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Labrador Park

A short trip to Labrador Park nature reserve, my first time there so more time was spent in trying to find the entrance! :P

Butterfly - DSC_5425 #1 Found this at the car park

Stilt-Legged Flies (Micropezidae) - DSC_5496 #2 Mating Silt Legged Flies

Stilt-Legged Flies (Micropezidae) - DSC_5473 #3 Him: Dear can u hold still? I'm trying to concentrate!! Her: How to when you're stepping on my FACE!!?

Stilt-Legged Flies (Micropezidae) - DSC_5502_640 #4 Performing the rain dance! hee hooo haaa hupppp hoiii!

Jumping Spider (Salticidae) - DSC_5516 #5 Jumping Spider

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