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The Dairy Farm Discoveries

Back to the Dairy Farm Nature Park early in the morning! Many early joggers and strollers, but most would probably not see what I see in the micro world. :P Many firsts in this series, read on!

Dairy Farm Nature Park - DSC_9264 #1 Beautiful morning sun cutting through the mist. I was using my 180mm lens, had to run very far to capture this. lol

Many-lined Sun Skink? (Eutropis multifasciata?) - DSC_9266 #2 Common sun skink (Eutropis multifasciatus) sunbathing on a dead leaf. Thanks to Tim for pointing this out to me!

Many-lined Sun Skink? (Eutropis multifasciata?) - DSC_9280 #3 Shimmery skin and pointed mouth, might mistake it for a snake at some angles

Many-lined Sun Skink? (Eutropis multifasciata?) - DSC_9284 #4 It's looking at me!!! Yes that's my flashes in the reflection.

Many-lined Sun Skink? (Eutropis multifasciata?) - DSC_9307 #5 The dude stood up to pose as I switched to the other side against the sunlight

Weevil (Curculionidae) - DSC_9392 #6 Weevil, shot with Raynox DCR250 attached

Weevil (Curculionidae) - DSC_9409b #7 Realized that my flash was too far to the front and can't fill the weevil's face when I went too close, but this looks like a studio shot.. hahahahaha

Weevil (Curculionidae) - DSC_9412 #8 Ok I shifted back a little to capture more of the cute little fella

Weevil (Curculionidae) - DSC_9424 #9 Can't get enough of these portraits.. lol

Weevil (Curculionidae) - DSC_9424 #10 And the closest I could go to reveal whatever pimples he might have

Weevil (Curculionidae) - DSC_9434 #11 Side view of the fatty weevil

Weevil in Flight (Curculionidae) - DSC_9441 #12 Finally got pissed with me and flew off!!

Weevil (Curculionidae) - DSC_9448 #13 Found another weevil on a tree trunk!

Weevil (Curculionidae) - DSC_9452 #14 Perched up on a branch

Weevil (Curculionidae) - DSC_9458 #15 Okok, final weevil pic! :P

Fungus Beetles - DSC_9462 #16 Found these 2 very cute beetles running around the same tree trunk, and kinda placed branches around and guided them to stand side by side for a cute couple shot

Fungus Beetles - DSC_9472 #17 But... they decided to do more! Took a few shots and merged them together to form this animation.

Fungus Beetles - DSC_9466 #18 Initial shot when they got together

Fungus Beetles - DSC_9473 #19 And they got a bit rough

Fungus Beetles - DSC_9478 #20 The female got a bit impatient and started running around again, while the male just clung on for his dear life!

Tiger Beetle (Cicindelinae) - DSC_9490 #21 Found a turquoise Tiger Beetle! Not sure of the exact species, but it has a blue metallic body, super reflective!

Tiger Beetle (Cicindelinae) - DSC_9490 #22 Fierce looking fella

Tiger Beetle (Cicindelinae) - DSC_9497b #23 Side view of the tiger beetle, it has a short body and big ass eyes!

Assassin Bug (Reduviidae) - DSC_9510 #24 Assassin Bug

Net-Winged Beetle (Lycidae) - DSC_9532 #25 Net Winged Beetle (Lycidae)

Wide-Jawed Viciria (Viciria sp.) - DSC_9537 #26 A wide-jawed jumping spider

Wide-Jawed Viciria (Viciria sp.) - DSC_9548 #27 Side view of the orange beauty

Darkling Beetle (Tenebrionidae) - DSC_9558 #28 A horned back beetle, not sure of the exact species too!

Darkling Beetle (Tenebrionidae) - DSC_9562 #29 Wider view

The complete album can be viewed here.
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