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Differentiating Millipedes and Centipedes

I had posted pictures of millipedes in this post earlier, and some friends commented that they looked like centipedes. How would you differentiate them then? I have compiled a summary of what I know...

Number of Legs2 pairs per body segment, except first 3 segments with 1 pair each1 pair per body segment
Movement SpeedSlowBLOODY FAST (oops)
Bite?Scavengers, do not bitePredators, has modified venomous legs behind the head

Millipede (Paradoxosomatidae) - DSC_1374 #1 Melvyn found this pair of mating millipedes. The female was heavily infested with mites!

Millipede (Paradoxosomatidae) - DSC_1380 #2 Some people thought that these were centipedes. The easiest way to tell them apart, is that millipedes would have 2 pairs of legs per body segment (except first 3 segments), while centipedes have 1 pair per body segment.

Nocturnal Claws, Centipede (Chilopoda) - DSC_8228 #2b An old shot of a centipede highlighting the long antennae and venomous fangs

Comb-Footed Spider (Theridiidae) - DSC_1299 #3 James found this Theridiid with THREE termites for supper!

Comb-Footed Spider (Theridiidae) - DSC_1306 #4 This angle shows the 3 pointed heads of the termites

DSC_1326 #5 Messing up the leaf litter and found this tiny spider (Theridiidae or Oonopidae?)

Ground Spider (Zodariidae) - DSC_1328 #6 Zodariidae

Sac Spider (Clubionidae) - DSC_1330 #7 Sac Spider (Clubionidae)

Sac Spider (Clubionidae) - DSC_1332 #8 Sometimes, I mistook them for Sparassids

Sac Spider (Clubionidae) - DSC_1333 #9 Top view

Cellar Spider (Pholcidae) - DSC_1338 #10 Daddy Long Legs spider (Pholcidae) carrying her eggs and peering through a hole in a leaf

Cellar Spider (Pholcidae) - DSC_1359 #11 Too difficult to shoot from under the leaf, so I just took all my shots through the hole

Cellar Spider (Pholcidae) - DSC_1362 #12 Experimental back-lighting

Cellar Spider (Pholcidae) - DSC_1366 #13 Preferred this, as it highlights the translucent legs

Harvestman (Opiliones) - DSC_1372 #14 A harvestman running around in the leaf litter

Crab Spider (Thomisidae) - DSC_1383 #15 Crab spider? (Thomisidae)

Wide-Jawed Viciria (Viciria praemandibularis) - DSC_1387 #16 Found this pair of male and female Wide Jawed Viciria (Viciria praemandibularis)

DSC_1389 #17 Looks like a spider protecting her egg sac of freshly emerged spiderlings (nearby) with one of them returning to mummy

DSC_1392 #18 Fidgeted around, but stuck to the egg sac

DSC_1394 #19 Looks like not all spiderlings have emerged

DSC_1397 #20 A tiny cranefly (?) got stuck in the web, and some spiderlings promptly charged over

DSC_1407 #21 Crawled all over the prey as the cranefly slowly ceased to struggle

DSC_1411 #22 Perhaps the spiderling did inject venom into the prey

DSC_1420 #23 Two spiderlings climbing around

Fulgorid Planthopper (Fulgoridae) - DSC_1424 #24 Fulgoridae, lantern bug's relative?

Fulgorid Planthopper (Fulgoridae) - DSC_1438 #25 Top view of the Fulgorid

Black-spotted Sticky Frog (Kalophrynus pleurostigma) - DSC_1445 #26 A fat looking Black-spotted Sticky Frog (Kalophrynus pleurostigma)

Black-spotted Sticky Frog (Kalophrynus pleurostigma) - DSC_1448 #27 This angle doesn't make it look too fat. :P

Black-spotted Sticky Frog (Kalophrynus pleurostigma) - DSC_1452 #28 Front view makes it look a little like the Malayan Horned Frog

Two-Tailed Spider (Hersiliidae) - DSC_1457 #29 Two-tailed Spider (Hersiliidae) with a prey

Black-eyed Litter Frog (Leptobrachium nigrops) - DSC_1459 #30 Last find of the night is this Black-eyed Litter Frog (Leptobrachium nigrops)

Black-eyed Litter Frog (Leptobrachium nigrops) - DSC_1465 #31 The hind legs had a slight tinge of blue

Black-eyed Litter Frog (Leptobrachium nigrops) - DSC_1468 #32 Looking really grumpy

Black-eyed Litter Frog (Leptobrachium nigrops) - DSC_1479 #33 Very docile and stood quietly

Black-eyed Litter Frog (Leptobrachium nigrops) - DSC_1484 #34 Final shot as it climbed further in preparation to leap!

The complete album can be viewed here.

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