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Oh Shit!

I had planned to capture the moments of a butterfly metamorphosis in the early morning, but couldn't find any "ripe" chrysalis. Ended up spotting a piece of shit (pardon the language) on a leaf before I left the spot.

The Bird-Dropping Spider (Phrynarachne rugosa) sports a black and white glazed blobby surface to give it an authentic wet shitty look. It even emits smells to lure flies right to it's grasping legs!

Bird Dung Orb Weaver (Pasilobus sp.) - DSC_0239
#1 View from behind. At first, I thought this was the front, but couldn't find any eyes nor positioned legs!

Bird Dung Orb Weaver (Pasilobus sp.) - DSC_0296
#2 Found the eyes! Wet doe-eyed look, pretending to be innocent, but is actually a cunning predator!

The complete album can be viewed here.

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