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Batesian Mimicry

In Batesian Mimicry, a potential prey mimics another insect which it's predators would typically avoid. These "mimic models" could be unpalatable, or even aggressive so that a hungry predator that had experience with them before would avoid wasting time with such an unpleasant meal again.

We came across what looked like a Tiger Beetle, which looked like a forest ant initially, while some parts looked like a katydid. Upon closer observation, it was indeed a Katydid (Condylodera tricondyloides) that was mimicking a Flightless Tiger Beetle (Tricondyla sp.). The tiger beetle is typically an aggressive critter, and not an easy prey to catch.

Tiger Beetle-Mimic Katydid (Condylodera tricondyloides) - DSC_1738#1a First look of Condylodera tricondyloides. Initially thought to be a tiger beetle mimicking a forest ant.

Flightless Tiger Beetle (Tricondyla sp.) - DSC_3083#1b Side view of the actual Tiger Beetle (Tricondyla sp.)

Tiger Beetle-Mimic Katydid (Condylodera tricondyloides) - DSC_1741#2 Higher view. The abdomen does indeed look like that of an ant!

Tiger Beetle-Mimic Katydid (Condylodera tricondyloides) - DSC_1743#3a Top view. The bulging eyes are typical of tiger beetles.

Flightless Tiger Beetle (Tricondyla sp.) - DSC_3088#3b Top view of the actual Tiger Beetle (Tricondyla sp.)

Tiger Beetle-Mimic Katydid (Condylodera tricondyloides) - DSC_1751#4 Front view close up. The fierce looking mandibles of a tiger beetle were missing, not a tiger beetle after all!

Tiger Beetle-Mimic Katydid (Condylodera tricondyloides) - DSC_1762#5 Another close up of the mandibles

Tiger Beetle-Mimic Katydid (Condylodera tricondyloides) - DSC_1766#6 Side view close up.

Tiger Beetle-Mimic Katydid (Condylodera tricondyloides) - DSC_1773#7 Final pic of the magnificent mimic

DSC_1582#8 A pair of mating beetles. I hadn't had a good chance to take a decent pic of this yet

DSC_1585#9 Full body view of the couple

Sweat Bee (Amegilla sp.?) - DSC_1588#10 Sleeping Sweat Bee (Amegilla sp.)

Sweat Bee (Amegilla sp.?) - DSC_1595#11 It was fidgeting around and even wiping it's eyes

Sweat Bee (Amegilla sp.?) - DSC_1597#12 Often lifted itself, clinging onto the branch only by it's mandibles

Sweat Bee (Amegilla sp.?) - DSC_1603#13 Finally settled down for a nice shot

Peacock Pansy (Junonia almana javana) - DSC_1620#14 Sleeping Peacock Pansy (Junonia almana javana)

Leaf-Mimic Katydid (Chondroderella borneensis) - DSC_1622#15 This katydid was standing upright when we found it. As we approached, it sensed our presence and flattened it's body on the leaf!

Leaf-Mimic Katydid (Chondroderella borneensis) - DSC_1625#16 Close up on the head

Leaf-Mimic Katydid (Chondroderella borneensis) - DSC_1626#17 Slightly angled view

DSC_1629#18 Unidentified beetle

DSC_1633#19 Top view of the beetle

DSC_1652#20 Keith found this beautiful shield bug (?)

DSC_1663#21 View from the side reveals a metallic green underneath

DSC_1667#22 Brilliant colours from the front!

Huntsman Spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_1672#23 One of the many Huntsman Spiders (Sparassidae) running around on the leaf litter

Paraplectana sp. - DSC_1681#24 Beautiful spider, this is likely to be a Paraplectana new to science

Paraplectana sp. - DSC_1690#25 Dangling on it's web

Paraplectana sp. - DSC_1694#26 Climbs onto a leaf after sensing our presence

Trilobite Beetle (Duliticola hoseini) - DSC_1720#27 Trilobite beetle larva (Duliticola hoiseni)

Trilobite Beetle (Duliticola hoseini) - DSC_1728#28 Another close up on the head

Trilobite Beetles (Duliticola hoseini) - DSC_1800#29 Found these 2 cute ones together, but not sure if they were of the same species

Trilobite Beetles (Duliticola hoseini) - DSC_1811#30 Ok, not fated to be together, bye bye!!

Trilobite Beetle (Duliticola hoseini) - DSC_1820#31 Back-lit trilobite beetle

Trilobite Beetle (Duliticola hoseini) - DSC_1823#32 These nocturnal creatures couldn't keep still

Trilobite Beetle (Duliticola hoseini) - DSC_1826#33 Final shot before we called it a night

The complete album can be viewed here.
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