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An Intimate Millipede Moment

Found a lot of Yellow-Spotted Millipedes (Anoplodesmus sp.) on the ground while searching for butterflies, and noticed this pair having an intimate moment. At first, I thought they were centipedes. But on closer inspection, it would resemble a millipede once the extraneous yellow protrusions were not there.

Ok more sex education in this blog entry... so that you would understand what's going on in the pictures. :P The male millipede's sexual organs are called "gonopods", located three segments begind the head. When mating, the male will transfer a hard sperm package called a spermatorphore into the female spermathecae.

Yellow-Spotted Millipedes (Anoplodesmus sp.?) - DSC_9972 #1 Mmmm... stealing a kiss! lol

Yellow-Spotted Millipedes (Anoplodesmus sp.?) - DSC_9992 #2 Trying to get into position. The female was running around but once the male tried to mount her, she stopped moving and allowed him to do his work!

Yellow-Spotted Millipedes (Anoplodesmus sp.?) - DSC_9998 #3 Front view. Female looks a bit shy here.

Yellow-Spotted Millipedes (Anoplodesmus sp.?) - DSC_9999 #4 Moving around. They didn't keep still at all, got a lot of blur pictures because of that.

Yellow-Spotted Millipedes (Anoplodesmus sp.?) - DSC_0004 #5 Closer view of the front

Yellow-Spotted Millipedes (Anoplodesmus sp.?) - DSC_0006 #6 Getting impatient.. when are they really doing it???

Yellow-Spotted Millipedes (Anoplodesmus sp.?) - DSC_0024 #7 Decided to do face-hugging instead? Looks like a wrestling match!

The complete album can be viewed here.

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