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Chestnut Discoveries

Was supposed to go to Dairy Farm but made a mistake with the dates and ended up at Chestnut Avenue instead. A number of interesting finds left us with more weird names for the little critters!

Mirid Bug (Sophianus sp.?) - DSC_8766 #1 A really tiny bug that David found. Interestingly, the eyes stood up like that of a crab, and the antennae was thick and leaf-like. We called it the muscle bug. lol

Mirid Bug (Sophianus sp.?) - DSC_8759 #2 Top view. This bug was barely 2mm long!

Mirid Bug (Sophianus sp.?) - DSC_8724 #3 Head shot focusing on the eyes and "muscles"

Mirid Bug (Sophianus sp.?) - DSC_8774 #4 Slightly angled view

Praying Mantis (Mantodea) - DSC_8562 #5 Lots of Praying Mantises along the trail, spotting one in every few meters.

Praying Mantis (Mantodea) - DSC_8628 #6 Found a beautiful one and took some handheld shots with the Raynox attached.

Praying Mantis (Mantodea) - DSC_8633 #7 My favorite angle. Love the colours! The 3 little jewels between the antennae are the Ocelli, which function as eyes as well.

Mosquito? (Culicomorpha) - DSC_8563 #8 Found lots of mozzies flying around me too

Mosquito? (Culicomorpha) - DSC_8674 #9 Unfortunately, this one seemed to have gotten to me and is sluggish enough to let me shoot.

Mosquito? (Culicomorpha) - DSC_8683 #10 Took another shot for insurance. :P

cDSC_8688 #11 Top view. Maybe useful to ID if I get some weird disease from the bite!

Common Mormon (Papilio polytes romulus) - DSC_8570 #12 A Common Mormon sleeping under a leaf

Common Mormon (Papilio polytes romulus) - DSC_8573 #13 Tried to go a bit closer

Common Mormon (Papilio polytes romulus) - DSC_8585 #14 This was the closest I could get

Ant (Formicidae) - DSC_8603 #15 Bored due to lack of subjects, and took shots of this ant

Velvet Mite? (Trombidiidae) - DSC_8608 #16 James found this little velvety mite

Jumping Spider (Salticidae) - DSC_8641 #17 Relatively large Salticidae.

Jumping Spider (Salticidae) - DSC_8657 #18 Large eyes!

Jumping Spider (Salticidae) - DSC_8665 #19 A female with large abdomen. Pregnant?

Harvestman (Opiliones) - DSC_8689 #20 Harvestman from the leaf litter

Harvestman (Beloniscus sp.?) - DSC_8696 #21 It took a break, while I continued to shoot

True Weevil (Curculionidae) - DSC_8822 #22 Portrait of a very large weevil, almost an inch long. Didn't take much pics while Ben was going at it.

Crab Spider (Thomisidae) - DSC_8836 #23 Pretty little Crab Spider, a female Boliscus tuberculatus

Crab Spider (Thomisidae) - DSC_8838 #24 Top view.

Crab Spider (Thomisidae) - DSC_8845 #25 Taking a poop. The white substance could be guanin, a nitrogen-rich excretory product.

Crab Spider (Thomisidae) - DSC_8849 #26 Look at the abdomen. See any face with thick eyebrows? :)

Crab Spider (Thomisidae) - DSC_8851 #27 Back view, as it moved non-stop

Crab Spider (Thomisidae) - DSC_8855 #28 Last shot but out of focus. :(

Masked Hunter (Reduvius sp.) - DSC_8859 #29 Masked Hunter, an assassin bug nymph. See the eyes?

Masked Hunter (Reduvius sp.) - DSC_8864 #30 Here's how it'd look normally

James blogged about this trip here.

The complete album can be viewed here.

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