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Caught Red Handed

Had a slow adventure in the Lower Pierce area. It was a nation-wide buzz about wild boars due to a recent incident at Bishan, but we were there in search of other things much smaller. :P

The main find today was a praying mantis (Pachymantis bicingulata) which was last shot at Rifle Range Road during our recent Chinese New Year jungle lou hei. This mantis had very uniquely coloured fore-legs, but are normally hidden, until the fore-legs are stretched open.

Pachymantis bicingulata - DSC_0581 #1 First found the Pachymantis bicingulata on this stalk, with what looked like an egg sac??

Pachymantis bicingulata - DSC_0619 #2 It jumped off the stalk and we picked it back up on a broken branch

Pachymantis bicingulata - DSC_0620 #3 Slightly angled view

Pachymantis bicingulata - DSC_0625 #4 A very shy girl covering her mouth

Pachymantis bicingulata - DSC_0634 #5 Shot with Raynox DCR250 at infinity focus. Too tight!

Pachymantis bicingulata - DSC_0639 #6 Turned to face me

Pachymantis bicingulata - DSC_0672 #7 At the tip of the branch, it started to practise some boxing moves. That's where we saw that the inner sides of the fore-legs were bright red, and the inner joint was a bright metallic blue!

Pachymantis bicingulata - DSC_0674 #8 *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

Pachymantis bicingulata - DSC_0675 #9 Stretching forward. Motion blur in this picture due to slow shutter speed (to get the bright background)

Pachymantis bicingulata - DSC_0681 #10 The sun was extremely bright, and contributed to the background

Pachymantis bicingulata - DSC_0695 #11 As the sun hid behind some clouds, the background reverted to a dull shade of green

Harvestmen (Opiliones) - DSC_0528 #12 Lower Pierce was FULL of Harvestman (Opiliones)

Robberfly (Asilidae) - DSC_0534 #13 Didn't find many subjects, so spent a bit more time with this Robberfly that had just captured a prey. Shot under natural light.

Robberfly (Asilidae) - DSC_0544 #14 It dropped the prey very quickly, probably to get more prey

The complete album can be viewed here.
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