Year: 2013


2013 Macro Highlights

31 December 2013
2013 has been an eventful year in my macro journey. Fired about 33,000 macro shots and uploaded close to 6,000 photos – at least 4 out of 5 photos…
Feature Journal

Back-lit Macro Attempts

12 October 2013
Back-lighting is not a conventional way to light up subjects in nature and especially in macro photography, because it is inherently difficult to carry or manipulate the lights around…

Eureka EDC-51 Dry Cabinet

22 September 2013
I have recently been invited to try out the Eureka EDC-51 dry cabinet, in conjunction with the Singapore launch of the Eureka series of dry cabinets on 1 Oct…

The Peculiar Shaped Petai Flower

28 August 2013
We were doing our usual roaming, looking for interesting arthropods, when a heavy object dropped from the sky and hit my arm. It appeared to be a flower, and…
Feature Journal

The Majestic Dead Leaf Mantis

23 August 2013
The dead leaf mantis as its name implies, mimics dead leaves and remains well hidden when perched on dead leaf litter. It has a distinctive large shield on its…