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Colourful World of Hoppers

Following the previous post on lantern bugs, this post shares the other findings from the same trip.

Leafhoppers (Cicadellidae) are a bizarre yet beautiful family of bugs. Some sport a myriad of colours, while some have bushes of fiber-like tails.

Planthopper nymph (Fulgoromoropha) - DSC_4359 #1 Going up close to it's face, which literally looked @.@ Beautiful blue and red stripes on the face, with orange streaks across the eyes.

Planthopper nymph (Fulgoromoropha) - DSC_4356 #2 Record shot, this shows the fiber-optic-like tail

Planthopper nymph (Fulgoromorpha) - DSC_4021 #3 Some have much bushier tails!

Planthoppers (Fulgoromorpha) - DSC_1322 #4 This pair of leaf hopper nymphs had striking red stripes. Many said that the stalk resembled some part of the human anatomy.......

Planthopper nymph (Fulgoromorpha) - DSC_9907 #5 Some look really bizarre

Jumping Spider (Portia sp.) - DSC_4338 #6 We also found a very handsome Portia Spider. I had posted about this spider in an earlier post - Portia - The Intelligent Hunter

Jumping Spider (Portia sp.) - DSC_4341 #7 Side view shows the irregular outline and perched hind legs

Jumping Spider (Portia sp.) - DSC_4344 #8 Jumped around curiously.

Jumping Spider (Portia sp.) - DSC_4350 #9 Beating its chest, trying to act like king kong or tarzan

Fruit Fly (Tephritidae) - DSC_4369 #10 Got bored, so practised with flies

Cricket? - DSC_4435 #11 And watched others drool

Planthopper (Fulgoromorpha) - DSC_4441 #12 Weird looking planthopper

Planthopper (Fulgoromorpha) - DSC_4455 #13 Record shot of another view

Stretch Spider (Tetragnatha sp.) - DSC_4476 #14 Female Big-jawed spider (Tetragnatha sp) with eggsac

Net-casting Spider (Deinopis sp.) - DSC_4513 #15 Record shot of a net-casting spider, waiting it's dinner! This spider waits all night for unsuspecting prey to wander under it's net, and lunges down with the net to capture the prey.

I had posted videos and more details on this net-casting spider (aka Ogre-Faced Spider) here - Hunting Ogres in Singapore.
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