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The Teeny Weeny Pseudoscorpion

Pseudoscorpions are tiny little critters that prey on other insects - usually much bigger than themselves. They resemble scorpions due to their 2 powerful pedipalps/pincers which contain venom for capturing prey.

Pseudoscorpions have 8 legs, and are so small that most people - even macro shooters - miss them out. Most that I had seen were smaller than 5mm in length.

Here's a little video about these little critters:

Pseudoscorpion (Pseudoscorpionida) - DSC_5471 #1 Found this Pseudoscorpion clinging on tightly to a beetle's leg

Pseudoscorpion (Pseudoscorpionida) - DSC_5489 #2 The beetle was running around now and then, but the little pseudoscorpion just held on

Pseudoscorpion (Pseudoscorpionida) - DSC_5556 #3 Here's how the pseudoscorpion looks like when the beetle was desperately trying to run away from it

Pseudoscorpion (Pseudoscorpionida) - DSC_5559 #4 Off the beetle goes again, dragging the predator along

This night trip at Venus Drive was originally targetted at glowing mushrooms. We did find a few initially, but just a few. Targeted to find a huge cluster which would look like Pandora, but not much luck there.

Bioluminescent Fungi (Mycena illuminans?) - DSC_5393 #5 Over 1cm in diameter, this was the brightest mushroom we found. Shape doesn't look like the much talked about Filoboletus manipularis but it glows too!

Bioluminescent Fungi (Mycena illuminans?) - DSC_5395 #6 Side view reveals yet another glowing kiddo

Bioluminescent Fungi - DSC_5403 #7 Melvyn found this cluster, but it had already been partially destroyed

Next, we bashed around and didn't stay on the main trail for long. :P

Wandering Spider (Ctenidae) - DSC_5407 #8 Wandering spider eating another spider. Exact species to be determined.

Wandering Spider (Ctenidae) - DSC_5408 #9 Caught with food in the mouth

Wandering Spider (Ctenidae) - DSC_5410 #10 Climbed up and let me have an easier angle

Wandering Spider (Ctenidae) - DSC_5414 #11 Got irritated with my presence and started running around

Pill Bug? - DSC_5505 #12 What beetle is this? Keeps itself curled up.

Golden Comb-Footed Spider (Chrysso sp.) - DSC_5514 #13 Golden Comb Footed Spider (Chrysso sp.) tending to her newborns. Interestingly she almost always keeps herself flat on the leaf.

Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) - DSC_5517 #14 Mouldy longhorn beetle. Been seeing more of these lately. Due to wet weather?

Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) - DSC_5521 #15 Side view of the moulding longhorn beetle. Horns were already gone?

Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) - DSC_5524 #16 Nope! It still had its horns!

Cricket - DSC_5529 #17 Very cute large-eyed cricket

Cricket - DSC_5536 #18 Another view of the cutey

Ground Spider (Zodariidae) - DSC_5564 #19 Ant-mimic spider (Mallinella sp.) having supper

Lace Bug (Ypsotingis sp.) - DSC_5568 #20 Record shot of the Ypsotingis. Finally found the tree after staring at many others. But once I got down to start shooting... the sky opened and saw all of us scampering out of the trails. Will be back to shoot more of this fella.

The complete album can be viewed here.

James blogged about this trip here.

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