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The Heat is On...!

We're seeing less rainfall of late and temperatures are rising. That allows the insect community to thrive!

Unfortunately there had been a lot of grass-cutting and replanting of trees after the unfortunate tree uprooting incidents at Admiralty Park. Many nests were destroyed and we saw fewer new families sprouting up.

Many bugs here had a messy background when I found them. I ended up using a wide-open aperture for a cleaner background and brighter scene. Turned out to be quite pleasing, many liked the thin DOF!

DSC_2955 #1 Constipation

DSC_2963 #2 Balancing as an art

Tortoise Beetle (Hispinae sp.) - DSC_2970 #3 The beautiful orange tortoise beetle has a transparent shell, allowing us to see the beautiful patterns on it's body. We can usually spot the green and orange tortoise beetles at Admiralty Park, but try not to touch the leaves they rest on as they can get quite skittish.

Tortoise Beetle (Hispinae sp.) - DSC_2998 #4 Side view, you can see it's cute eyes from this angle!

Broad-Headed Bugs (Alydidae) - DSC_3069 #5 A hardworking couple making out in the bright morning sun

Wasp (Apocrita) - DSC_3086 #6 The wasp falls asleep while standing guard at it's nest, complete with a drop of drool

Twig-Like Feather-Legged Spider (Miagrammopes sp.) - DSC_3129 #7 Twig-like Feather-Legged Spider, miagrammopes sp. This spider is very much like the Whip Spider in it's method of camouflage, except that it is brown and has distinctly feather-like legs.

Twig-Like Feather-Legged Spider (Miagrammopes sp.) - DSC_3131 #8 Another view, rotated the image. Can you tell where it's head lies?

Twig-Like Feather-Legged Spider (Miagrammopes sp.) - DSC_3131 #9 Close up on the feathered legs

Twig-Like Feather-Legged Spider (Miagrammopes sp.) - DSC_3132 #10 Not so common view of this spider, it was readjusting it's position and this was the only pic I took before it went into it's twig mode

The complete album can be viewed here.

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