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Trilobite Beetles of Singapore

Had a quick walk to locate one of the trilobite beetles known to exist in Singapore. Popularly known as Trilobite Beetle Larvae, these critters have a superficial resemblance to the extinct trilobites. Some of us used to jokingly call it the Jurassic bug. (incorrect name but just for fun) :P

If you are interested in other trilobite beetles, I have compiled a checklist in Platerodrilus Checklist: Trilobite Beetles. Note that Duliticola is an obsolete junior synonym of Platerodrilus according to Masek & Bocak, 2013.

Quick article here about Singapore's trilobite beetles: A SINGAPORE TRILOBITE LARVA, DULITICOLA SPECIES

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus sp.) - DSC_1935 #1 Found the Trilobite larva (Platerodrilus sp.) wiggling around on rotten logs, we lifted it up on a dead leaf

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus sp.) - DSC_1937 #2 Very active and reflective!

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus sp.) - DSC_1939 #3 It ran about non-stop!

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus sp.) - DSC_1941 #4 Once in a while, it would pause and look around

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus sp.) - DSC_1954 #5 Close up of the head

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus sp.) - DSC_1957 #6 The antennae can sometimes be mistaken for the eyes!

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus sp.) - DSC_1963 #7 Close view of the suction cup at the tail

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus sp.) - DSC_1965 #8 Can't get enough of the cute head

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus sp.) - DSC_1967 #9 Close up of the head from above

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus sp.) - DSC_1976 #10 To many, the body just speaks of bizarre~

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus sp.) - DSC_1986 #11 Peeping out at us

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus sp.) - DSC_2014 #12 Close up of the suction cup

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus sp.) - DSC_2016 #13 Another view of the suction cup. It actually tried to crawl on me... and it felt... icy!

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus sp.) - DSC_2018 #14 Doing some gymnastics

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus sp.) - DSC_2022 #15 More close ups

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus sp.) - DSC_2028 #16 Final headshot of the trilobite beetle!

Trilobite Beetles (Platerodrilus hoseini) - DSC_1800 #17 Another pair of trilobite beetles found in an earlier shoot. Probably Platerodrilus hoseini.

Trilobite Beetle (Platerodrilus hoseini) - DSC_1820 #18 Ideas for backlighting

Huntsman Spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_2049 #19 Found this Huntsman Spider (Sparassidae) peering out while upside down. It allowed us to have a view of the fangs!

Huntsman Spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_2073 #20 I adjusted the foliage around, and managed to get a better view of the Sparassid!

Scorpion - DSC_2078 #21 One of the scorpions of the night. Count the eyes!

The complete album can be viewed here
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