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Shit Gets Real – 9 Dung Spiders and their Remarkable Mimicry

22 May 2017
From years of trudging through forests, I have learnt not to casually dismiss any pile of poop in the foliage. With experience and a keen sense of observation, some…
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How Birds are Fooled by Ladybird Mimicry and Why Spiders are Amazing

22 March 2017
Ladybird beetles are frequently portrayed in childrens’ books and nursery rhymes, but few know that they possess noxious chemicals which wreck havoc on taste buds when consumed. In fact,…
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The Beauty of Ladybird Mimicry

10 June 2011
An exploratory night trip down the abandoned railway track off sunset way led to some interesting discoveries. The most notable was what seemed like a ladybird… with 8 legs!Ladybird…

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