month. A perfect…
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Mystery of the Pulsating Spider

12 November 2016
During my years in the field, I had recorded numerous instances of micro-movements in spider abdomens. Most are just really tiny unnoticeable movements around the spider’s heart line, but…
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Ladybird Beetles: A Brief History Behind the Name “Lady”

3 October 2016
Ladybirds from the family Coccinellidae Latreille, 1807 are also commonly known as Ladybugs in North America, but are actually not true bugs but beetles. That is why some prefer…
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Trilobite Beetles: “Prehistoric” Creatures of our Forests

9 September 2016
Trilobite beetles are not prehistoric. They merely resemble the extinct trilobite and adopted the name due to the visual similarity. However, that didn’t stop some passionate photographers from calling…