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UV Fluorescence in Millipedes and Scorpions

Up til this shoot, I had always assumed that scorpions were the only creatures that fluoresced under Ultra Violet (UV) light. While testing my new uber powerful UV torch in the night, I noticed a millipede that could glow under UV as well, with the strongest fluorescence from the legs.

Update 20 Nov 2013: My UV photos were recently published on WIRED, with more details on this phenomenon: The Secret World of Fluorescent Arthropods.

Millipede (Diplopoda) - DSC_6185 #1 With a normal torch, it looked like any other millipede and we would have given it a miss

Millipede (Diplopoda) exhibiting UltraViolet Fluorescence - DSC_6194 #2 With a UV torch... voila!

Millipede (Diplopoda) exhibiting UltraViolet Fluorescence - DSC_6213 #3 The legs and antennae were particularly bright

Millipede under ultraviolet - DSC_6279 #4 Had a lot of shots, but mostly blur as it was moving non-stop

Scorpion devouring House Centipede - DSC_2212 #5 An example where the scorpion glows under UV light, but the prey (a house centipede) does not

Scorpion (Liocheles australasiae?) - DSC_6033 #6 A different scorpion with a bright glow (Hemiscorpiidae?)

Scorpion (Lychas scutilus?) - DSC_8982 #7 The babies of scorpions do not glow as much under UV light. Probably only having low amounts of beta-carboline on their exo-skeleton.

Scorpions (Lychas scutilus?) - DSC_8314 #8 Having a UV torch really makes it easier to find these beauties!

More information posted in an earlier post regarding UV fluorescence: Why do Scorpions Glow Under UV light?

Fishing Spider (Dolomedes sp.) - DSC_6150 #9 In this trip, we actually went straight to the fishing spiders

Fishing Spider (Dolomedes sp.) - DSC_6158 #10 trying to highlight the tension on the water surface

Fishing Spider (Dolomedes sp.) - DSC_6161 #11 The flash needs to be tilted at certain angles to get the full reflection off the water surface

Caterpillar - DSC_6184 #12 Unidentified caterpillar with back lighting to highlight the hair

Spotted Tree Frog (Nyctixalus pictus) - DSC_6287 #13 Nyctixalus pictus - Melvyn was super happy to find this!! A usual resident of Durian Loop but first time seeing it here.

Spotted Tree Frog (Nyctixalus pictus) - DSC_6293 #14 Quietly resting at the edge of the boardwalk. Some cyclists went past and it simply remained motionless.

Spotted Tree Frog (Nyctixalus pictus) - DSC_6297 #15 We got it to move to safety, and it seemed like a nicer position to shoot. lol

Spotted Tree Frog (Nyctixalus pictus) - DSC_6300 #16 No nice compositions, need to learn from frog king mel

Spotted Tree Frog (Nyctixalus pictus) - DSC_6301 #17 How it looked when Melvyn was shooting from the other side

Spotted Tree Frog (Nyctixalus pictus) - DSC_6304 #18 Huggy

Spotted Tree Frog (Nyctixalus pictus) - DSC_6311 #19 The Peekaboo

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