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Singapore's Rhino Beetles

This is the first time I've seen Rhino Beetles roaming in the open, and I hope this would not be the first. Rhino Beetles are much larger than other beetles and tend to be more visible to usual park goers. It makes them vulnerable to poaching, as they are not too uncommon to be kept as pets. To those who ever thought of it, remember that poaching diminishes the limited wildlife that we already lack and it deprives the animal/bug from leading a normal life. If you see any poachers, you may report it to the NParks Helpline at 1-800-4717 300 or the AVA at 6227 0670. Those caught poaching will be slapped with a heavy fine.

Rhinoceros Beetle (Dynastinae) - DSC_7758 #1 The latest craze amongst macro shooters these days - the male Rhino Beetle, with it's unique curved horns. An extremely reflective subject - difficult to illuminate without overexposing certain parts of the picture.

Rhinoceros Beetle (Dynastinae) - DSC_7777 #2 This one was seen climbing up the tree

Rhinoceros Beetle (Dynastinae) - DSC_7729 #3 Face to face with the Rhino Beetle! Wonder how they fight?

Rhinoceros Beetle (Dynastinae) - DSC_7735 #4 Another angle from the front

Rhinoceros Beetles (Dynastinae) - DSC_7767 #5 2 male Rhino Beetles cross paths and struggle to push each other out of their way

Rhinoceros Beetles (Dynastinae) - DSC_7768 #6 This better illustrates what went on

Rhinoceros Beetle (Dynastinae) - DSC_7832 #7 Close up on the Rhino Beetle's face

Didn't manage to capture a mating couple, will be back again for more! Hope they can multiply fast enough. :P

The complete album can be viewed here.

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