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Stalk-Eyed Flies... It Gets Longer!

Stalk-Eyed Flies (Diopsidae) have eyes on long stalks. Self-explanatory name isn't it? But how long do they actually get? The length of the eye stalks are actually a measure of sexual attractiveness as females may prefer mates with an exaggerated eye-span. Just how long do these stalks get?

I have an earlier post about Stalk-Eyed Flies here, including some videos: The Story Behind Stalk Eyed Flies
Stalk-Eyed Fly (Diopsidae) - DSC_8242 #1 Relatively long, but not as long. This Stalk-Eyed Fly was quite easily spooked and kept walking around

Stalk-Eyed Fly (Diopsidae) - DSC_8242 #2 做人要看开一点, ok?

Hammerhead Fly (Richardiidae) - DSC_5321 #3 A different species, with closer resemblance to a form of hammerhead flies

Stalk-Eyed Fly (Diopsidae) - DSC_8249 #4 Father of all Stalk-Eyed Flies, with an eye-span beyond the length of the fly itself! Wonder how many mates he'd get?

Some simple shots from the rest of the day...

Water Strider (Gerridae) - DSC_8189 #5 A pond-skater with prey

Water Strider (Gerridae) - DSC_8199 #6 Simple pond-skater shot

Water Strider (Gerridae) - DSC_8205 #7 There were many of them, but not easy to get low enough to capture them, especially with a long lens

Dragonfly (Odonata) - DSC_8215 #8 This dragonfly was eating a bee just before I took this shot. Remnants of the leg still remains.

Whip Spider? (Ariamnes flagellum) - DSC_8266 #9 A Whip Spider (Ariamnes flagellum) guarding her egg-sac

Hoverfly (Graptomyza sp.) - DSC_8281 #10 Spent the rest of the time shooting this little fly, while waiting for the rain to stop

Shooting in the Rain - nicky_rain_IMG_20120520_WA0010 #11 Here's what I meant by shooting in the rain. lol. Picture taken by Victor while he was resting on his chair

Hoverfly (Graptomyza sp.) - DSC_8292 #12 Some said that this is a hover fly. I'm not too sure yet?

Hoverfly (Graptomyza sp.) - DSC_8311 #13 The sun came out (but still raining) and formed a nice green background for me

Hoverfly (Graptomyza sp.) - DSC_8308 #14 The shade I provided seemed to attract more of them!

Hoverfly (Graptomyza sp.) - DSC_8314 #15 And MORE!

Hoverfly (Graptomyza sp.) - DSC_8313 #16 They decided to show me their asses all at once

The complete album can be viewed here.

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