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Meet the Multi-Headed Caterpillar

Meet the Multi-Headed Caterpillar!
Multi-headed creatures seemed to exist only in mythology and science fiction... until now. Meet the multi-headed caterpillar - it sports multiple heads, with the next head hovering above smaller than the previous one.
    Multi-headed caterpillar - DSC_6918
  1. The multi-headed caterpillar

  2. Is it real?

    It is definitely real. These extra heads are actually remnants of the caterpillar's previous instars. Like many other arthropods (e.g. spiders), the caterpillar's growth is limited by the rigid exoskeleton which must be shed in order to grow. In the process of shedding, this caterpillar retains the exoskeleton of just the head so that with each shedding process, a new head is stacked above!

    Multi-headed caterpillar - DSC_6920
  3. Close up on the multiple heads

  4. What is the purpose of the additional heads?

    I don't know, and I'm not sure if the actual reason has been studied or proven yet. My first guess is that the additional heads serve as decoys, so that predators would snag its spare heads. In this case, the "redundancy" works!

    Multi-headed caterpillar - DSC_6924
  5. With so many heads, predators may just bite the old heads off

  6. Multi-headed caterpillar - DSC_6904
  7. When viewed from above, the "head tower" is concealed

  8. Multi-headed caterpillar - DSC_6910
  9. While not obvious, a little of the heads can be seen in this picture

  10. Multi-headed caterpillar - DSC_6917
  11. The fluffy exterior had me thinking that this caterpillar had already been engulfed in fungus... until it moved!

  12. Multi-headed caterpillar - DSC_6929
  13. These little heads bring a new definition to "bad hair day"

  14. Multi-headed caterpillar - DSC_6935
  15. From the side, the caterpillar's heads can be seen peeking out

  16. Multi-headed caterpillar - DSC_6936
  17. It raised its heads to greet me!

  18. Multi-headed caterpillar - DSC_6940
  19. Another close up on the heads

  20. Multi-headed caterpillar - DSC_6947
  21. Doing another back stretch, but the heads won't fall off!

  22. Multi-headed caterpillar - DSC_6959
  23. With back-lighting, we could see that the additional heads were just weakly propped up on top of each other

  24. The ID of this species appears to be Sarbena lignifera as pointed out by Henry Barlow via Craig Williams on Facebook.

    2015 has thus far been quite interesting, with several new findings which I will document here later!
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