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Revisiting the Mantidfly!

A short trip to get improved shots of the Mantidfly which I shot last month. Before the main subjects... found the usual little ones.

Net-Winged Beetle (Lycidae) - DSC_9525 #1 Net-wing beetle (Lycidae) that kept rotating on the spot as I positioned the camera.

Katydid - DSC_9535 #2 A bug-eyed katydid. Described by Mr Tan Ming Kai as Asiophlugis temasek. Thanks to James for the reference.

Cricket (Gryllidae) - DSC_9542 #3 Ichneumon Wasp. You wouldn't want it to pierce that long thingy through you! (to lay eggs?)

Cricket (Gryllidae) - DSC_9549 #4 Cute little cricket, did the same peekaboo with me around that branch

Ant-Snatching Assassin Bug (Acanthaspis sp.) - DSC_9554 #5 Ant-snatching assassin bug. These guys are the nymphs, and when they grow up, they graduate to piercing larger bugs!

Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae) - DSC_9561 #6 Longhorn Beetle (Cerambycidae), should be a young one with very fresh colours

Tiger Beetle (Cicindelinae) - DSC_9564 #7 Tiger Beetle closeup (Cicindela aurulenta)

Two-Tailed Spider (Hersiliidae) - DSC_9570 #8 Closeup of a two-tailed spider. Too lazy to remove the Raynox, so ended up with just closeup shots!

Mantis nymph (Mantodea) - DSC_9582 #9 A tiny praying mantis. Would love to take a back-lit shot of this fella, but it refused to stand still.

Mantis nymph (Mantodea) - DSC_9596 #10 Peering at me

And... finally found the Mantidflies!!

Mantisfly (Mantispidae) - DSC_9606 #11 Not a perfect angle but sharper than previous attempts

Mantisfly (Mantispidae) - DSC_9611 #12 No difference in this one, just making many shots. lol

Mantisfly (Mantispidae) - DSC_9638 #13 Top view. Or rather, view from the bottom since this fella usually hides under a leaf.

Mantisfly (Mantispidae) - DSC_9656 #14 This one allowed me to get close. Sharpest shot so far!

Mantisfly (Mantispidae) - DSC_9682 #15 Found another one and pushed my luck to get this close!

Mantisfly (Mantispidae) - DSC_9688 #16 Last mantidfly for the day. :)

The complete album can be viewed here.

James blogged about this trip here
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