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Peruvian Amazon’s Jewel Caterpillar: The Forest Nudibranch

17 August 2015
More from the Peruvian Amazon Tortoise Orb Weavers Thorn Orb Weavers Roly Poly Orb Weavers Jewel Caterpillar Spider Faces 50 Tiny Creatures There were many fascinating finds during my week-long stay in Tambopata Research Center of…

Peekaboo False Eyes of a Hawkmoth Caterpillar

18 February 2015
Hawkmoth (Sphingidae) larvae, or caterpillars, can grow to relatively large sizes. Some of them may sport two prominent spots above their heads which appear to mimic eyes. Some may…

Meet the Multi-Headed Caterpillar

19 January 2015
Multi-headed creatures seemed to exist only in mythology and science fiction… until now. Meet the multi-headed caterpillar – it sports multiple heads, with the next head hovering above smaller…