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Admiralty Park - Red Tent Spider Babies

The Cyrtophora Unicolor, better known as the Red Tent Spider, had been the star of Admiralty Park for the past 3 weeks, and have been guarding its egg sac tirelessly every day and night. The regulars spotted the first batch of babies emerging the previous morning and announced it to the world, and so there I was to witness the new borns!

The pictures are going to be shown from a wide view showing most of the babies, and zooming in slowly to see how each little kid looks like.

#1 Guess how many?

#2 Thats the egg sac where they came out from

#3 Slightly yellowish abdomen, quite unlike their mommy!

#4 I went so close, that I'm quite sure some of them sprang onto me...

#5 More dudes on the egg sac

#6 Closing up on the little ones!

#7 Images got very soft when I latched everything I've got to zoom in

#8 1mm Baby

View the full album here.

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