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World's Largest Jumping Spider? Perhaps...

Spotted a Heavy Jumper (Hyllus diardii) on this trip, which was around twice the size of a usual jumping spider. These jumpers can grow to 10-15mm, and extremely hairy. Generally safe to let them jump around on your hands, should be exciting to watch it catch it's prey!

Heavy Jumper (Hyllus diardi) - DSC_7713 #1 Heavy Jumper (Hyllus diardii)

Heavy Jumper (Hyllus diardi) - DSC_7692 #2 A handsome fella, hair nicely combed and standing!

Agave Snout Weevil (Scyphophorus acupunctatus?) - DSC_7463 #3 Found this Agave Snout Weevil (Scyphophorus acupunctatus) resting on a leaf. On closer inspection, I found some aphids on it's abdomen!

Agave Snout Weevil (Scyphophorus acupunctatus?) - DSC_7470 #4 I'm just going to take record shots of this guy at various angles. :P

Straight-Snouted Weevil (Brentidae) - DSC_7477 #5 It appears very flat, but looks like this from above

Agave Snout Weevil (Scyphophorus acupunctatus?) - DSC_7479 #6 Front view of the Weevil

Lynx Spider (Oxyopidae) - DSC_7493 #7 Lynx Spider munches on it's prey. It was just a tiny one, several times smaller than the grasshopper

Stilt-Legged Flies (Micropezidae) - DSC_7525 #8 Mating Stilt-Legged Flies, saw a couple of them. You can see an air bubble in the body of the male!

Jumping Spider (Thiania sp.) - DSC_7562 #9 A blue jumping spider

Jumping Spider (Thiania sp.) - DSC_7569 #10 Lots of poses from jumping spiders! :)

Crab Spider (Thomisidae) - DSC_7590 #11 Crab spider does a Hulk Hogan pose

Crab Spider (Thomisidae) - DSC_7605 #12 Com'on!!!

Broad-Headed Bug (Alydidae) - DSC_7623 #13 Eggs or dessert?

Jumping Spider (Salticidae) - DSC_7628 #14 Yet another jumping spider, skinny dude

Jumping Spider (Salticidae) - DSC_7642 #15 Gotta love those permanently stunned eyes!

Dragonfly (Anisoptera) - DSC_7653 #16 Simple perched dragonfly shot

Crane Fly (Tipulidae) - DSC_7664 #17 Giant crane fly resting on the bark of a tree

Crane Fly (Tipulidae) - DSC_7667 #18 Closer view of the crane fly

The complete album can be viewed here.
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